Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-11-10

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The cover image for The Drop, Issue 6 (created by community member Ozzz). This issue featured Forgotten Runes.

The Drop Magazine Features Forgotten Runes

The Drop Magazine, an NFT-themed publication that is itself a series of NFTs, featured Forgotten Runes this month. It includes interviews with Elf and Dotta, as well as other information about the project. Elf said he already purchased a copy of it.

Elf also mentioned he spoke with the Crypto Gaming Institute podcast this week.

An illustration released by the 10KTF project, depicting the city of "New Tokyo" features the Secret Tower in the center. Forgotten Runes is one of the partner projects of 10KTF.

Tom Mints Nosferatu

Tom, the leader of Moron Global, organized a series of streams where Wizards were burned with Sacred Flames. And then, after hours of no burns, Tom did another burn and received Nosferatu!

Dotta talked about how there is no favoritism in the burn order, any situations where "big personalities" mint ultra-rares are purely coincidental.

Loan to Lore to Own?

Dotta talked about devising new ways for new creators to "earn" Wizards. This would be especially relevant if the floor price for the collection becomes unattainable for a majority of potential participants. There would be some kind of smart contract functionality to help someone gradually "create-to-earn" the Wizard. He invited anyone in the Coding Guild to discuss their ideas with him. Tom was a big proponent of this idea, and Nikita agreed that this would be a good way to help as many characters as possible to gain good lore.

Dotta contrasted the lore focus of Forgotten Runes, vs. other projects, who makes their holders jump through artificial hoops in order to get allowlist and airdrops. Sometimes things that are resented by the holders, who do it "for the gains." Dotta just wants people to create something authentic, in whatever medium or style feels true to them.

Elf added that he really likes situations like Magus Wazir, who is a common wizard, by trait rarity, but has been made legendary through the efforts of TheOneWhoRings. That's what this cult is about.

Map Lore Drop

Elf is compiling a master lore document. It includes descriptions on every trait in the collection. He initially did not want to do that, and limit the imaginations of the Cult members writing about their Wizards. He wanted the TV show and comics to be the vehicles of this lore. However, he has realized that Cult members reall y want this information, and that a common framework is helpful for both community members and professional studios creating media.

As part of this effort, Elf created an annotated map to explain what all these places are. Eventually, he hopes to have a feature where you can click the map on the website, and see the information about each area.

A Forgotten Runes character, belonging to Jeeves, appeared in Times Square, circa November 2021. Jeeves had been elected as an ENS delegate. Photo by brantly.eth.

Elf proceeded to talk about various areas of the map - recommended listening.


  • TV show trailer update: Current prediction is January. The animatic will be done by Friday. Previews of character designs and backgrounds will start to be shared soon.
  • Age range for the TV show: Not a child's cartoon, but also not an adults-only explicit show. Maybe something like TV-14.
  • Game developer partnership: There is verbal agreement on the terms, now on the last round of putting together the legal agreement and signing it.
  • Affinity stats: Still on the roadmap; Dotta will continue to check in on Discord to confirm that the community wants this.
  • Merch drop: Initially, got 180 responses of interest in the survey, got 150 saying they would pay the suggested price. Magic Machine ordered 200 boxes for some surplus. A 2nd run is in progress.
  • Game land drops: TBD, there will be more details after the game deal is finalized. There will be some kind of land sale though.
  • Warriors collection: Definitely needs to happen, it makes sense to have Warriors as a counterpart to the Wizards. However, MM wants to choose the right time for the drop.

Cult Content Shoutouts

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was from SPZ, reading about Grave Robbing Kobold Poppy of the Technicolor Nightmare.