Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-03-16

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Magic Machine had already demonstrated some of the possibilities for the FRWC brand in a comic panel format with a series of storyboards. For example, this is one of the panels from the Magic Machine storyboard, "Ouroboros," circa 2021.

Magic Machine Announcements

Comic Book Update

The 10KTF NFT project uses Forgotten Runes wizards in its promo for the "Gucci Grail" collection, circa March 2022.

According to Elf, the comic book is looking good!!! The artist, Auguste, is technically skilled at drawing, but also at storytelling. He makes great choices in terms of panel selection and layout. Colorists also making things pop. To reiterate, the physical comics will be given out for free (225K will be printed!!!). But there will also be a few variants of the cover, and people can mint those as NFTs for free, as a way to help people learn about NFTs. This mint will be accessed via QR code on the comic book. The FRWC team asked anyone with connections to comic book stores to get in touch, if those stores are interested in receiving free comic books. The purpose of all this is getting wizards into the cultural zeitgeist.

Forgotten Beasts Release Month is Set

Forgotten Beasts will begin to be released sometime in April. They are 1/1 pieces, but there may be some surprises with them in terms of how they’re released, not necessarily “a whale’s game.”

TV Show Trailer & Forgotten Runes Warrior's Guild Update

Someone “special” was cast to be the narrator of the TV show trailer. This person is excited to be involved with the Cult, not just a one-off gig. Elf says this person is “perfect” for the role, and people will flip out once they learn who it is. Trailer + Forgotten Warriors will be released “when we’re ready.” This is somewhat impacted by the market being right for a drop.

Nifty Island shares a quotation from Elf, made during their Twitter Spaces discussing the metaverse, circa March 2022.

10KTF + Gucci Grail Collab

10KTF announced a Gucci grail collab, which includes the Wizards. Wizard-holders who mint a Gucci Grail (Gucci collaboration with 10KTF) will be able to receive custom PFPs of their wizard dressed in one of the available Gucci outfits. FRWC has long been one of the featured projects in the 10KTF project, along with other prominent projects like BAYC, Cool Cats, and World of Women. Future 10KTF collabs with other fashion brands may be possible in the future.

Elf Talks About Metaverses

Elf did an interview with Nifty Island, where he talked about metaverses. FRWC 3D models seem to be on the cutting edge of what is available, and thus may be among the first projects to have walkable avatars within the Nifty Island metaverse. Elf also recapped a lot of his ideas and views around what the metaverse means for Web3 and led a discussion on it with Dotta.

Pony minting is ending soon.

Bear Cave Update (with Theme Music!)

Bearsnake says the cave is getting furnished! Chairs, mini fridge, and a TV are among the acquisitions. Hollywood writer outreach efforts continue. Bearsnake is also having conversations with publishers around creating a proper book that will incorporate a lot of the Cult’s work, as well as world-building info.

Pony News

Forgotten Worlds promotional video (converted to gif), circa March 2022.

Reminder to mint your ponies by March 31st! There are still a good number of ponies left to be minted. Any un-minted ponies will be minted by the team (their fate TBD). The reason the minting will stop is that right now the minting method is centralized, and that needs to be shut down. Plus the team wants to put the pony data on-chain, same as the wizards. Pony walk-cycles are in progress. One pony walk-cycle has been completed, and now pixel artists are needed to replicate this to all the other ponies. There is a paid position available to help with this. DM Elf if interested.

Community News

Wizard Minecraft skins! Merlin has opened up an NFT Worlds instance (built on a Minecraft server), and recently released a video announcing that all wizards now have Minecraft skins. The project has pony racing and a sky platform course.

DAO update: it was discovered that a legal framework is needed before funds can be spent. It's not as simple as creating a gnosis multi-sig safe & running with it. The team wants to protect the members of the multi-sig from taxation, regulatory & legal liabilities.

Lore Readings

Lore readings for this week were from Henry Boyd and 0xSharon, please tune into the Youtube recap to experience these (~last 10 mins of the recording).