Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-09-29

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Shadow Mage Twinkletoes reporting in from Cuckooland! Apparently the world is full of dizzy wizards; in fact, some are so dizzy their heads are on backwards!

Wizard Turnaround Glitch

The Hag wizard head is backwards due to a glitch in the Quantum Shadow. If you were still having problems with your Wizard's head turn around, DM Dotta!

Next Roadmap Objective

An example of a 10KTF Wizard Daypack, an item that could be minted by Wizard-holders in September 2021.

The very next thing we should have is all the walkscycles done. At the time of this Wizard Wednesday, they only had 30 bodies left to do! Shoutouts were given to the pixel artist team: Tad, youngwhizzie, Cam, Good Boy, and Ozzz.

Merchandise News

Merchandise is coming along! We don’t have final numbers yet; and the price will come down from what it was before. It’ll consist of apparel items and non-apparel items. After taking a poll last time in the Discord, seems as though most people wanted to pay fiat, however Dotta may still leave a door open for those that choose to pay with crypto for aesthetic purposes.

Forgotten Souls Update

SemiSupers was the first new NFT project that the newly formed Magic Machine supported after creation. This montage of SemiSupers characters was released in September 2021.

Elf has pretty much gotten all the Souls drawn, and the Forgotten Runes team is working on the website and the whole burn sequence. The Sacred Flames are going to be airdropped soon. The team is waiting for gas to drop, then hopefully by next Wizard Wednesday they will have appeared in the community members' wallets. From the burn, one could possibly receive a Soul, or an undesirable…taking a life should not be taken lightly.

At first, the team planned to airdrop Flames only to people who held Wizards the longest. But certain people in the community have been incredibly active, so a door was left open for people who may have moved their wizards to a hard wallet, or those who have just joined who are really active members in the community. So the first 100 unique addresses that have written in the Book of Lore will also receive a Flame. It must be actual lore, so if upon hearing or reading this, you rush out to post garbage lore, that won’t cut it. In total, there will be 1112 flames.

A storyboard is coming out soon about the burn. The usual storyboard artist is on vacation, but this new person Elf hired is a Dreamworks Emmy-winning storyboard artist Elf went to art school with.

10KTF Collaboration

This week WAGMI-san (aka the 10KTF NFT project) did a collab with Wizards and other NFT projects. There was a small window of time for people to claim their Wizard daypacks. There will likely be more coming from 10KTF in the future, that will allow participation from Wizard-holders.

Magic Machine is Introduced for the First Time

Magic Machine is a holding company for FRWC, and it consists of Dotta, Elf, Bearsnake, LaChness, and Acryllic. Forgotten Runes is Elf’s magnum opus, but Magic Machine will eventually grow to other projects.

Right now they are working with another artist on a project called “SemiSupers”. The artist on the project is SeeMikeDraw. Bearsnake & Mike actually sold a show to Fox back in the day. There was some concern from the community in regards to Elf & Dotta taking attention away from FRWC for SemiSupers, but they reassured the audience this isn’t the case. Elf is sticking to Forgotten Runes, and is only offering advice at this time.

The Great Burning meme, created by Elden15 circa September 2021.

"Scaling with Integrity" Follow-up Discussion

Excerpt from a video produced by TheOneWhoRings (Magus Wazir), circa September 2021. The video portrays two Wizards holding a conversation in a classic-RPG environment.

Right now, if you look at our number of holders, we have a step function as we will gain attention on Twitter and the number of our wallets will grow and then it’ll even out for a couple of weeks. So how much do we focus on bringing new people in? We want to grow our numbers obviously, but how do we draw in the right crowd and scale with integrity? There’s a lot of tools to do this. Something in the works is a DnD character sheet to help people get started on lore building and thinking about their character in that way. Another thing in the works is a potential Magic: the Gathering challenge where a prize may be given to the Wizard who creates the best creature card. Magic Machine is interested in anything that draws this sort of crowd, that plans on sticking around and not just flipping.

Community Shoutouts

  • Elden15 for the burn meme!
  • Elf highlighted the Kobold cutout that was sent to Jitcy. If anyone wants a cardboard cutout, he’ll put you in touch with Acrylic.
  • Ozzz relased multiple new pieces this week.
  • TheOneWhoRings (Magus Wazir): He’s been a Meme Master lately creating games, content, and overall community engagement.

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was from mindio, telling about Archmagus Eizo of the Event Horizon (3235)