Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-05-04

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Magus Wazir (owned by notable Cult member The One Who Rings) appeared in the FRWC TV trailer, showing the connection between the community and Magic Machine.

The Forgotten Runes TV Trailer is Here

The Forgotten Runes TV trailer was released today!! Elf wants the Cult members to “Keep creating, because I want to keep including your content into all the media expressions we produce.” He noted that he wrote the script for the TV trailer back in November, and so many of the elements reflected that time period. Dotta: “Having Magus Wazir of the Mount (6287) in the trailer is a message from us to the Cult - ‘Lore not Floor’. Wazir is very low on the typical NFT ‘rarity’ scale, but the character has become legendary, and is known for ringing their bell to welcome new members of the Cult."

A party scene depicted in the Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult TV Trailer (2022). Many characters will be used to build up the Runiverse world.

Elf: "Why build things using antiquated tech when modern tech is available?" (This is in regards to the differing levels of tech in the TV trailer). "This is something the whole project is meant to analyze. Everything in the Runiverse is connected to the IRL world. It’s a reflection about how all of us connect to metaspace. Even in our world, we still use traditional paints, acoustic guitars, pens and pencils for hand-written notes. These objects have a certain magic to them. When you see a hand-crafted object, it can enchant your heart and mind. Even a coat of paint can change a room from a prison cell to a place of joy. The Runiverse is a connection to these elements of the real world." Reception to the TV trailer among Cult members was overwhelmingly positive. Within 24 hours, Kel released an explainer thread that identified many of the wizards and references appearing in the trailer.

An Interview with Derek Kolstad

Special guest in today’s session: Derek Kolstad, who will be the showrunner for the Forgotten Runes TV show! He is the creator of the John Wick movie franchise. He also wrote the Netflix film “Nobody,” and is working on “Splinter Cell” for Netflix as well.

Derek & the FRWC team had a discussion about world building through story-telling and how it can be applied to the FRWC show. It was apparent that Derek really knows storytelling, and has a vast and detailed memory of stories in various mediums. And his work speaks for itself.

Mindio shares his "ride or die" duo: Sage Eden and Moe the Swell

“Will there be a main character?" a Cult member asked. Derek admitted that he didn’t know at this point. He is thinking that during the beginning of the series, you may need to stick with some leads in order to help build the world. For the pilot, he has a story in mind, but he doesn’t know who the focal point is yet. Elf: "What if the main character is the world itself?" Derek: "Worlds and locations are definitely characters, but it’s easier to introduce them through a primary." Derek added that after you build the world to a certain extent, you’re able to do spin-offs and one-offs that include a much larger number of characters.

House of Wizards Proposal Process Released

House of Wizards DAO update: The proposals process has been posted in the new Forgotten Council forum. Proposals will be accepted for “multidisciplinary projects that benefit the entire Cult,” and “process and governance for the House of Wizards”. After the proposals come in, the Council will review, and the 1st round of proposals will be voted on in June. Funds for approved proposals will be distributed once the legal structure is set up, hopefully at some point this summer.

Lore Readings

To finish up the Wizard Wednesday, we had two lore readings. 1st, a recorded reading by Mindio about Sage Eden (4184) and their pony Moe the Swell.

And then, Derek the Sphinx read lore about Sacred Key Master (777). This was the 1st chapter of 3 existing chapters (and more to come).