Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-12-08

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The logo from the Proof of Milk website.
Magic Machine began putting up Wizard posters in select markets, starting in late 2021, especially around prominent crypto/NFT events.

Elf and Dotta opened the week, talking about the upcoming holiday season. Dotta complimented TheOneWhoRing's ability to make fun FRWC-themed carol names. Elf shouted out Magus Ixar of the Hills (3588) and their unique lore entry involving both text and images.

Community News

  • The Milk Guild, started by Dr. Poplovski/Solopop, now has a website! There seems to be an emerging game being designed there. Pop came up and explained that this was originally designed to help his Wizard's lore. Anyone who wants to join the guild, let Pop know and he can help you build a profile for your character.
  • Elf shouted out giveahoot's Runes TCG, which is in development. He is working with Ozzz to create card art for an Alpha of the game.

IP Rights Discussion

As he likes to do on occasion, Dotta discussed different IP rights models, and how they relate to Forgotten Runes. This came up based on an interview Dotta did with The Defiant. Although some CC0 projects have been successful, Dotta feels that projects do better if there's a founder/team with a strong vision, and provides some structure that the community can build on. Magic Machine wants holders to feel that their Wizard is fully their own, and can be developed however they want.

Dotta contrasted FRWC with the cryptopunks, and how their IP model was not as permissive. This past week, the Punk-holders attempt at maintaining relevance was just posting their Punk, and that was it. Elf said that Forgotten Runes is not just building a PFP or a subculture, but an entire world.

Later in the hour, Dotta elaborated on what the team has planned. They are working with lawyers to formalize everything.

Magic Machine Updates / Q&A

  • DonutDAO update: Dotta rehashed the idea under discussion - selling 1/1 NFTs, and using the proceeds to give the artist a Wizard. Also allows holders to get illustrations of their characters, to use in their lore. Dotta hopes that the artists can organize to help make this a reality. Dotta discussed some of the aspects he would like to see in the DAO. For example, using the FRWC tokens for voting, and using tools to maintain a high level of participation. A multi-sign wallet with sufficient signatories would be required to minimize the chance of theft or misuse of the funds.
  • The "Roadmap 2.0" that was released by Magic Machine in late 2021 to update their disclosed goals.
    Merch update: The merch boxes will be here very soon, they will go out in December. They will be sold to people who filled out the early form, as well as via raffle. There will be more specific information next Wednesday.
  • Game land sale update? Dotta said that they plan to give specific information on the game land, and land sale mechanics, but can't do it yet. The game will have social features, crafting, and questing. Every item is an NFT, and every resource is a token. There is no land sale date announced yet, but they would like to do it towards the end of Q1 2022.
  • Any update on the Coinbase partnership? Magic Machine haven't received any beta access for the NFT platform, no other news yet.
  • One of the custom-made Wizards was burned with a Sacred Flame! Golden Lich LeggoMyGreggo lost his blue flames and became a standard golden lich Soul.
  • Molly, a new artist working with Magic Machine, came up and introduced herself. She works on assorted art assets, across mediums. She was recruited by Elf, who had worked with her before. She is currently working on is creating videos of selected Book of Lore entries. Elf discussed various models for how to scale this project, to illustrate as many stories as possible. DM Elf if you're interested in making such videos.

Roadmap 3.0 Discussed

Dotta wanted to reflect on what was accomplished so far this year, since the project's launch, and what to expect for 2022. Elf mentioned that half of Roadmap 2.0 has been completed, which amazed him.

This year, the following things happened:

  • Wizard turnarounds
  • Wizard walk-cycles
  • The Book of Lore released
  • The Great Burning (introduction of Sacred Flames and Souls)
  • Murals, poster campaign, Twitter storyboards, Coinbase partnership, etc.

Remaining items rolling over to Roadmap 3.0:

Additionally, the founders would like to see certain things happen in 2022 (not officially announced, just ideas at this point).


  • Physical toys, card games, board games
  • Physical Book of Lore
  • Full merch shop on the website
  • 3D wizard models, a key component of the metaverse strategy
  • An IRL wizard meet-up


  • More onchain activities - both within the planned game, and otherwise. Need to select the right L2 chain to make game transactions reasonable. Dotta has enjoyed things like the Wolf Game, and is interested in doing something along those lines. It would need to be fun and also not crash the token economy.
  • More Cult activities, like DnD sessions and lore writing workshops.

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was from Sharkchild, who read about his Wizard, Enchanter Orbus of the Road (8664)