Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-11-24

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Wizard Nouns were released as a derivative NFT project, free to Wizard-holders (for their own Wizards). Released November 2021.

Wizard Nouns Revealed

An early image of concept art for the TV trailer that was in production at the time (by Titmouse Animation). It depicts Calista's Citadel, one of the prominent wizarding cities.

The Wizard Nouns, a derivative Forgotten Runes NFT project, was announced, including previews. Elf, Dotta, and Bearsnake were very supportive. The artwork was created by Bread, who emulated the style of the original Nouns, but all of the Wizards are still recognizable. TV, O, and SPZ were also involved on the development/writing side of things. BVASN, Chuck, and Madotsuki also helped out. Popular, Dotta, and peppy reviewed the contract as well.

Concept art for Kobolds, created by Titmouse Animation as part of their development of a TV trailer for Forgotten Runes. (November 2021).

Elf talked about how the Wizard Nouns are part of the evolution that the project wants to encourage. The Wizards themselves are Runes, abstract symbols that represent broader concepts in the world. The NFTs are 50x50 pixel images, fairly simple at the most surface level. They represent the seed of an idea, that you can scale up infinitely - scaling down from something that starts as more complex, causes a loss of information. He went on to explore the concept of "canon" and how that might work in a decentralized world-building project like Forgotten Runes. At the end of the day, the most compelling narratives and ideas will rise to the top, regardless of their source (Magic Machine or the community).


  • Affinity data for Wizards in OpenSea: Dotta said that it could happen in December. But he is mindful to include what people care about, and wants to put it to a vote before it goes live.
  • TV trailer update: Elf is viewing and sharing some early animation sequences with the Magic Machine team. He really wants to share it more widely, but also doesn't want to show too much before the official release. Bearsnake was in favor of a greater amount of sharing. Elf said that the compromise is to show concept art that won't actually be in the animation, but which provides hints of what is to come.
  • Game update: Magic Machine is extremely close to signing a deal with the game developer.

Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) Campaigns Planned for FRWC

Magic Machine and a few community members, such as Madotsuki, performed a test run of a DnD campaign. Elf liked the freedom of activity in the medium, and thinking of creative ways to use items. Bearsnake got frustrated due to his poor dice rolls, causing him to be clumsy and hurt himself.

There will be sign-up sheets later, so that holders can participate in DnD one-shot campaigns. The long-term goal, is to actually be able to play as your Wizard, and within the Runiverse setting.

Cult Content Shout-outs

  • Bob the Bregard got a Flame Head tattoo.
  • TheOneWhoRings revealed a 3D character rig of Magus Wazir. They also shared a prototype for a rogue-like game based on Legend Maps.
  • Jose Canizares made a Grey Pilgrim 3D model.
  • Chemicalimbalance made a video of a mushroom wizard + chiptune music.
  • Henboyd drawing an illustration of Head-wizzy-blue.pngSorcerer Hadrien of the Hills (113).

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was from giveahoot, reading the establishing lore about the Runes Trading Card Game. Giveahoot said that this lore is what inspired the wider game that is in development by giveahoot and a small team, and talked about the high-level concepts and plans for the game.