Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-08-02

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This week, Magic Machine channels in from the 3rd Dimension to immediately announce that the team has launched their collection of 10k fully rigged 3D Wizard models. Elf says he has worked in 3D for 10 years and has never done something this complex or enormous.

3D Launch Discussion

Wizards Enter a New Dimension
Wizards Enter a New Dimension

To start, Elf asks the team to describe the insanity of the morning. Bearsnake asks if he means how they thought they wouldn't launch and were going to take heat about it for another week. Elf affirms and notes that out of the blue, Dotta said it could happen. Dotta chimes in and says Magus Wazir gave him a rundown on things that were broken, and he realized they could be fixed. He says Waz was also taking heat for it in the Sales chat and decided then the launch was happening.

"We're not going to let Waz take that heat without us."

Elf jokes that Bear was apprehensive to launch without the promotional video. Bear says, "Don't worry, there's a great promo video coming next week!"

Magic Machine 3D Squad
Magic Machine 3D Squad

Elf says, "Even though we launched today, we still have a lot, honestly, to do," noting partner discussions, polish, and promo. Elf says that just because it has launched, doesn't mean that 3D is done. He also mentions the party going on in the oncyber meta where the Cult is hanging out with their new 3D avatars.

Dotta's Thoughts, Perfecting the Models, & 3D Traits

Dotta says he is thrilled looking at the models on the website, and he thinks it's fitting of the Magic Machine moniker. He says that the process of rendering after texturing the models is both an art and science in and of itself. Dotta says they look modern, yet classic.

Elf says the team is still trying to perfect the colors and the lighting with the toon shader. He also notes a few other changes he wants to make, such as situating props better in the hands, adding more animations, and more download options. Elf says to report any other bugs.

Jitcy notes that the models are reminiscent to him of Wind Waker, which Elf says is definitely an inspiration. Dotta mentions that the spells even emit their own light, and Elf says the spell animations were a whole job themselves. Elf also notes the floors in the images change depending on the origin trait of the Wizards' names.

3D Launch Party In oncyber
3D Launch Party In oncyber

3D Souls

Dotta says people should also know that 3D Souls aren't incredibly far away. Elf says they need to be textured / rigged, which could still take a while, but they're modeled. Elf says that the website is what delayed the 3D launch by about a month, and the Souls can just be plugged into the existing site, which will help with their timeline. Bear mentions scope creep due to props and animated spells, but he's happy with all the team added for launch.

FrogEater Gets His First Wizard

Elf gives a shoutout to FrogEater for all of his work with the pipeline design. He laughs about Frog finally getting his first Wizard. Dotta says they logged into oncyber for a family photo, and Frog wasn't wearing his Wizard (mentioning he didn't actually have one).

Models In The Metaverse & OnCyber Plans

Dotta mentions the Characters are downloadable in GLB, FBX, and VRM formats noting there is "so much software" that will allow VRM imports. He also notes the website's mention of collaboration with Nifty Island and to look out for content from them. Bear says, "And more." Bear talks about the importance of the interoperability of the models for game developers.

"We represent an audience, and we have assets that we can hand over...Every indie game, every big game wants to build their monthly active users."

Bear says it was important to have oncyber from Day 1 so the community would have something to do with the models without needing 3D modeling skills while simultaneously catering to the more technically advanced users with multiple filetypes. Elf says he is seeing a few hilarious bugs with the Wizards in the oncyber platform, noting a wild distortion of a couple of the Wizards' hands, reiterating there will be some bugs to squash. Elf also says they intend to build out the oncyber space even more in the future. Bear says he would also love to create a gallery situation to highlight community art collections.

"Maybe we get Gigas Chad to come and DJ a set...there are opportunities for a bunch of events in there."

He also says oncyber is also working toward more tools to build on. Madotsuki says that oncyber started out as gallery space and only recently started to branch into more of a metaverse-style platform, so he thinks the timing of this launch was perfect. Elf says:

"As the metaverse is being built out, Wizards will be at every door."

The One Ring

Post Malone Ring
Post Malone and the One Ring

Transitioning momentarily from the 3D discussion, Elf asks if anyone saw that the One Ring Magic: The Gathering card was found. Bear says that rapper Post Malone found it. Elf clarifies that Post Malone bought it from the person who found it for $2 Million.

Elf says it's a feel-good story, and the original owner said something which stood out to him: "Things like this don’t happen to people like me. I guess it’s magic." Elf says a statement like that really makes him think of Forgotten Runes.

Elf says:

"This guy who was just a regular fan of Lord of the Rings was suddenly plugged into this massive story — this historical moment. These historical moments are few and far between with these giant media franchises, because...at the end of the day it's a marketing stunt. With a decentralized media franchise like ours, the connection to the fans is inherent to the whole project. Some of you already own really rare items...you own and develop the Characters...you're not being used to just market a project owned by a corporate entity. You're literally part of the IP ownership. Our goal is to make it possible for these things to happen to people like you, and that's Magic."

Elf asks what everyone thinks Post Malone will do with the One Ring card. Dotta says, "Hopefully he doesn't drill a hole through it like notsofast." Jitcy says the interesting thing about the Ring is that it isn't that useful in-game. "It goes to show the strength of story."

Bearsnake says he's still trying to hook Post Malone into Forgotten Runes. Dotta says, "It seems like something he would like." Bear agrees and says that there aren't many celebrities who are fully aligned with the Forgotten Runes brand.

Cult Questions

Community Contributions to the TV Show

Forgotten Runes Trailer Still Image
Forgotten Runes Trailer Still Image

Then Elf answers a question from Merlin, who asks if there are any ways that the Cult can provide feedback or creative input to the scripts to the TV show.

Elf says:

"We're constantly thinking about what it means to be a decentralized worldbuilding project."

Elf notes that the team always tries to brainstorm new ways that the Cult can play a role in the larger media expressions. The baseline for this is the Book of Lore, and all of its content is fully available to the comic and show writers for potential use for source material. Elf says he thinks there are other ways, but everything forward is his speculation: He says he would potentially love to involve Cult members is with voicework for the show, noting that Sharkchild provided the voice for the Sacred Key Master in the trailer. Elf would love to further pursue Cult-involvement in the performances if possible. He also says there may be opportunities to include Cult artwork, Cult music, and Cult content. However, direct contribution to the script may be prohibited by third party involvement. Elf says that Writers Rooms are notorious for creative conflict, but there may be some sort of submission process that could be implemented.

Bear says he's spent a fair amount of time in the Writers Rooms, and explains that creative conflict is why an internal hierarchy exists. Bear notes that Elf will act as the Runiverse Historian and sounding board for metalore and rules as well as being a conduit to bringing threads from the Book of Lore into the script and stories. Elf says he did that with the comic a lot, though Joe did a great job himself.

Writer of the Forgotten Runes TV Show, Derek Kolstad
Writer of the Forgotten Runes TV Show, Derek Kolstad

Elf says:

"Nobody knows the Cult like us and Cult members, no matter what third-party creative we bring in, they're just not going to know as much as we do."

He asks for Bear's insights on sharing pre-production scripts. Bear says, "We'll never do it in a thousand years." Dotta says:

"The way you get your story in the show is write it in The Book of Lore. That's always the first pass of where these stories are getting pulled from. That's the inspiration — the source material. There's not a novel; we have The Book of Lore."

Bear says that was one of the attractions for Derek Kolstad to the project.

"[Derek] loves the ethos...He's more collaborative than almost any other successful writer I've ever worked with. At the same time, we want to let him do his thing...He needs to feel inspired..."

Bear says that having Elf as a part of the Writers Room as a conduit for the Cult is likely the best way to get the community's content in the show without overstepping. "We want Derek to stretch his legs." Elf also mentions the differing canons between the comic, the show, The Book of Lore, Twitter/Discord, and the Forgotten Runiverse game. He says there are points where they overlap and others where they go their own way. Elf says:

"If you're worried that your Book of Lore story isn't portrayed exactly 1:1 in the show, there's nothing wrong with that...I always want to be sure the people understand not all canon has to be synced 1:1."

Dotta notes the Spiderverse as an example of this model.

Elf says that was all that he had prepared for the show, since the team was grinding on the 3D launch all morning. He asks what everyone wants to talk about, and Dotta invites people onstage, saying that the time he usually spends preparing notes was spent on 3D.

Oncyber Secret Tower Gallery

Madotsuki asks if the Secret Tower oncyber map will be dropped to Wizard holders, because he wants to make a gallery with it, but in order to do so, he needs to actually own the asset. Bear says they intend to have Forgotten Runes branded assets available for use in the future.

Shadow Crystal From the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum
Shadow Crystal From the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum

Items For Free Shadows Ordinal Drop

Juan Snow then asks if the team is able to reveal what other Athenaeum Items will qualify for a free Shadows mint. Dotta answers that the Shadow Crystals are the second item along with the Book of Shadows. Dotta says the motivation behind the selection of the Book of Shadows and Shadow Crystals for free redemption of Shadow Ordinals was that holders had a chance to secure them simply by participating in the Halloween Event or the 100th Wizard Wednesday Event. Dotta mentions that there is a third item that will also qualify holders for a free Shadow Ordinal, but that item is TBA. Elf reminds holders of these items to have an Ordinals address ready.

Tangentially, Bear spots Cosmo in oncyber and shouts him out for his 3D help. Dotta says The Shadows will likely be inscribed within the next two weeks and notes a fun thing about Ordinals is that the entire collection is visible before mint due to public inscriptions. The mint date for The Shadows is still TBD.

Comic Distribution Catalog Ad & Dotta's Excitement For Game Asset Packs

Bear says this is internal, and he isn't sure anyone will care, but the ad for the comic distribution catalog has been finalized. He reiterates the importance of the first issue's release and says it will be super easy for people to order comics. Dotta also says he's excited about the ability to make games with the 3D models, and notes a glimmer of this with Goblintownwtf and "Only Up". He says they need to figure out licensing and distribution, but making an game developer asset pack seems like a good marketing tactic.

Wizard Cape Physics

Elf addresses a question about some of the Wizards' stiff capes, in that applying physics for the capes is possible, but the team decided against it due to interoperability, as not all applications support cloth physics. Madotsuki notes that physics can be added to models later. Jitcy says he's going to use his 3D image for basically everything now and he's excited to about the conversations it is going to open up. Dotta shouts out CheddaaBob for his work on the vectorized Runes. Jitcy shouts out Magus Wazir's work on the website as well.

Shant Asks About 3D Familiars

Then, community member Shant steps up on stage to congratulate the team on their work with 3D. Elf says Shant's Wizard head (Gruffling trait) is one of his favorites in the 3D collection and he loves how it turned out.

Shant also asks about the Familiars and if there are plans for their transition to 3D as well. Elf says he definitely wants to make the Familiars, but the holdup with them is that they're living creatures which need rigging and animation, unlike something like the props.

Bear says that he has always wanted to do voxel Familiars for a Forgotten Runes version of Crossy Road. Jitcy asks what that is, saying he has a feeling it's a boring mobile game. Dotta says, "It's Frogger for moms who play Candycrush."

Elf then mentions a preview for the Nifty Island collaboration that was posted in the Secret Tower and says he's blown away with the talent on the Nifty Island team.

Jitcy says that there has been a theme of big streamers who have been putting their own identity into games. He feels that Forgotten Runes' 3D launch is similar, but on a grander scale for more people. Elf says he still thinks people underestimate what the metaverse represents. Elf speaks about the metaverse being overhyped a year ago, and notes that no one talks about it anymore, but says that no one is talking about it because they're building it. Elf emphasizes again that it represents an exponential vector for everyone who is building toward it.

The Shadows
The Shadows

The Shadows On Special Sats

Then, Samisa.sats steps up on stage to ask if the team has looked into inscribing The Shadows on special satoshis.

Dotta says:

"Yes. We are working on that, but we can't talk about it yet because we have to get some, and we don't want to talk about it until we have them."

Samisa notes that the theme of special sats is a narrative that can be created, and gives the example of finding the block from the date and time that the Wizards were minted and just call them "Wizard Sats". Bear says he loves that Samisa is thinking along these lines.

Bear says that he believes what the team has planned for The Shadows is novel and has yet to be done, but he isn't sure what he's allowed to say about it. Dotta likens Samisa's comment to receiving a gift you already own, because the person knows you so well to get you something you already bought for yourself.

Dotta says he is in complete agreement that you can make your own narrative about interesting sats, and he's excited to share what the team is planning when they "get the bird in hand."

Funghibull's Thoughts On 3D & Closing Comments

Magic Machine by Ozzz
Magic Machine by Ozzz

Next, funghibull steps up and voices his appreciation for the team and "everyone who makes the Wizards so special."

Funghibull says:

"It's refreshing and inspiring to see [Magic Machine's] dedication to showing up with immense regularity and fortitude and powerful, positive vibes."

Elf thanks funghibull for his words and says it isn't easy running an NFT project, noting there are a thousand challenges a legacy media company doesn't have. "But it's the best job I've ever had, and getting feedback like that makes it all worth it." Bear says:

"I always want to do this forever, so that made us organize the business in a way where we can not burn through all of our money and plan accordingly."

He speaks about the notion of "surviving until the next bull" and says Wizards are doing more than just surviving.

Bear says that he almost feels bad about Magic Machine's good mood, but he thinks there will be some incredible comeback stories when everything "flips over and feel fresh again." He says he looks forward to seeing those comeback stories. "We'll all be celebrating soon enough."

Crucifore Plays the Alpha-Draconian Mouthflute

Next, Crucifore steps up to congratulate the team and say the 3D drop was an excellent thing to wake up to. He says to celebrate, he was wondering if the team would like to hear a tune on the "Alpha-Draconian Mouthflute." After a round of yeses, he proceeds to doot a ditty.


Elf says he only has one request of the Cult as they close out the show:

"Post screengrabs of your 3D Wizard on Twitter. Post squad shots of your squad. Post your Wizard dancing. Just fill the timeline up with 3D Forgotten Runes content. That's my only request."

Bear says there is some other content that will be rolling out in the following week, noting the honorary dancing cards and mentioning the upcoming promotional video. Elf asks if Dotta has anything else to add. Dotta says, "Let's Stay Magic."

Cult Content

With that, the show wraps up. Don't forget to also check out more content from the Forgotten Runes community from the past week from the 28th issue of The Cult Content Chronicle gathered by the illustrious Tania del Rio!