Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-06-08

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In June 2022, the main comic book cover was airdropped to FRWC holders as an animated NFT.

Forgotten Runes Warrior's Guild Gets a Surprise Airdrop!

First off, we must mention the Warriors surprise airdrop!!! After the mint slowed down and didn’t complete, Magic Machine discussed next steps. There were several possible options, and Magic Machine observed the market and consulted with various people. Most cult members felt it would be a shame if all the remaining warriors were burned without ever being seen. Ultimately, Magic Machine felt the most important thing was to get the Warriors out into the Runiverse. Most of the remaining Warriors were airdropped to existing Wizard and Warrior holders last weekend! To the team, it felt like this path was closest to the spirit of the FRWC core tenets. They decided to airdrop 1 Warrior to each wizard-holding wallet, and 1 warrior per warrior owned during a snapshot. NFTX WIZARD token holders were also included this time. And wizards with lore also got an additional warrior.

Beast 0 is The Quantum Ouroboros. Unlike the other Beasts from Season 1, Beast 0 was an animated loop (still image capture used here).

Comic Book Airdrop!

One comic NFT was airdropped per each wallet holding FRWC tokens, with an exclusive cover. 225K physical copies will be given out at the NFT NYC event and comic-cons. As a result, the tokens will be airdropped over the next week, but the actual digital comic won’t be readable until the grand unveiling at NFT NYC. The team is looking at sending physical comic book copies to cult members who can’t make it to the event, by request. MM is doing a partnership with a large crypto brand (it turned out to be Coinbase NFT) for further distribution of the electronic comic, with 5 different covers, that has unlimited supply. Dotta says this to caution anyone who might make incorrect assumptions about supply and try to whale into the Cult airdropped version on secondary.

Magus Wazir Joins Magic Machine

The One Who Rings has been hired onto Magic Machine! Their role is: official meme lord, streamlining onboarding of cult members, and programming some official play-to-earn minigames!

Beast 0 is Revealed

Beast 0, the Quantum Ouroboros, will be auctioned at Christie’s as a benefit to MAP, an institution conducting studies on psychedelics. Ryan Zurrer of Dialectic helped arrange for Beast 0 to be included. Elf found that it was very fitting for FRWC to support MAPS, and decided to create the Quantum Ouroboros, who is outside of space and time. It didn’t come from The Gate to the 7th Realm. It’s a gif, because a gif loops forever. This is the most significant beast to the Runiverse and even human history. Elf talked about the cycles of history and repeating patterns of events. Recommended listening. Later Dotta and Madotsuki talked about quantum entanglement. Classic Forgotten Runes vibes.

NFT NYC Registration is Opened

The NFT NYC event registration link has been released. The artist Oliver Tree will hold a performance as Gigas Chad! You can RSVP even if you don't currently hold a FRWC NFT.

This was the winning entry in the Enter the Runiverse poster contest in June 2022, by Tania del Rio.

Community News

The first Coffee with Magic Machine happened yesterday! Topics included basics of the Cult for the uninitiated as well as discussions about the wider NFT space at the moment.

Jitcy, Magus Wazir, and Lachness have started planning for an official FRWC wiki! It will give Elf a platform to include more official lore. It will eventually be transitioned to the Cult for them to contribute to it as well. Dotta said the wiki is meant to be more informational, searchable, & organized than The Book of Lore. Elf said the initial content will be around the map & political factions, and build from there. The book of lore is a bit impenetrable to outsiders, and this wiki should help.

Poster contest results: the winners were announced. One runner up was manimal (Discord name) with a classic-looking and elegant entry. Another runner-up was pva with a highly thematic New York piece, and a wild creation process that was shared during the submission. The winner was Tania del Rio! Their poster is very charming, communicated the vibes MM aligned with, and the dance poses are so cute! Congrats!

Two Crows released his collection of physical Key of the 7th Realm chains & pendants. Lorepunk “unboxed” one on live audio during the Wizard Wednesday but it turned out to be the wrong item (assistant's shipping mishap)!