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ZayLaSoul is a prominent community member of Forgotten Runes. As one of the earliest members of the Cult, Zay frequently came up to speak on the Wizard Wednesday Twitter spaces, exchanging ideas with founders Elf and Dotta. Zay also made various Forgotten Runes-themed memes to help spread the word - these undoubtedly helped attract numerous people to FRWC.

ZayLaSoul is also known for his Dream Master, Magus Tumbaj of the Mount (3147), who has been imbued into various artworks and memes. Magus Tumbaj was also featured as a card in the alpha core set of the Runes TCG.

A fan of world-building, ZayLaSoul also started the Build.frwc server, where others with similar interests can go and brain-storm about various aspects of the Runiverse.

In May 2022, the Forgotten Runes community voted for ZayLaSoul to receive an honorary Warrior. Zay helped to design LeoKnightas Beast of Blades (15512).

That same month, ZayLaSoul joined the Dialectic team, serving as their community manager of the 1of1 collection/DAO.

Social Media

Discord: ZayLaSoul#8888

Twitter: @ZayLaSoul

Twitter: @MagusTumbaj

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