Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-02-09

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One of the earliest image previews released by Bisonic for the Runiverse MMO game, circa February 2022.

Magic Machine Updates

  • Animated series trailer is still in development. An animatic (series of images + soundtrack) was shown to the FRWC team, and they said it looks awesome. Trailer timeline is currently to release it around the same time as the Warriors collection.
  • Matching a pony with an undesirable in the lockscreen generator could have some interesting results...
    Speaking of Warriors, internal development on them is in progress. And the game is in development as well. A lot of these things are going to be released around the same time in the next 3-5 months.
  • Bisonic game land sale: team wants to make sure that when land is purchased, you can see the tiles of your land. It won’t have all the game features included, but they want it to be more than an illustration. Now anticipated for late March or early April.
  • Comic book: This will be distributed for free. The vision is to print 100's of thousands, which will be distributed at various comic cons and NFT NYC. Bearsnake believes people will be pleased with them, and they will be a key component of introducing FRWC to the mainstream.
  • Resistance to NFTs: the team has encountered it among some of the traditional media types that they’ve talked with. For example, there was a company that they were working with for a DnD campaign. A deal was almost signed, but then the company said that their staff refused to work on an NFT project. Some discussion was had about resistance to NFTs among many in society at the moment.
  • Souls on Ponies! You can see Forgotten Souls and undesirables on the Forgotten Runes ponies! The undesirables in particular have been incorporated in some fun ways! To see these, go to the generator tool and select Pony, and then a Soul as a rider.
  • There is an article in Vogue business about NFT burn mechanisms, and FRWC was included in that, because of the Forgotten Souls event.
  • There is now a Magic Machine physical office! It is located in Los Angeles CA, and Bearsnake is working out of there right now. Elf also visited recently. There will be opportunities to use the space, for example as a location for a wizard merch pop-up shop.
  • Lore survey - so far many responses have been received. So far, most have said that they write in the Book of Lore because they enjoy the act of creation, and 2nd reason was to build the collaborative legendarium. One of the key questions is about whether one should be allowed to change or erase a previous owner’s lore.
  • Elf's response to a question about the Runiverse magic system is something that is hard to reproduce in text - instead, listen to the corresponding audio segment.

Lore Readings

SPZ and Francis Pakyuen's had lore readings during this Wizard Wednesday.