Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-05-11

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The original Forgotten Runes roadmap released by Elf and Dotta in June 2021. The release of the Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild fully completed every item on this roadmap.

Forgotten Runes - Founding up Until the Warrior's Guild

Magic Machine started this Wednesday recapping everything the project has done since its inception, and then talked about the collection currently on sale, The Forgotten Warriors Guild. The general market might overlook that these are not “companion” airdrop tokens, they are full-fledged characters in the Runiverse, like the Wizards. Elf, Dotta, and Bearsnake talked about why they started Forgotten Runes, and what makes it valuable.

The Forgotten Warriors mint is live - due to a difficult market, the 1st phase (public dutch auction) is still ongoing at the end price of 0.6 ETH. The minting process was silky smooth as expected.

1st House of Wizards Proposal Submitted

The first House of Wizards proposal has been submitted, which is to write a novel based in the Runiverse! Proposals can be submitted until May 20th. Then on June 10th, the DAO (Forgotten Runes token holders) will vote on the proposals.

There is also a House of Wizards logo contest! You have until June 11th to submit your logos. 1st prize is a Wizard, 2nd and 3rd prize are Warriors. People who are not currently holders can participate.

This comic strip accompanied the announcement of the House of Wizards Logo Contest (created by Artis Rock).

NFT NYC Event - Date and Time Announced

The NFT NYC event will occur on Monday, June 20th, from 7PM - 2AM. It is NOT limited to holders, and will include a ritual, a live musical performance, an immersive, fantastical space, and even live animals! Sounds like it could be something special...

Elf TED Talk Announced

Elf will be giving a TED talk about decentralized world-building at the end of May. He's not sure when it will be published, but this is an exciting mainstream exposure for the project, nonetheless!

Comic Book Update

200,000 physical Forgotten Runes comic books are currently being printed in color. Some of the content comes from the community Book of Lore, and it will be distributed for free!