Gigas Chad

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Height: 3.1 Meters
Species: Gigas

Gigas Chad's Auction

Gigas Chad is Beast #5 of the Forgotten Beasts (Season 1) and was summoned into the Runiverse on the 17th of April 10:11:13 PM UTC, block 14605358 of the Ethereum network.


The man, the meme, the legend, the GIGAS CHAD. A supreme specimen of confidence and bravado, the very earth trembles under the swagger of this 10 foot tall beast. Notable features include the chiseled jawline, rippling abs, and hair sculpted to perfection with magical hair gel slime.


Gigas Chad was successfully auctioned for 86.42069 eth (approximately USD 258,259.59) to 0x7908A20bE7f8cE24bAa5C9CEA46E3678c1ce3F4E. The initial bid began at 2 eth. The bidding process took 24 hours and 34 minutes across 16 bids from block 14598753 to block 14605282 and involved 11 separate wallets. See the Gate to the Seventh Realm (Implementation).


Oliver Tree dressed as Gigas Chad

Musician Oliver Tree performed as Gigas Chad at Enter the Runiverse NFT NYC 2022.

Lore Appearances

The Gigas Chad is mentioned in the lore of many what with being on of the seven original beasts!

One such appearance is in the Lore of Draxon of Destiny which tells the story of two brothers from rural Pennsylvania that sneak into Enter the Runiverse NFT NYC 2022 party and end up getting teleported to the Runiverse by accident.

Written by MeepleDad, this story has a kind of "Bill and Teds" vibe and looks to be expanded upon in the future.