Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-02-02

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An early preview from the Bisonic Runiverse game, shared by the Forgotten Runes Twitter account circa February 2022.

Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild Update

The Warriors are in the process of being created! Dotta claims that Elf is getting even better at pixel art! Elf claims it's because the Warriors are bigger (more pixels) so there are extra pixels to provide detail. The role of technology will be more prominent in the Warriors collection. Most Warriors rely on weapons, equipment, and martial arts skills, rather than magic, and the former can be augmented through technology. Elf and Dotta like the idea of wizards "shepherding in new members" into Warriors. They are thinking about how best to do this.

Book of Lore Discussion is Imminent

Next week a discussion on the Book of Lore is planned. Functionality, incentive structure, the values behind it. In the next few days, a survey will be shared with the cult. Then the results and the topics can be discussed during the next Wizard Wednesday. An additional person has been hired to improve the UI of the Book of Lore in February and March. Goal is to make it easier to create and edit text in the BoL (comparable to a blogging site).

Architects and Gardeners

Blue slime familiar's "walk" cycle

Bisonic (Runiverse game developer) discussions happen weekly. Game map is huge, and Elf's counterpart is creating it. This person talked about "architects and gardeners", two types of creatives. Architects plan out everything beforehand. Allows for perfect execution. Gardeners let the creative process guide them, they don't plan everything ahead of time. More risky, the road might lead nowhere, but allows for creative pathways that might otherwise not been discovered. Elf is a gardener, and his counterpart at the studio is more of an architect. Dotta and Bearsnake also say they are gardeners. Interesting discussion.

Additional Updates

  • Walkcycle animations for familiars are completed, from an art standpoint. Dotta now working on getting spritesheets implemented technically. Will likely first appear in the WWWeb3 game. Souls and Ponies walkcycles are next on the to-do list.
  • The FRWC team are accepting submissions for < 2 minute lore readings, which would be animated on their Youtube channel!
  • Listen to the recording for shoutouts to the many awesome wizard derivatives and creations among the Cult, as well as excellent lore readings by Jin and youngwhizzie/HateCrewAndy!