Merlin (540)

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Merlin (#540)
HeadPurple Wizard
BodyTech Coat
PropCrystal Ball
FamiliarGreat Owl
[FM] [OS]


Merlin is a character shrouded in myth and legend. He is known to be ageless, with tales of his existence tracing back to ancient histories of Arthurian times, pyramid hieroglyphs, Canaanite cave drawings, and even the Total Void of Absolute Nothingness.

However, Merlin's memory of his past is blank due to a spell of Near-Absolute Amnesia that he cast upon himself, fearing that his magic was too dangerous for the world. This spell not only stripped him of his memories but also his cosmic powers.

Despite these limitations, Merlin still occasionally catches flashes of the future during painful blackouts. These visions inspire his creations as he spends most of his time tinkering and inventing in his tower alongside his AI clockwork owl, Archimedes. His greatest invention is the Runiversal Quantum Generator, which provides Wireless Electricity and Runenet Access for free to all citizens.

In addition to being an inventor, Merlin is also an active Adventure Capitalist, supporting many wizard entrepreneurs. He has been involved in discussions over the increasing concern of the Quantum Shadow and its potential risks.


Some Wizards celebrate December 31st as Merlin Day, which is commemorated with a fireworks celebration. It is rumored that an anti-Merlin faction instead burns him in effigy on this day.