Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-02-21

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After a brief introduction with Nalgene and Madotsuki, Elf jumps into Cult Questions.

Cult Questions

Forgotten Runiverse on Mobile Devices

Forgotten Runiverse Forest
Forgotten Runiverse Forest

He starts with a question about the Forgotten Runes MMORPG and whether or not the upcoming playable event will be accessible on mobile devices. Mado says that the Forgotten Runiverse game is made for browser, so there will be some mobile functionality, but at this stage, it's not officially supported.

Arbitrum Athenaeum

The team is asked if there have been any discussions to move the Athenaeum collection to Arbitrum. Dotta says he likes the idea, mentioning Layer 0 technology that allows token interoperability across chains. He says the caveat is disposing of the old tokens which may cost gas.

Dotta says never say never to the idea of migrating the Athenaeum collection and that they're "looking for it."

Elf Asks The Team About the Upcoming Year

Bearsnake On Twitter Feb 15, 2024
Bearsnake On Twitter Feb 15, 2024

Elf pauses Cult Questions for a moment and asks Bear and Dotta how excited they are about the upcoming year for Forgotten Runes.

Dotta says he feels like:

"This is the year where we do everything we said we would do and more...maybe some things we said we'd never do..."

Dotta says 2024 for Forgotten Runes is going to be amazing, and he can't talk about it because they have about 5 signatures from various partners that they are waiting on that once they receive, they can begin rolling out. Bear says he just signed one.

The team speaks about occasionally spilling more than intended in the moment of Wizard Wednesday. Elf laughs, stating it may not be the best business practice.

Dotta says he wouldn't have it any other way, adding any alpha for the year will be heard on Wizard Wednesday first.

Top Books On Magic

Book of Magic
Book of Magic

Elf then returns to Cult Questions with an answer to his top books on Magic. He says anything by Joseph Campbell, Technosis, Paradise Lost, works of William Blake, and the Witch's Hammer. Dotta adds Joseph Campbell's series, The Power of Myth, is required watching for the Cult.

Elf then answers a question about the meaning of Runes in the Collections, noting that he's answered the question previously, but gives a few examples.

This leads to a point that the Cult wants a place to reference canon Lore, which he says he will discuss later.

The Marketing Plan For 2024

Elf and Ouroboros in Times Squares
Elf and Ouroboros in Times Squares

Then, Elf defers to Bearsnake to answer a question about the Forgotten Runes marketing plan for 2024. Bear speaks about the different facets of marketing Forgotten Runes to different target audiences, though noting it's one of the areas that has the biggest room for improvement.

Elf addresses a discussion that happened earlier in the Secret Tower about the team's efforts with social media, noting that after attempting to find an audience on Instagram, they decided to cut resources there in order to utilize them elsewhere.

The team note the success of Pudgy Penguins on social media, however they describe Forgotten Runes as a different business model than Pudgies with different angle. Dotta says the nearest-term thing that will drive value to Forgotten Runes is the Runiverse game. The conversation continues until Dotta urges everyone to move on, saying:

"You guys are just up here apologizing. We're on the cusp of the biggest year the Cult has ever seen, and I think everyone just needs to wait and see, because what we have planned for you is hot."

Forgotten Runiverse at ETH Denver

Madotsuki then joins in again to mention that the Forgotten Runiverse game will have presence in ETH Denver, which they hope will continue drumming up interest in the game and brand.

Community Rundown With Tadmajor

Tadmajor then joins for a Community Rundown:


BlackSand Races return, now featuring additional components for Shadow holders in the current race. Tad also reminds racers that they can earn rolls for the game through playing the Runes card game.

Heroes of Cumberland
Heroes of Cucumberland

Heroes of Cucumberland

The Heroes of Cucumberland continue to rumble in the Cumberdome.

Ordinal Lights

Tad notes that Shadow holders have been Whitelisted for the Ordinal Lights, a community project now known to be led by 0xCos.

Komodo's Roost

The Barren Court's Komodo's Roost hatching is still ongoing.

The Unforgotten

Community member Nahuua introduces animated dynamic NFT collection, The Unforgotten — Coming soon on Blast.

Nifty Island Quest

New Nifty Island Quest open to all communities — Wizards plan to gather on user FunkyApe's Island. Tad says they are working to organize that effort on Feb. 22 or Feb. 23

Dan Sickles Talks "GLIMPSES" Mint

Community member Swannlake22 (AKA Dan Sickles) introduces new free GLIMPSES mint on Arbitrum. Elf and Bearsnake note that Forgotten Runes is featured in Dan's "New Here" documentary, represented by Elf himself. Dan then joins the conversation to speak more about his work.

DAO Proposal Voting

House of Wizards DAO
House of Wizards DAO

Tad reminds the Cult that voting for the first round of proposals to the DAO go live on Feb. 25 and continue for seven days. He also reminds that the Cult survey from the DAO is also still live for recommendations from the community.

Dotta Speaks BTC Runes & Lorepoints

Dotta mentions the new protocol standard on Bitcoin called Runes (much to his chagrin). He says he thinks it's going to be a new shitcoin meta on Bitcoin and he thinks it's going to be incredible. He says this is only in terms of alpha and to "put a bug in the Cult's ear."

Dotta also briefly speaks about his work around @lorepoints.

He says he's really liked the meme of "10 points to Gryffindor" but instead of being distributed by the headmaster, the points are given out as tips from other community members. He says this is not an announcement.

Elf's Potential Return to TED & The Cult Content Chronicle

Elf then reveals that there may be a new opportunity to recapture his Forbidden Ted Talk. He explains for those unaware that he once gave a Ted Talk, which has since been scrubbed for unknown reasons. Then, with a quick wrap, Elf plays the show out.

Cult Content

Don't forget to check out this week's Cult Content Chronicle — a collection of art from within the Forgotten Runes community aggregated every week by Tania del Rio.