Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-02-01

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Hall of Cats' New Mascot

Kitty Wizzy
A Felis Wizard acquired as a mascot by members of the Hall of Cats

Bearsnake kicks off the meeting with a Meow Mix Remix, a nod to the Hall of Cats, who have recently banded together to acquire the Felis Alchemist Gizmo of the Tower as a mascot.

Magic Machine Q & A

Day-to-Day Life of the Founders

Dotta wings it after losing power in a local ice storm as the founders describe their current day-to-day:

  • Elf: "It comes in waves...right now I'm on the 3D wave."
  • Bear: E-mails, calls, hanging out in the Bearcave, taking meetings
  • Dotta: Coding, taxes, keeping up with NFTs

Perception of Time & History (Lore)

Elf answers a question about perception of History in the Runiverse — recounts an older storyboard titled "Ouroboros" and an allusion to Percy Shelley's "Ozymandias":

"Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

He points out the archetype of Hubris before the Fall. Time in the Runiverse appears cyclical.

Elf muses, "If you want them to remember, you must put your Rune on the Door...for that is how we remember who came before us."

Goblintown Game

Goblin Gameplay (Hexes, Roads, and Skullduggery)
Battle for Goblin Town

Battle For Goblin Town and Its Community Receive Recognition:

Dotta points out the differences between the Goblin community and Wizards and the types of content generated by each. The team talks about opportunities with Goblin Town as a resource for experimentation. LaChness expresses excitement for Goblin Town as a chance to offer small doses of the Runiverse for the true degenerates. Goblin Town receives lots of interest from the audience with questions concerning Screelist.

Dotta also answers a question around bots in the Goblin Town game:

He explains that he enjoys making bots, so when working, he often thinks how a bot might exploit what he's building and attempts to reverse-engineer the product around this hypothesized bot.

RYF & the RPG Network

Retired Yield Farmer also joins in to speak about an upcoming project with Loxley Labs. RYF explains the beginnings of an RPG network infrastructure that intends to connect games within the network through ported player progress.

The first game in the network will likely be based in a Forgotten Runes setting. A demo for this game is complete, and RYF hopes for playability in the coming weeks. He also mentions that there will be a mint involved. Dotta and Elf commend the style of the Wizards in-game.

Runes Trading Card Game

Runes Trading Card Image (Hope You Pull a Charizard!)
Runes Trading Card Pack Mint on Polygon

The Runes Trading Card Game mint goes live! Elf praises the lore and world-building once again in the Runes game and says he is definitely minting the collection.

BlackSand Pony Races Ether Cup

The BlackSand Ether Cup has concluded with over 100 Ponies entered. Queeny, the Extraordinary prevails as the first BlackSand racing champion, and some excellent prizes are allotted to the top contestants.


Dotta also speaks briefly about the Iconiks collection and laments the botting of the first Magus Devon Iconik. He suspects there will be a small cost for following Iconiks and intends for it to be an ongoing collection to celebrate Wizards who have put their Rune on the Door.

Dotta also hints at another Iconik drop on Feb. 3, 2023 and has decided to limit further Iconiks to editions of 500. The mint will first be open to FRWC holders and then will follow to public if there are any left unminted after the first half hour.

Magus Devon Iconik
Magus Devon Iconik from the Iconiks Collection by Dotta and Wise Sam


Dotta continues with information about Ordinals on Bitcoin.

  • BTC Maxis and ETH Maxis hate them
  • These NFTs rose from discovery that individual satoshis (lowest BTC denomination) can be transcribed with data
  • Small Discords, no tools, OTC trades, and "tastes like alpha."

Nyan Cat

Elf also briefly speaks about the Nyan Balloons collection in relation to the pursuit of Fun within the realm of NFTs. He says this is what will carry NFTs to the moon and beyond.

After Hours

After the hour, the Space wrapped up with:

  • Nightowlbirdman addressing Elf, Dotta, and Bear's blank pages in the Book of Lore
  • Elf reminds us that he wrote the Lore for Wizard #0
  • Elf also states he has more lore finished, but not yet on the page

Merch Store Reopens

Lastly, the Merch Store has reopened with new Limited-Edition Souls items as well as a new application for those who would like to place an order for a custom varsity jacket.