Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-04-20 🌿

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Infographic released by Magic Machine circa April 2022, describing the planned mint process for the Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild collection.

Forgotten Runes Warriors Guild Minting Info Released

The Warrior minting details everyone has been waiting for are finally here. And Magic Machine (MM) has written it all up, complete with infographics!

The TL;DR edition: In Phase 1, 8K Warriors are minted in a Dutch auction where everyone pays the lowest price; in Phase 2, each wizard holder can mint 1 Warrior (along with selected partners); in Phase 3, there is a public sale of any remaining warriors. The price in Phases 2+3 will be the same as the final DA price.

This depiction of the Nine-Tailed Kitsune as a Final Fantasy boss was enjoyed by Elf, since Final Fantasy is one of his big influences. Created by Tania del Rio.

Lore-writers will also get a free Warrior mint each. Premint.xyz will be used to sign up for this - use your wallet with a lored wizard to sign up there. Details on the lore writers' Warrior free mint were written up in a separate blog post. There will be some safeguards to prevent gaming (spreading lored wizards among multiple wallets) and spam lore (writing a single-word anatomical reference as your lore entry). Some people claim performance art or ironic writing for these sorts of entries, but MM wants to reward “earnest creation.”

There will be 333 Warriors sent to the House of Wizards DAO. The House of Wizards will give these to creators, especially those who wouldn’t be able to join otherwise. The goal is to give them gradually over time as the creators are discovered. And there will be an additional free mint to people who were nominated for Honorary Warriors (with at least 5 people nominating) but didn’t win the final round.

The Warriors will be revealed when all three phases are completed. Although Dotta prefers instant reveal, for various reasons they can’t do it with this one. And the free warriors will be available to mint after the main three minting phases also.

The partnership would later materialize as a promotion to mint free alternate comic book covers on Coinbase NFT's website.

Beast Season 1 Auctions Conclude

Beast auctions have concluded. Seven Beasts were auctioned for prices ranging from ~40-90 ETH each. Really amazing support from some of our highest conviction whales. And many holders received beast spawn as well. Elf said he enjoyed creating the Beasts and liked Tania del Rio’s fanart because Final Fantasy-style bosses was actually his inspiration for the art.

“Beast 0” will come out before Season 2. It will be revealed next month, and it will create 42 more spawn. Seasons 2’s theme may be “Beasts Devouring”. Beasts in Season 2 will likely have more beast spawn, and the drop mechanic will change.

The team talked a little about their approach to the various token types, and how thoughtfully the tokenomics are conceived. Magic Machine never stops creating and iterating, building an increasingly complex and interconnected Runiverse (along with the community).

A TV Showrunner is Signed by Magic Machine

Bearsnake revealed that the showrunner/writer for the FRWC TV show signed a contract to work with them. The FRWC team can’t reveal who it is yet, but they have written multiple Hollywood movie scripts that grossed multi-hundred million dollars each. The writer isn't a household name (TV/movie writers are typically out of the spotlight), but some of the movies made from their scripts are. This will help when it comes time to shop it to distributors. Bearsnake explained how this helps the show’s development.

Additional Magic Machine Announcements

A pro event organizer was hired. The event is costly, but the team thinks it’s worth it. The theme is, “Runiverse IRL” with an emphasis on theatrics (immersive theater). Performers haven’t been locked down yet, but there is a shortlist.

Comic book line-art is done, coloring in progress. Molly & Nalgene are heavily involved in this. There is one printed cover, & the other variants are NFTs. This is a Coinbase exclusive, with unlimited supply. This releases in June, kicking off at the party. Additionally, FRWC team presence at both Comic-Cons (NYC and San Diego) has been locked in and confirmed. MM is looking at getting on panels at the events, and will be giving out many comic books.

Merchandise designs have been approved. Supply chain issues continue to slow things down, but there should be merch in NYC for the NFT-NYC party. After that, they’d like to have small collections dropped every 30-60 days.

A partner has been found for physical trading cards. A book publisher is being sought. And the creator of “Monster in my Pocket” has been contacted as well. Elf wants you to know that he thought of this before Alexis Ohanian mentioned it last week.

Lore Reading

spz concluded the Wizard Wednesday with a reading of his lore for Shaman Fugh (5025), written on behalf of Soby.