Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-08-03

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Magus Ixar of the Hills decided to sacrifice a jelly donut in a very explosive manner as part of the August 2022 signed comic book contest.

Signed Comic Book Contest

We started this week with some Magic Machine updates. There has been a comic book contest that has been ongoing. Reilly Brown signed 20 Issue 0 comics at San Diego Comic-Con. There were various prompts on Twitter, and people fulfilling the requirements were entered into raffle drawings to win a signed issue. There were some very innovative entries, escalating up to Magus Ixar of the Hills blowing up a jelly donut! Waffles also made a cool “ritual vignette” for a jelly donut sacrifice. The final four comics will be raffled among those who attended Wizard Wednesday!

Forgotten Pixels Digital Clothes is a derivative collection created by Bill Gains and acideater, that explores the concept of dynamic NFTs. The pictured NFTs are separate from the genesis Wizards collection.

3D Wizard Models Update

Elf said that progress has been going well, and has been a large effort, as the models need to be interoperable. There was a reset on the models, and Molly is taking over the concepting. Elf will be sharing the new concepts on Twitter, when possible.

Elf recalled how the 2D walk-cycles allowed the wizards to be the best looking sprites in the Worldwide WEBB game. Dotta admitted that there were previous 3D designs that were completed, but too many edge cases cropped up that were subpar, and they decided to rehash them.

The Great Dynamic NFT Debates

The Forgotten Souls collection was also an early Magic Machine experiment with using tokens to permanently transform the original Wizard collection.

Elf wanted to continue the conversation on dynamic NFTs that he hinted at last week. Even from those hints, there was a definite reaction from the community, with many wizards saying they were totally against making the original NFTs dynamic. Elf reassured the Cult that Magic Machine would NOT:

  • destroy rarity metrics
  • push out centralized metadata changes without consent from token holders (the only exception being to fix typos in names)
  • change the original Wizard tokens in drastic ways.

Dotta referenced the other wizard-themed project (WZRDS) that features centralized project-initiated token burning, which was included in the contract, as something MM would never do.

Elf continued by saying that he thinks dynamic NFTs are the future, and are more interesting over time, than static immutability. Dynamic NFTs will assist in world-building and character-building, and are intended to extend the toolset that includes the Book of Lore. Some items that might be changed include name, hat color, and what the character is holding. Any change would require a token, which would be fairly rare. These tokens would be airdropped to holders, and would be usable and tradeable (similar to Sacred Flames). Additionally, there would be rules about how the traits can be changed. Duplicate names would not be allowed.

Dotta stressed that this is not an announcement, just some early thoughts and ideas that the MM team has. He mentioned that he and Elf are kind of like Yin and Yang, with Dotta liking the stability and immutability of the blockchain, while Elf likes the idea of the primitives changing and evolving more over time as their stories grow.

Madotsuki came up and talked about some ideas for how to incorporate dynamic NFTs in the Runiverse game, as a way to allow changes to characters while not affecting the original tokens. The topic of soul-bound tokens came up as well - Dotta would (hypothetically) implement it as having secondary or derivative items being tied to a specific character.

A screenshot from the Ancient Amulets RPG trailer, which formed part of a proposal for the House of Wizards DAO, circa July/August 2022.

Overall, this topic sparked a lot of conversation, both on the Twitter spaces and in Discord during the session - the most in recent memory during a WW. There was overall a positive reaction to the fact that Magic Machine is willing to continue innovating with the NFT tokens (and not solely focus on the legacy media implementations) but also various strong concerns about changing any of the original tokens' traits since some people paid a hefty premium for collecting certain traits like special names or color coordinated outfits. Elf countered that the amount of “change tokens” would be scarce enough to not cause a big dent on any single trait’s rarity.

As this was a true multi-person discussion, it is recommend to listen to the recorded audio and/or read the Discord messages if you want to gain the full nuance of the ideas discussed. Overall, the topic sparked a lot of ideas from the Cult, and most seem excited about “something” happening in this area.

Community News

A screenshot of the Runes Trading Card Game experience, as part of a House of Wizards DAO proposal circa July/August 2022. Artwork by Ozzz.

Dragonfetus announced a House of Wizards contest to bring in new creatives to the Cult. Non-holders can enter this contest, and the winner will receive a Warrior.

Beandog came up and talked about his proposal for the Ancient Amulets, which is to create a traditional FRWC-themed RPG for Nintendo Switch and iOS. There is a demo available to play so that voters can understand the proposed game. Giveahoot came up and mentioned his proposal on the Runes card game, which would fund more card art. Both of these proposals are now open for voting

Dotta shouted out Madotsuki and Kel around their Wizzypedia entries. And Moron Global announced that they’ve extended their deadline for Waifu Wednesday by two more weeks. Winners will be featured on an upcoming merch line. Finally, Elf admitted that the community voted for kobolds having ears, not horns :)

Due to the lengthy dynamic NFTs discussion, there were no Cult Content shout-outs, but check out the awesome art & memes can be found at tree.io.