Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-11-23

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Bisonic released a series of preview images for some of the different areas that will be available in the Runiverse game in development. (November 2022)

We started off with the opportunity to hear Bearsnake act like a goblin! Recommended listening! Elf then mentioned a happening on crypto twitter - the Chimpers team announced a partnership w/ the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Elf said that this shows that NFT projects are trundling along - entertainment weathers bear markets well by providing FUN. Dotta said that he loved TMNT growing up, and remembers dressing up as Donatello for Halloween. He is happy for any new experiment in the NFT space, and we'll see if this meld of traditional and NFT media works out. MM discussed who would be represented by each Turtle. Dotta stuck with Donatello. Bearsnake went with Michelangelo. Elf feels a kinship with Raphael. Leonardo was not selected by the founding trio...they feel he is the straight-laced sensible one, maybe not as fun.

Community Q&A

  • A preview of a Wizard-themed comic (distinct from primary Magic Machine comic book series) being created by Jitcy, with art from ErnesTea. (November 2022)
    Wen Kobold airship in the World Cup? Bearsnake was told to make it happen. If not that, Elf asked for a Kobold balloon in the Macy's Day Parade. Dotta said that Cool Cats may actually be trying to do this for next year.
  • Will Beast spawn participate in the Battle for Goblintown (upcoming on chain game)? They may be included as a lesser form of the Beasts (thieves), but it's TBD. Dotta has been collaborating with pixelshop on the UI, and it's been going well. The systems are still being tweaked to be as fun as possible, things are moving toward Warcraft 3, but crypto. Might not get fully there, but that's the trend.
  • Battle for Goblintown question: Wen? Dotta confirmed that we are probably looking at January.
  • Question for Jitcy: Why do kobolds smell? Jitcy said that it's because kobolds tend to sleep rough after partying and getting lost.
  • Wen lore drop on kobolds, dream masters, etc? Elf: I'll probably never do anything during Wizard Wednesday. I might write something in Wizzypedia, but really, I'm playing off of what the community has created around some of these wizard types. Jitcy talked about a comic around these characters that is being developed. ErnesTea is the artist for this.
  • How many scrolls are left for the Wizards, Warriors, and Ponies? Dotta: Original allocation was 20 Ponies, 5 Warriors, and 2 Wizards. But some of the treats were never redeemed, so the actual number is unknown.
Brennan.eth releases another preview image of a Forgotten Runes-themed board game in development. (November 2022)

Stoned Apes, Magic Machine is Thankful, and the Meaning of "Cult"

Elf Lore Drop: We started by discussing the Stoned Ape Theory. The idea is that in ancient history, apes found psychedelic mushrooms, and ingesting these opened new pathways in their brains, which led to their advancement to humans. In the Runiverse, there are Wizards that believe that psychedelics are the source of different types of magic. And there are some Wizard props that seem to support this.

Next, the founders talked a bit about what they are thankful for. In general, MM is very thankful for the Cult community, and all the writing, art, and community NFT collections that have been generated. Dotta said that he's very thankful about the many many individuals that make up the Cult, that he's gotten to know & worked with over the past year+. He was also very grateful for his co-founders in MM, and for the other members of MM, who each bring something great to the table even if it isn't always super visible to the outside.

Next, Elf talked more about the meaning of the word, "Cult". He was recently introduced by ZayLaSoul to the book "TechGnosis". In the book, the "mystical impulse" of humanity is discussed. This is a deep innate desire to connect with the unknown, to ponder the infinite. Traditionally, organized religion has fulfilled this role, but Erik Davis (the author) explores the idea of a secular audience fulfilling the mystical impulse through technology.

Throughout history, there have been people that seek to exploit people's desire for mysticism. Sometimes, there have been bad leaders that lead people astray. And this has led many to ascribe a negative meaning to the word "cult" (and they are fair to do this). So what does the word "Cult" mean for FRWC? Why is it not that? Two distinguishing factors: we do not have dogma, and we are decentralized. There is no blind obedience to a central figure. Our "cultists" are empowered to lead themselves. They are putting their Rune on the Door. We have this brand new magical technology available to us for the first time - the blockchain. All token holders hold their token, and from that, the wizard or warrior that can be built in whatever way people wish. We are in uncharted territory here - a paradigm shift. Davis, in his book, says that there is a need for the "cartographers of old", and Elf sees the Cult as filling this role. Decentralized world-building is charting new waters.

The Dover campaign caused quite a stir during the race. Dover might have won it all, had it not been for a mischievous kobold...

Elf finished this segment with a quote from Picasso. Picasso (regarding some African masks): "I forced myself to examine these masks. All of those objects that people had created with a sacred, magical purpose: to serve as intermediaries between them and the unknown, hostile forces that surrounded them, thereby, trying to overcome their fears, to give color and shape. And then I understood what art really meant. It is not just an aesthetic process. It is a form of magic that stands between us and the universe. A means of taking power and imposing a form on our terrors as well as our dreams. The day I discovered that, I found my way. The day I understood that, I put my Rune on the Door. (OK, maybe not the last sentence, but it fits! -Elf) Elf ended by saying that he's thankful for all that we are doing collectively.

Cult Content Shout-outs

  • Nard shared a scientific analysis in Discord regarding the color of kobolds. Elf concluded that this proves that kobolds are yellow (the analysis showed an influence from both green and yellow, although maybe teeny bit more of the yellow).
  • Chemicalimbalance had a piece of an Elf doll with a pull-string.
  • Daniel Illustra shared a video of her sketchbook - Elf was very impressed, and was reminded of what he has lost by going full digital lately. Daniela also illustrated a great piece for the Runiverse game campfire lore contest.
  • Henboyd shared some amazing hand-painted art, that he commissioned for his wizard.
  • Emmaleigh continues to create amazing FRWC-themed movie poster adaptations. Here is one for Despikobold Me.
  • The Alchemist shared a commissioned artwork by marcofine. The subject: his pony, Durango.
  • DarickDaWizard (MehsterBrown) shared a custom Jibjab video he created.
  • Dotta shouted out Merlin's Minecraft skins that are available for Wizards and Souls. This was delivered months ago, but isn't shouted out enough. People out there have no idea.
  • Orange hats as the source of the Brown Hat wizards is official! ZayLaSoul had an interesting take on this phenomenon as well.
    Madotsuki shouted out Legatus' efforts with BlackSand, most recently with the pony-racing tournament. It had various fun mechanics, including early uses of treats.
  • Elf is inspired by everyone's efforts, and he hopes he can create his own Cult Content for his own Wizards. Dotta said, "yes." Bearsnake said, "maybe".

Magic Machine Updates

  • Miami wiz meetup update: Bearsnake said he is looking at restaurant venues, and will lock in a place and time in the next week.
  • Comic book update: Issue #1 pages are done! Reilly Brown, who made the Issue #0 print cover, did all the art this time around, and the art is popping off the page.

Lore Drop: Brown Hat Wizards

Brown Hat Wizards live in the Brown Wizard Delta. This area is ideal for farming, & it is a major source of food for the entire Runiverse. In our world, farming has become very mechanized. But in the delta, the traditional charm of farming has been retained. The Brown Wizards do not use their magic for the materialistic pursuit of wealth (Red Hats), the pursuit of magic and technology (Blue Hats), or the focus on pleasure and debauchery (Yellow Hats). They understand the Green Hats' care for the earth, but they seek a healthy dominion over it, not a submission to it.

The best use of magic, according to Brown Wizards, is to accomplish everyday tasks and chores, to put food on the table or build something tangible. And thus their robes and hats often have a healthy coat of dirt on them. It is because of this, that they have put behind their origins as the orange hats. But that's ok, because the orange hats were a bit too flashy anyway.

Elf's favorite example of brown hats is J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits. They are the quintessential country folks, who love peace, quiet, and good-tilled earth. But they are a bit xenophobic, fearful of the outside world, suspicious of strangers, and can be narrow-minded. In the same LOTR, this is exemplified by the scouring of the Shire episode near the end of the trilogy.