Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-04-06

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Owners of Wizards with the Key of the 7th Realm prop were delighted to hear that they would have a chance to open the Gate to the 7th Realm.

Forgotten Beasts Drop Info is Revealed

The Forgotten Beasts will be launched on April 12 (next Tuesday!) First you need to “open the Gate to the 7th Realm”. Wizards and Souls with Key props will be happy, but a key alone is not all that is necessary to open the gate. Key holders will want to think about who they might trust as a partner. Once the gate is opened, the Beasts will be released. If you open the gate, you will ALSO get a surprise NFT. It appears that there will be some mystery around this process...

Season 1 will have 7 beasts, in 7 auctions. Each auction runs 24 hours. Auctions are seen as a whale’s game, but the Beast Spawn allows more of the community to participate. At the end of the auction, each beast releases about 42 spawn each, for 250-300 spawn total. The spawn will be airdropped to 42 different random wizard holders, BUT it doesn’t get airdropped automatically, you need to claim it. The spawn claiming list rotates every 24 hrs. Unclaimed spawn would roll over and be available for a new set of wizard holders the next day. This Beast Spawn mechanism rewards active engagement, similar to most other Magic Machine (MM) drops. MM has always emphasized active participation; you will get the most out of Forgotten Runes (both personally and economically) by getting involved.

3D Wizz DeeZe is an example of one of the original Wizard honoraries, which was given to NFT influencer DeeZe.

Additional info about Forgotten Beasts: they will have their own mechanics and utility. Lore-wise, the Beasts are highly unique and rare 1/1s, hand-crafted with no generator involved. The Spawn have a subtle rarity hierarchy, but they are all considered legendary. Beast mythology is global and pan-cultural, and thus has profound world-building potential. And the beasts will have some pre-written lore! However, it will be minimal and general, and you will be able to add to your Beast's lore in the Book of Lore.

Honorary Warrior Competition

After an initial round of voting last week, a list of 20 finalists emerged for the Honorary Warrior Competition. It was a tough process; although all on the list are known to the community, there would always be notable omissions due to the high number of dedicated members. In the original wizard collection, some influencers and early supporters were chosen for honoraries, but many of them didn’t stick around (and some dumped rather quickly). For this contest, MM wants it to be more of a community decision who gets them.

Magic Machine feels the original set of nominations is fair. A couple days ago, the final round of voting was initiated, but that set of votes was ultimately discarded because of evidence that it was being gamed. There is a current Dyno poll that is active, which should prevent the issues seen previously. You can get to the poll through the announcements page of the Wizard discord.

After the Honorary Warriors are selected, Elf will release a guide about what to expect when you receive a Warrior honorary. MM hopes you don’t view it as a windfall, and more as a unique storytelling opportunity. Overall, as you conceptualize your honorary warrior, try to fit it in the Runiverse, and fit the warrior theme. It will have similar traits to the wizards (head, body, weapon, shield, animal companion, rune). Your Warrior could potentially share traits with other Warriors, depending on what you decide you want. But the name will be unique, and of your choosing.

Kristian Nairn promotes the Forgotten Runes 2022 TV Trailer on his Twitter account.

Hodor Puts His Rune on the Door

Hopefully you already heard about this, but today’s special guest at Wizard Wednesday was Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor from the Game of Thrones tv show! Although he may be best known for his acting roles, he is also an EDM producer and DJ as well!

Kristian talked about how he got the opportunity to play Hodor - it was serendipitous in some ways. And after that he learned to be open to new opportunities, and was receptive to working on Forgotten Runes (through an intro by Two Crows). That's how Kristian came to be the narrator for the FRWC TV trailer. He said viewing the trailer is what helped sell him on the project. He talked about his experiences on Game of Thrones as well, his thoughts on magic, and even gave a reading of his own wizard Lore! Recommended listening.

Additional Magic Machine Announcements

Merchandise update: FRWC hoodies and jackets are in production. They will be available for purchase on an individual basis, unlike the previous wizard merch box.

Bear cave update: NFT.NYC plans are coming together. Bearsnake recommends coming to New York at that time if possible. There will be a live FRWC event with performances, the comic book launch, and more...

Finally, a showrunner has been tentatively found for the TV show. It's someone prominent in the entertainment industry - their name cannot be announced until the paperwork is officially signed, but it will be revealed in the next month or so. Elf says he is “an unbelievable talent."