Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-04-17

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After the usual introductions, Elf immediately asks Entropy how his second day is with Magic Machine, revealing that Entropy has joined the Forgotten Runes team.

Entropy Joins Magic Machine

Marketing Wizard, Entropy
Marketing Wizard, Entropy

Bearsnake gives Entropy an introduction, noting that some of the most beloved Magic Machine employees have come directly from the community and that he feels this new addition will be no different. He notes Entropy will assist with socials and marketing for upcoming campaigns. Entropy says he’s excited to join the team and help elevate the work that’s already being done. He notes Forgotten Runes was one of his first Web3 interests.

Dotta asks how the transition was from Cult member to team was and about his surprise when the curtain was pulled back. Entropy says it’s been pretty short on the other side so far, but there was some stuff he was not anticipating. He says the trajectory is similar to his original speculation, but the “flightpath, speed, and size” of what’s coming is more than he would have guessed.

Dotta says the team has been working with Entropy in the background and when they brought him into the Magic Machine Discord, he searched Entropy's name out of curiosity and everything that came up was very positive. Elf notes Entropy’s past work with Goblintownwtf. Elf says Entropy really knows how to get into a culture and emphasize it, which he believes he will do well with Forgotten Runes.

Elf says the Forgotten Runes socials will be “much better because we have a professional on it now” and it won’t be a “bunch of possum memes.”

Cult Questions

Elf's Love For Possums

A Goat and His Possum Familiar
A Goat and His Possum Familiar

On the topic of possum memes, Elf transitions to Cult Questions, beginning with one about the depth of his love for possums. Elf says he has basically been handling possums his whole life. Dotta asks if they bite, to which Elf says no. He also says they are immune to rabies.

Favorite Game Glitches

Madotsuki then asks about the teams’ favorite video game glitches. Elf says he remembers discovering a glitch in Bowser’s Castle on the original NES Mario that cause mushrooms to shrink Mario and taking damage to power him up.

He says it felt like forbidden magic. Dotta speaks about Warp Zone in the original Mario games, but notes that is more of a “debug screen” However, Madotsuki says there is a way to glitch those Warp Pipes to access “negative levels.”

Dotta then says that his favorite “magical artifact” from his childhood was his Game Genie.

Jitcy, to everyone’s shock, says that he cannot recall a glitch that he’s encountered.

Madotsuki says that his favorite is the MissingNo. glitch from the original Pokemon games. Madotsuki says that the Pokemon MissingNo. glitch really first introduced him to the concept of manipulating technology by altering its coded, underlying framework.

Community member Gambo also joins to speak about glitches in Left 4 Dead online and Runescape.

Shadow & Bone

The Shadows
The Shadows

Elf then answers a Lore questions about what a Shadow might do with the bones of a deceased Wizard. He says for a dark question, there is a rather comedic answer: The Shadows have no bones, so they would probably treat them as toys and find lots of humor in them.

Magic Machine Etymology

Then, Elf answers a question about the inspiration for the company’s name: Magic Machine. He says that in order to make something great, you need the contradicting forces of chaos and order: Magic and Machine. He recounts a story of requesting the moon in the logo’s design. Elf notes that many stories in the Runiverse also focus on the contradiction and struggle between the forces of Magic and Machine.

He say the name Magic Machine has so much meaning on so many levels.

Formative Childhood Toys

Then, MeepleDad asks a question about formative childhood toys for the team and community. Bearsnake says the Radioshack Armatron, and it speaks to his interests in mechanical objects. He says he was infamous for taking apart his toys and being unable to rebuild them.

Dotta says his formative childhood toys would have to be Magic cards, Super Soaker, and My Pet Monster.

Elf says Super Nintendo.

Bear adds Micro Machines, LEGO, and playing with figurines with his turtles.

Elf adds also Teddy Ruxpin as some Wizards say SNES doesn’t count.

Jitcy remembers a formative toy and describes SKANNERZ, a monster catching handheld device in the Tamagotchi era that generated monsters by scanning barcodes.

The Gift of a Chronomancer

Quest 64 Meme
Quest 64 Meme

The next question for the team asks where and when they would go if a Chronomancer offered them time traveling abilities. Elf says he would love to see the Library of Alexandria and ride the Orient Express.

Bear says the moment man discovered / realized they could make fire. Bearsnake says he would also like to see the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs. He says he wouldn’t want to hang around for the impact, though. He adds that he would also like to be there when “the aliens come down and share all the info.”

Jitcy says he would like to go back and see the Gutenberg Press.

Madotsuki says he would like to see the first agricultural society form.

Death of a Wizard

Finally, community member Sharon asks if Wizards ever die. Elf says he has a personal belief that they don’t, and tells of the philosophy of Two Deaths. The first is when your physical body expires. The second is when your name is last spoken by the living. Elf says that for a lot of Wizards, death is nothing more than a minor annoyance. He gives the examples of Gandalf returning from his fight with the Balrog and that stories of the great Wizard Merlin are still told to this day.

DAO Updates

House of Wizards DAO Logo
House of Wizards DAO Logo

Tadmajor then joins the stage to give an update from the House of Wizards DAO:

  • The multi-sig is official and operational. Some payments have already been sent

He also notes the April 18 DAO Space on current proposals as well as Magus Wazir's AI music challenge.

New Treasure Trove & More About Possums

MeepleDad then joins to speak about his proposal for a new Treasure Trove. He notes the first Treasure Trove was put together two years ago, and he wants to pull together more games, toys, and other Wizard merchandise for another one. Elf mentions that he has been in contact with MeepleDad to possibly add an updated version of the Runiverse map with expanded features and locations from the community.

Wildmage joins and circles back to the earlier conversation about possums, stating that a possum eats around 5000 ticks per year, which he says is something to celebrate. He also announces he will be burning a Wizard live on this coming Monday Magic News. Bear says he will join.

Cult Content

After that, the show wraps up with a review of the Cult Content Chronicle—art from the past week within the Forgotten Runes community, compiled weekly by Tania del Rio.