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SPZ is a long-time member of the cult, creator of the Discord Wizzbot and part of the trio who created the Wizard Nouns project along with Bread and TV.

Joining the Cult

SPZ notoriously lurked in the Discord for a prolonged period before pulling the trigger on his first Wizard purchase. He is noted to have joined the Discord on the 15th of August 2021, finally landing on Sorcerer Ilyas of the Fey (8679) on the 23rd of September 2021. It is notable for being one of the more public hunts for a high-traited first wizard with continued presence in the Forgotten Runes universe and Runiverse.

SPZ looking for his first wizard.
SPZ's first wizard acquisition.


SPZ created a well-loved Discord bot that allows members of the cult to obtain a copy of any Forgotten Runes wizard's walk cycle directly in Discord. The bot was first introduced with great success on the 7th of October 2021. The capabilities of the bot has since expanded to include mounting the wizards onto their Forgotten Ponies.

Honorary Warrior

In April 2022, due to his contributions to the Forgotten Runes community and the strong connections forged therein, SPZ was voted by the community to receive an Honorary Warrior. He worked with Elf to design Magnus Arbiter of Just Cause (15503).

Forgotten Runes Warrior Guild #15503. Honorary Warrior given to SPZ.