Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-10-27

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Dotta quoted Teller (of Penn & Teller) to communicate the efforts involved in creating magic. (October 2021)

The Great Wizard Burning is Imminent

An excerpt from the storyboard released by Magic Machine, which explains the lore behind the Great Wizard Burning event. (October 2021).

Magic Machine and the Forgotten Runes community were very excited to participate and witness this singular event, which will open on Halloween (October 31). It will open on a specific block number, which wasn't announced yet. It will be posted on the website. Elf mentioned that due to the limited supply of Sacred Flames, only a portion of the artwork will ever be seen. He talked about how it's a very iterative process, to keep refining the traits and ensuring that all combinations look great.

Dotta referenced a quote from Teller that he retweeted this past week (see tweet on the right). He also mentioned that he has a tungsten cube, and that Bearsnake was visiting (this was the first time they had met in person).

Elf talked about how the storyboard artist, Augustin from Germany, was responsible for the Great Burning storyboard that was released. He doesn't have a social media presence, so don't try to poach him! The Dreamworks artist mentioned earlier hasn't been onboarded yet.

To build this into a true event, LachnessMonsta has organized a Discord event for doing live burns. There are 50 spots for Wizards to broadcast/view burns. Dotta mentioned that there is no time limit to burn your Wizard, so take your time if you are unsure about it.

There was a discussion / Q&A session where Elf and Dotta explained the mechanics of the event, summarizing all the information released in previous weeks. The information was summarized in another blog post on the website.

They confirmed that the Souls will form a separate collection, so the Wizards collection will actually shrink as they are burned. The Souls metadata will be stored by the Forgotten Runes team initially, and will be sent to IPFS later on. Long term, snapshots of Souls data will be put fully on-chain, like the Wizards. But people have to burn first.

The burn process: you need to make multiple txn approvals to complete it. You have to approve the smart contract to use your Wizard and Sacred Flame, and then the actual burning txn.

Other Magic Machine and Community News

  • TV trailer update: MM has been working with Titmouse on this - currently in the animatic phase. However, the final cut they sent last Friday didn't meet Elf's high standards. He felt that it needed to "melt faces", and it wasn't quite there yet. Production will be extended by a few weeks as a result. Elf hopes people will dissect the trailer afterward to find the hidden meanings in each shot.
  • A new artist was hired to Magic Machine! Kristin has a lot of experience with a lot of different art tools, and will be a versatile helper with all things visual. Emotes, infographics, memes, social media art, etc.
  • Elf accidentally mentioned some previews of Bread's Wizard Noun prototypes. More information about this will be released as it gets closer to completion.

Cult Content Shoutouts

  • ickleek's watercolors were complemented by Elf
  • TheOneWhoRings (Magus Wazir) released a CG version of his wizard.
  • Tikiteki created a 3D print for Magus Wazir.
  • Mindio and henboyd continuing to create memes.
  • Wiz Ramiz with a suggestion to add Duncan Trussell to the Cult.
  • Video by chemicalimbalance.

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was Kel reading about his Wizard, Head-aiko.pngChaos Mage Miyo of the Wood (8711). Also, lorepunk read a poem about Head-dumdur.pngPyromancer Eden (4553).