Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-11-01

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After Elf and Dotta's introductions, they speak about the myriad events happening in the Cult at the moment. Dotta mentions that all of his tweets now are about Forgotten Runes and he still can't keep up. Elf says that the Runiverse is going exponential. Elf says the team just finished the Halloween event and notes another Runiverse announcement to be revealed during the show.

He reminds the Cult of the Legends of the Mara collaboration and the Luchadores game. Elf shouts out various Cult-driven projects including Runes TCG, Smol Souls, The Dress-Up App, BlackSand Racing, The Cult Content Chronicle, Ozzz's Atelier, and Cabinet of Curiosities. He then remembers the physical comic, which will be in stores Nov. 22, 2023.

Runes TCG Souls Expansion Release

Oberon Reborn
Oberon Reborn

Giveahoot joins to speak about the Runes TCG Souls Expansion. Elf says that he regrets that it might be overshadowed by Nightmare Run and Forgotten Runiverse news. Giveahoot says it's a bit like drinking from the firehose, but he always expected people to mint at their leisure. Giveahoot shouts out all of the 1/1 artists from the new card set.

Dotta Shares Thoughts on Runes

Dotta says he doesn't think people value Runes cards enough. He says he would like to see Giveahoot turn off the Souls mint and let whatever was minted be the entirety of the expansion. Dotta says he would like to see Runes TCG more as high-end collector's cards rather than having such a high supply. Giveahoot says exclusivity could upset that balance of the game, and he doesn't want it to become pay-to-win.

Giveahoot notes that though the cards are plentiful, there are 1/1 card art NFTs — the art from the base set minted without the card borders and stats. He says he also plans to do this with the Souls. Dotta says as the brand grows, he sees the cards becoming collector's items. Madotsuki chimes in and agrees with Dotta that he thinks Runes TCG cards are underpriced. He says it's a very good showcase of what Forgotten Runes has to offer, and he always tries to direct new people to Runes TCG.

Oberon Reborn & Community Collaboration

Elf asks about the Runes TCG card "Oberon Reborn." Giveahoot confirms this card was based on the Wizard who returned from the Sacred Flame. The standard card art is the Soul version of Summoner Oberon of the Tundra while the alt art is his Wizard form. Giveahoot speaks about collaborating with various Wizard holders to incorporate lore and Characters from the community within the new Souls card set. He thanks everyone who has minted so far and asks to share if you open packs. Elf says he's interested to see who mints his 1/1.

Dotta Urges Community to Vote In DAO Election

Dotta confirms that Runes TCG was originally funded through a DAO proposal and uses this as a segue to remind the Cult to vote in the ongoing DAO Election. He says he is very happy with everyone who accepted a nomination and that any of them will be a benefit for the Cult. Dotta encourages all holders to vote in the House of Wizards DAO election and to try to ignore social signaling to make their own decision.

Forgotten Runiverse Vertical Slice

Eve Of Memory Promo
Eve Of Memory Promo

He also notes he has thought about filtering for holders who have voted for qualifications in the future. Following this, Elf turns the floor to Madotsuki for the Forgotten Runiverse Eve of Memory "Vertical Slice" announcement. It will not be a full build, but it will be the first build to showcases core gameplay mechanics — battling, exploration, crafting, and character progression.

Madotsuki also says there will items available to mint during the event that will carry over into the full game. He says players can expect to have some of their progression wiped after the event, but minted items will be transferrable to later builds. Madotsuki reminds the community of the recently released Forgotten Runiverse whitepaper. He notes many of the questions he has been seeing are answered there.

Watcher's Ring Mint

Watcher's Rings Promo
Watcher's Rings Promo

Madotsuki says there will be a mint event for 8 different "Watcher's Rings." This mint will be an hour before the launch of the game on Nov. 8. The rings will provide bonuses during the event. Madotsuki notes that players will have a chance to earn plots of in-game land while playing the Forgotten Runiverse Eve of Memory event. The Watcher Rings will increase their holder's chances of earning land. Madotsuki encourages players to give feedback on the Eve of Memory event in the Forgotten Runiverse Discord (separate from the Forgotten Runes Discord server). Dotta commends Bisonic for reaching this stage in development.

Runiverse Land

Elf confirms with Madotsuki that Wizard holders will be able to play as their Wizards. However, Souls and Warriors will not be included in this pre-alpha Vertical Slice. The Forgotten Runiverse Eve of Memory event will run from Nov. 8 - 15.

As a quick note, Madotsuki says that the Watcher's Ring mint will be on ETH proper and the items will be tradable. He also notes that he cannot confirm all of the rings' benefits will be transferable to the full game, though the items will still retain some benefit. Dotta says that he thinks one of the biggest things about the Forgotten Runiverse game is the Wizard holder benefits. He notes there is a building that Wizard holders can build in the game which allows them to earn a portion of the gold of the game's economy.

Halloween Event Review

Dotta B
Dotta B

Then, the conversation turns to the Nightmare Run Halloween event. First, Elf gives thanks to Bearsnake and the Improbable team. He notes that Herman Narula, Improbable's CEO, ran a poll asking if Nightmare Run was their best event, and it was well-received.

Elf's Thoughts

Before diving into what he loved about the event, he speaks about a few things he thinks could improve: The team wasn't able to include the 3D Souls as they had originally intended. He says they didn't know Souls would be unavailable until the morning of the event. Elf also notes that he is aware of issues with wallet connection, which they will address for future events. He also recounts a crash at the beginning of the event, and he thought the Quantum Shadow had other plans for the event, but it was still a success after resuming.

Elf laughs and says he thinks the beginning platform section of the Nightmare Run was way too hard. However, he notes that the event was able to highlight a new kind of Cult member in those who are typically gamers. He says he thinks the Forgotten Runiverse will do the same.

Elf says the Nightmare Run felt like a true metaverse experience that was actually fun. He mentions Justin's livestream of the event, and gives a shoutout to his content. Elf also gives a shoutout to Sharkchild for his role as the Nightmare Imp.

Cult Questions

Lich Emperor Supreme 3D
Lich Emperor Supreme 3D

Can Jitcy Run the Maze Blindfolded?

Elf then dives into the only two Cult questions for the day, first asking if Jitcy thinks he could do the 3D maze blindfolded. Jitcy says he thinks he could do the invisible maze — he knew the layout well.

Reusing the Halloween Map

Vmark asks if the Halloween map will be able to be reused in other games. He says it was all made by the Improbable team, and he is not able to say anything definitive about reusing the map. Elf says he wants to make an exploratory 3D social space for Wizards in the future.

The Dress Up App

Bill Gains then approaches the stage to speak about the new Dress Up app. Dotta notes that with the app, Wizards can now hold Athenaeum items, which he says is really incredible. Bill says it was a big undertaking, and the app was built for a purpose bigger than Halloween.

Cult Content

To end the show, Elf and Dotta review the 41st week of Tania del Rio's Cult Content Chronicle.