Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-06-29

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Invitation to mint the original Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult collection, circa June 2021.

1st Year Anniversary for Forgotten Runes!

This week, let's start off by recognizing that tomorrow is the anniversary of the original Wizard minting! On June 30, 2021, 10,000 wizards were minted out into the world! O created a "Year 0" history Twitter thread to commemorate the occasion.

The Quantum Ouroboros Gets Auctioned

The Quantum Ouroboros auction finalized. It received 23 bids, the most out of any piece in the MAPS auction. At a final price of $136K (bid by realizeorigin), it also way overperformed the initial Christie’s estimate of $25-35K.

FRWC community member realizeorigin won MAPS auctions for both ElfJTrul and beeple works in 2022.

Elf said this price was achieved not only because of the art, but also the community. Later on, Elf emphasized that he wants to make each Beast into a cultural icon. Some of them already had lore created (TV trailer, comic, Oliver Tree as Gigas Chad); more is planned.

Elf Chat: The Forgotten Runes Community of an Asset of Value

Elf talked about how special the FRWC community is, and claims that it is the best in the NFT space. He talked about how impressed the traditional media representatives are when they see all the evidence of the community’s side projects and constant building.

Dotta admitted that for the first 9 months, he tried to keep up with every Discord channel, but he can’t do it anymore due to how much is always happening, and additional Magic Machine members like Jitcy and TheOneWhoRings were brought on, in part, to help with it.

Aftermath of Forgotten Runes at NFT NYC

Jitcy wrote up a blog post, “A Night of Might and Magic." The objective was to give a glimpse into the party experience to those who couldn’t attend (accompanied by professional photos).

Notably, a small incident with Oliver Tree/Gigas Chad made it to TMZ! Bearsnake says that it was NOT staged, but at the same time, the punches on the ground were fake.

The yacht party was also a fun time, according to those who attended. Solo (formerly known as Dr. Poplovski) allegedly performed the Worm. Dotta complimented the people who dressed up for the events, and wants everyone to know that this is welcome and encouraged.

Bearsnake talked to some interested business reps at the party, and they were impressed by the vibes - one called it “like a mini comic-con”.

Merchandise Update

All merch that was at the party (including comic books) will be available online, probably by Friday or early next week. Two pieces of merch are free to anyone holding a Forgotten Runes token, and additional pieces will be available for purchase. Stay tuned...

A record of the first ever Runiverse mass gathering was captured by Druid Ofaris out of the Blizzard (community member).

Community News

I am definitely feeling like we are at an inflection point in terms of community-led initiatives and side projects. Sometimes it feels like every deeply-involved member has at least one (if not multiple) things going on - a community of builders indeed!

The Runiverse Frog Hunt grabbed the community's attention last week. The event ran from June 20-24. MM said that there will be further previews, but couldn’t promise a specific return date yet for access to the game.

MM brought up Retired Yield Farmer (RYF) leading an impromptu “warrior burning” event (sending warriors to a burn address - Sacred Flames cannot currently be used on warriors). RYF burned 10, and 4 others burned 1 warrior each. Check Sales chat for details...

crypt0natrix talked about curating an exhibit with 5 artists, who were asked to make “magical art”. Their works will be put into a cryptovoxels online gallery & available for purchase, & each will be gifted a Warrior. The purpose is bringing new artists into the community.

RYF announced that the House of WizardsMinistry of Art is launching today! There will be two 3-week windows, with 10 ETH allocated to each of them (this represents the 20 ETH in funds that has been allocated to the MoA so far). The MoA will use this as a learning period, and proposals can be submitted starting now. There is a Google Form that you can use to submit them, accessible from the Notion site.

Ozzz’s Atelier auction is open for the 2nd round. Warder, the winner of the 1st auction, shouted out the process.

MeepleDad talked about his Meeple Meetups’ Tales from the Tavern, a series of interviews he did while in NYC and beyond. The first episode features Two Crows and is live today! MeepleDad plans to release these weekly. He also mentioned the Thursday writer’s workshops, which will begin to include some pro writers joining as guests. These happen in the Discord at 11 AM Eastern US time on Thursdays.

Tom shouted out some projects affiliated with Moron Global, such as pva's comic and NightOwlBirdman's video teaser, Dragons' Balls NFT.

Lore Reading

We ended this week's session with a lore reading (Tad reading about Head-woomba.pngGhost Eater Kobold of the Technochrome (55)) and a song. The song was from Lorepunk, and was commissioned by Magus Wazir to be a diss track for the One Who Rings!