Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-11-17

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A sample of the Wizard walk-cycles, which were released by Magic Machine in November 2021.


This week, we were joined by Dotta, Bearsnake, and Lachness from Magic Machine. Elf was not present this week.

Worldwide Webb, a 2D metaverse NFT project, announces that Forgotten Runes Wizards are one of the projects that are able to use their walk cycles in-game. (November 2021)

Wizard Walk cycles Have Been Released!

All 10,000 Wizards have received full walk cycles. You can download the sprite sheets from the downloads section of each Wizard in the Book of Lore.

The walk cycles are able to participate in any 2D metaverse that supports custom sprites. WorldWideWebb3 already supports them - the project was in discussions with Magic Machines for a while to enable this. MM is also talking with other metaverse projects as well.

Dotta said that the rights to the walk cycles is similar to the Wizards themselves. He has released a public API so that the sprites and walk cycles can be integrated into other projects. There is also a bot in Discord (created by SPZ) where you can generate the walk cycle for your Wizard.

Dotta shouted out a few community members that helped out with the cycles, including Tad, goodboygoodtimes, youngwhizzie, and cam1985.

Future of the Metaverse Discussion

Dotta led a discussion on where people believe the metaverse space is headed. Dotta believes that we are still very early in the development of this concept/technology, and the existing crop of web3 metaverses are not indicative of the potential of this space - PFP NFTs have been successful in 2021 because most people are actually using Twitter and Discord to communicate with each other on a daily basis, and can make use of a single JPEG to represent themselves on those platforms. The announcement of Facebook's new company name (Meta) and new focus on the metaverse has made many question the future of the space.

Beyond the MM team, participants in the discussion included ZayLaSoul, Jitcy, Slickchick, shroomie, Tom, Madotsuki.

Other Magic Machine News

  • Niski has added the ability to write lore for Souls in the Book of Lore. Editing is a desired feature, which is still in development.
  • Layer asset packs for Souls are coming soon.
  • DonutDAO is a community effort, based around an idea to build a DAO around Wizards and lore. There is a thread in Discord to join where you can join the discussion.

Cult Content Shoutouts

  • Tiki made a 3D wizard.
  • Stellar Mage made a topaz slime creation.
  • Retired Yield Farmer created a Twitter story thread related to 10KTF.
  • Ozzz made a pixel art cover for The Drop magazine (featured last week).
  • Mindio created psychadelic tunes on Soundcloud.
  • Magus Tumbaj made another illustration of their Wizard.
  • Joe Flaherty made a perler beads rendition of their Wizard.
  • Henboyd is looking to create a Blue Wizard guild.
  • Nosferatu/Tom the Baptist got a tattoo of his flame-head Wizard. (MM covers the cost of FRWC-related tattoos).
  • Chuck K. has made more website translations into Japanese.

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was from Sharon, reading a children's story about her Wizard, Enchanter Galatea of the Heath (3764) and how she met her bullfrog familiar, Litho.