Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-02-16

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Bisonic's rendition of the initial Runiverse map, shared via Twitter circa February 2022.

Runiverse Game Update

Elf met with the artists involved in the Runiverse game. They are an 8-person team spread around the Americas. They are bringing their ideas to the mix, and Elf supports empowering artists to be creative, since this usually results in higher quality work. The Runiverse game map was revealed to the core team. All the Runiverse property plots are placed by hand in the world map, in a realistic way that reflects how actual civilizations develop. Elf thinks that it will encourage communities/cultures to form within the game. The sellable land plots will form a limited percentage of the world map, to keep it open and balanced. 7-10K plots will be sold in the initial land sale, and the total # of plots in the game is capped at 70K (land distribution method after initial sale was not disclosed).

Molly from Magic Machine created various short animations depicting entries from the Book of Lore. This is a still from one of the early ones, the tale of Mystic Silas of Xanadu.

Forgotten Warriors are in Progress

The 1st iteration of Warriors was created this week. Currently completed Warriors art is equal to what is in Wizards, but Elf wants 30% more traits to match an expected larger collection size. Same as Wizards, there will be many iterations + curation before release. Elf said the 1st gen looked like crap, because it’s wholly random and hasn’t gone through curation yet. Dotta added that there were some individual pieces that looked awesome (by chance) due to the awesome trait art.

More Magic Machine News

  • 3D wizards! The core team found a studio to create 3D models of every single wizard, that can be used in 3D metaverses. They will be low-poly but charming (not voxels). Estimated delivery date: June 2022.
  • Elf and Dotta praised Bearsnake's productivity since relocating to the Magic Machine office location. Bearsnake said that he loves having a dedicated work/meeting space, and looks forward to the public uses for it.
  • A collage of Cult Content created by Magic Machine, circa February 2022.
    LachnessMonsta will host a dinner at ETH Denver with wizard holders who are attending. Be sure to ask her about her fingernails if you see her there. There will be a poster campaign in Denver during the event; contact the team if you want to canvas posters in your area.
  • Big response was received from the Book of Lore survey, and team is reviewing all the feedback.
  • Dotta met with someone from the Nifty Island team. They might be one of the early places to use the 3D wizard models this summer.
  • In response to a question, team said that the Gate to the 7th Ream is not forgotten, but there are no updates...
  • Pony minting: Please mint your Ponies by April 1st. Team needs to put the pony data on-chain, same as wizards.
  • Lore YouTube videos: A proof of concept animation was directed and animated by team member Molly. Eventual goal would be to make one for each Book of Lore entry. Expect them to improve as time goes on.
  • Elf & Molly did a portfolio review for aspiring artists attending their former art school. They want to pay artists to create whatever they want using the wizard characters. Many of the students seemed amazed, due to the contrast in messaging vs. legacy studios.

Community News

The core team shouted out Bonzo's FRWC-related videos, particularly the interview with Tom.

Magic Machine made a collage of various Cult Content art pieces that they could show to the art students and others.