Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-10-13

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FRWC was one of the initial featured Coinbase NFT partners, and a Wizard was represented on an early promotional image, circa October 2021.

Forgotten Runes is a Featured Coinbase NFT Partner!

Forgotten Runes will be a “featured creator” at the Coinbase NFT platform, when it launches. This is courtesy of anonymous Coinbase employees who are also Wizard-holders.

Dotta: "It’s about time for OpenSea to have a real competitor." Elf: Coinbase has 68 million customers that will be exposed to Wizards. Compared to OpenSea, that has a couple hundred thousand." Dotta: We can’t make any claims about specifically what Coinbase will do, but it seems very likely that people using their platform will get exposure to Wizards.

Sacred Flame GIF that is attached to all Sacred Flame ERC-1155 tokens. Artwork by ElfJTrul.

Advice: Put Your Wizard in the Book of Lore

Elf: Put your wizard in the Book of Lore, and this will serve as your "proof-of-lore." You can get whitelisted for extra “goodies”. Lachness made a really cool D&D-style character sheet. It can serve as a template for you to figure out your Wizard’s story. Find it in the web site blog post (how to access all the goodies).

Updates About the Sacred Flames

The FRWC team repeated the basics of the Sacred Flame drop and usage (see last week’s notes for the details). Burning order DOES matter. But no other hints were given.

Rarity outcomes - this will depend on what your fellow wizards burn. So it cannot be known beforehand. For example, if all the bell-holding wizards are burned, the outcome is different than if only one of them was burned. The background color also passes through the flame, and “something” happens.

Future utility for Sacred Flames besides the burning? On Discord, Dotta had said “the flames will be good for burning more than just wizards.” He meant it from a technical aspect, so other projects, in theory, could accept a flame token, and give something back. But there are no plans for anything like that currently by the Forgotten Runes team. So don’t keep it just because you think you could use it for something else in the future. Before you burn your Wizard, write your Wizard’s lore first. After your Wizard token is burned, you will no longer be able to write lore for them. You WILL be able to write Lore for your Soul, but what Lore could be written about a pile of dust?

Screenshot from the Kobold Run game, created by TheOneWhoRings circa October 2021.

Forgotten Runes Website Update

Elf: We gave the website a revamp. Dotta and I wrote a bunch of new blog posts:

Cult Content Shoutouts

  • Chuck K. for translating the new blog posts to Japanese
  • Magus Wazir for kobold run game.
  • Beervanger: Wizard Davos illustration.
  • Solokeep (Sage Solomon of the Keep): Psychedelic illustration
  • smolprotecc: Legend of Zelda meme
  • Forgotten Runes familiars re-imagined in a "neopets" style. Unnamed artist commissioned by Retired Yield Farmer.
    Dotta: Multiple acts of generosity among wizards gifting flames.
  • Magus Tumbaj: Sorcerer’s Apprentice meme
  • Henboyd: Tavern scenes
  • Tikiteki.eth: 3D printed wizard
  • retiredyieldfarmer: Commissioned illustration of some of the familiars, looked like neopets

Lore Reading

Head-ozzz.pngSorcerer Milo from the Abyss (7163), and Head-alizam.pngSorcerer Ilyas of the Fey (8679), both as told by spz