Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-12-06

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As the show opens, Elf and Dotta speak about mysterious Doors that Bearsnake has been working to open. They're only able to speak vaguely, but Dotta says:

"The Cult still doesn't know the degree to which they benefit from Bear's charisma."

Projects Connected In the Bear

Forgotten Runes Ledger
Forgotten Runes Ledger

Dotta brings up a tweet that Elf reposted about the Lindy Effect of projects that pushed through the bear market. He says that during that time, Forgotten Runes connected with other projects, and that has begun to reveal more opportunities.

SoloPop's Wizmas AI Trailer

Then, SoloPop steps up on stage to speak with the team about his AI Wizmas trailer and AI video content. Madotsuki joins and also speaks about a few new developments of real-time AI generated video via webcam.

Forgotten Runes x Ledger Wallet Ships

The team then briefly discusses the Forgotten Runes x Ledger collaboration. The Sacred Key Master Ledgers are finally being shipped, and some Cult members have already started receiving theirs in the mail.

Forgotten Runes Comic Update

Forgotten runes Comic Issue #0 Cover 2
Issue 0#, Cover 2

Bearsnake also answers a question about the Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #1 delay. He says the comics will be released on Dec. 13. Bearsnake also notes that Cult members whose Wizards are featured in the comic should have received a document for the licensing of their Character. Dotta speaks about the appeal of the comic to build out the brand of Forgotten Runes as a step toward moving pictures. He feels like the idea of a comic in the NFT space was cheapened by low-effort comics from other projects, but Wizards are working with industry professionals.

Forgotten Runes For the Family

Dotta says he feels like the digital art of Forgotten Runes becoming physical invites "the whole family" to begin to participate in the world. He reminisces about his own interest in a few different comics just from the access he had to them in his own home when growing up. Elf mentions that the writer of the comic, Joe Rechtman, introduced the concept of Forgotten Runes to his own family through Issue #0 of the comic. He wasn't going to show them an NFT or a website, but the physical comic was able to spread the brand to his family.

Magus Wazir Joins Wizard Wednesday For the First Time

Magus Wazir and Magus Devon
Magus Wazir and Magus Devon

Then Magus Wazir, a Wizard previously notorious for his silence, steps on stage with a ringing of his signature Bell and speaks on Wizard Wednesday for the first time. He says he actually first revealed his voice deep in the depths of the bear in the Forgotten Runes voice chat.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Bearsnake says he remembers asking Nalgene to find the large brass bell that the team sent to Magus Wazir. Waz says they actually sent the bell to his parents' address, much to their confusion about why a huge bell with "Magus Wazir" etched into it showed up in their mail.

Bear Shares a Story

Bearsnake recounts a Magus Wazir story from NFTNYC. He says everyone had gathered for the Wizard party — Waz and Artis were there — but then after the party, they didn't see Waz for the rest of the trip. He said he was going to see the sights of NYC and disappeared. Wazir says he is from a small town and hasn't traveled that much, so when he was in NYC with his fiancée for the first time, they had to go see the sights. He says he regrets not hanging out with the Wizards more. When Bear asks his thoughts, he says it was "kinda stinky."

Elf Teases Athenaeum Item Crafting

Then, Elf teases a new, upcoming crafting mechanic for the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum items. Dotta says he doesn't want to share too much until it's ready, but he notes his influence drawn from the uncertainty and crafting in King's Quest II. Elf says that Cult members who have been collecting Athenaeum Items based on theme (e.g. Books, Eggs, etc.) will find meaning in their collection through this event. He leaves it at that.

Gods In the Runiverse

Quantum Ouroboros
Quantum Ouroboros


After that, Elf answers a question about the gods of the Runiverse. Elf says that our world has thousands of gods that are denominated in different cultures and religions — it is the same in the Runiverse. Elf says that if he had to make a tier list of gods of the Runiverse, Ouroboros would be high on the list, because it represents so much of what the Runiverse is — repetition of narratives and events. He speaks to the ever-deeper layer of Magic in spiritual traditions. Elf says the eye in the middle of the intertwined Dragons of Ouroboros speaks to a deeper layer of mysticism. Overall, he encourages the community to embark on their own journeys and see what other gods they find.

The Illuminated

Dotta speaks about the lore of Sorcerer Zane of Atlantis and "The Illuminated" who worship Holy Arcanist Illuminus of the Heavens. He says the interesting thing about gods and religions of the Runiverse is that they are in part created through stories in the Book of Lore.

Machi and Mocaverse Swing ApeCoin DAO Proposal Vote

Battle for Goblintown Preview
Battle for Goblintown Preview

Following that, Magic Machine speaks about the proposal to ApeCoin DAO for Battle For Goblin Town. Bearsnake says he's still shocked about how many people have no clue what Forgotten Runes is. He says on one hand, he feels at fault. On the other, there's so much room to grow. Dotta says that he learned from the Hall of Cats drama about the dangers of generalizing groups of people. He says that this also applies to Apes and wants to clarify that all of the team's interactions with the special council have been incredible.

Machi's Influence On ApeCoin DAO

Dotta says that the last proposal Machi voted in was to give him $14M to sweep the floor and donate them to a museum.

"He's more looking for, 'How can I make the ApeCoin number go up?' and he owns a lot of it, so fair enough...at least he's participating in the process."

Bearsnake says there are 0 bad feelings toward ApeCoin DAO.

"Sometimes it's important to go through a process and get tires kicked...and we did that. If I'm being selfish, we actually are a net-positive, because it was basically the best reverse marketing scheme of all time."

Magic Machine Gets An Offer Anyway

Battle For Goblin Town Trailer Still
Battle For Goblin Town Trailer Still

Bear also notes that the team received an offer of Battle For Goblin Town on the morning of Wizard Wednesday "from a very reputable group of people that [Magic Machine likes]." Dotta says that one of the outcomes of the AIP is that Wizards became more visible to a lot of Apes.

How Long Should Battle For Goblin Town Run?

Dotta poses a question to the Cult that came up in conversation with the Apes. The Apes said they would only want the game to run for a couple of weeks, rather than over the course of 9 months. He thought that was interesting and wants opinions from the community. Jitcy joins the Space and says that he thinks the game's mechanics should define the length of its run. He notes the comparisons by Apes to Dookey Dash, and says that isn't the right comparison. "It's not the same type of game."

Elf says that without the influence of Machi and Mocaverse, the Battle For Goblin Town AIP would have passed. Dotta says that many of the Ape holders were so skeptical that he began to question whether or not they could ever deliver something that would meet their expectations.

No Goblin Town Beta

Community member Bridge asks if there will be an open demo or Beta for Battle For Goblin Town. Dotta says no, because if gameplay happens in seasons, he doesn't want there to be too large of a group who already understand the mechanics way before everyone else.

Dotta Talks Ordinals & Luke Dashjr BTC Fork

The Shadow Hats
The Shadow Hats

Are Ordinals Being Deleted Forever?

Conversation transitions away from the AIP as Elf asks Dotta about current Ordinals drama, and wants clarification about if Ordinals will be "deleted forever." Dotta laughs and says no. Madotsuki notes that Sothesby's is currently running an auction for Bitcoin Shrooms.

Dotta says that the current Ordinals drama has to do with developer Luke Dashjr who believes Ordinals to be a scourge on the chain. He notes that no one developer has the power to push out a "bugfix" that removes Ordinals for everyone.

Luke Dashjr's Vision

Dotta says that Bitcoin miners would have to form a consensus on the Luke Dashjr fork, but that miners make more money with Ordinals than without, so there is no incentive for them to do so. He says he thinks part of the fork is a mechanic that prevents creation of new Ordinals. Dotta says that in the event that no more Ordinals were allowed to be created, that means those that already exist become ultra rare grails as a fixed supply. He says he doesn't think that's realistic, but it wouldn't necessarily be a bad situation for those who have Ordinals.

Dotta also explains a cheeky tweet about Bitcoin being doubled with "Luke Dashjr's Vision." He notes a historic Bitcoin fork of "Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision" in which users were able to sell the BSV from the fork and convert it to BTC, which doubled* their bag.

*increased by ~10%

House of Wizards DAO Runs Lore Contest For Warrior

Then, Sharkchild briefly shares information about an art and lore contest that the House of Wizards DAO is running to participate in Wizmas cheer. The winner receives the Warrior, Emerson of the Berg.

Cult Content

To close out the show, the team reviews the 46th week of the Cult Content Chronicle — featuring art from within the Forgotten Runes community — compiled weekly by the illustrious Tania del Rio.