Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-04-27

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Nifty Island shows an early preview of a Forgotten Runes Warrior 3D model being used in their sandbox environment, circa April 2022.

The Warriors are Coming

Dotta opened WW with a talk about what it means to be a Warrior. He had some thoughts while watching The Lion King with his kids. Simba represents the typical warrior - his story arc mirrors the Hero’s Journey, and he goes through multiple phases of personal development. Elf remarked about the changes happening due to the Forgotten Warriors mint. He hopes Wizards will welcome & shepherd the influx of warriors, while also allowing for some healthy conflict & adventure. This will make the FRWC world bigger, more complex, and more real.

In April 2022, Opensea made a Collections page for Forgotten Runes so it is easier for newcomers to understand what is available.

Nifty Island Partnership News

Nifty Island invited Forgotten Runes to be part of their metaverse, and held a joint Spaces yesterday. An early version of a Forgotten Warrior 3D model was shown during that session.

OpenSea Collections Page

There is a new OpenSea collections page for FRWC, which displays all the different NFTs that exist under the Forgotten Runes banner (there are quite a few at this point).

Some of the gold Key of the 7th Realm pendants created by Two Crows and his team. Photo is property of Two Crows.

The House of Wizards Scribe is Here!

r3ptar has been hired as the scribe for the House of Wizards DAO! He will be taking Forgotten Council meeting notes, bookkeeping, answering questions in the HoW discord channel, and more. For now, Magic Machine will cover his fees. Eventually, the Forgotten Council (governing members of HoW DAO) will be elected by token holders. The org will eventually have more abilities once its legal and financial structure is set up. It requires a lot of input from lawyers and accountants first.

Community News

Two Crows talked about his introduction to the cult and how he got his “Two Crows” signature wizard, Artificer Corvin of the Event Horizon (2724) as well as how he and his team create wizard-inspired jewelry.

Bonzo put out a call to interview all the Beast owners for his webcast show. Feel free to get in contact with him if interested.

Several NFT partners have been included in allowlist raffles for the Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild mint, such as Moonbirds, Doodles, ZenAcademy, Crypto Coven, KaijuKingz, and Tubby Cats, to name a few. The general NFT mintlist raffle on premint.xyz already has 29K entries for 10K spots.