Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-04-03

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As the introductions get rolling, Dotta and Elf take the stage with Tadmajor. The team notes that Bearsnake and Jitcy are in NFT NYC. Dotta notes his recent posting for a position and subsequent receipt of clear AI responses, saying he might be coming around to dead internet theory.

Cult Questions

New Merch

Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #1 Foil Cover
Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #1 Foil Cover

In Cult Questions, after discussion about the team's preference for chicken or beef, community member Sharon, asks the team when there might be new merch. Elf says there are no current plans for more merch. Dotta says ideally he would love to mail welcome boxes to new members.

Dotta says that when Forgotten Runes "makes it for real" he wants to do a Wizards scented candle, because smell is one of the senses tied closest to memory.

Foil Comic Covers

Sharon also asks if there is a foil cover for issue #3 of the Wizards comic. Elf is unsure, but he believes there is.

Speaking of the third issue of the Forgotten Runes comic, Elf notes that Magus Wazir found a "fun mistake" in one of the panels. He says that he will make a dancing Wizard animation for the first person to find it.

Binding the First Few Comic Issues

Elf also answers a question about binding the comics once the 10-issue run is over, noting that they do have plans for single-volume collections.

Dotta notes that Nalgene sent him a box of comics, which his kids found and have been enjoying reading. Elf recounts a story of handing a kid a copy of Forgotten Runes Issue #0 at NFT NYC and then realizing that the comic had mature language inside. He notes that they have made efforts to ensure that the comic is appropriate for a wide range of ages.

The Loracle In the Runiverse

The Loracle
The Loracle

Elf answers a question about the existence of the Loracle within the Runiverse. After thought, Elf assumes that if the Loracle exists in the Runiverse, that it probably resides on the mountain with the Secret Tower and the Book of Lore. Elf says he will add more on the Loracle on the canon lore website that he has been working on. He notes that artist GRIFF recently turned in a great piece for the site, and that once he receives a few more, he will likely make the site live.

A Single L2 For Forgotten Runes

Following that, Dotta speaks to a questions about agreement on a single L2 for Forgotten Runes projects. He says that he thinks in the next few years, what chain something is on isn't going to matter so much. Madotsuki says chain abstraction is the end goal. Dotta agrees.

The Runiverse Globe

Elf answers a question about the spherical nature of the globe in the Runiverse, to which he says he thinks it is a globe. However, he says, as it is a representation of our future Earth, the same arguments against it still exist as well.

White Wizard Tower

Elf then answers another lore question about the location of the White Wizard Tower. He says the Tower resides where it is because the White Wizards act as stewards to the ponies of the Elysian Fields. He also says he will reveal the "full map" when the Lore website is done.

Monday Magic News

Henboyd then joins and notes that Elf will be on Monday Magic News on Monday, April 8, 2024. He also notes they will be dropping a new treat to celebrate one year of Monday Magic News. Dotta will be a guest the following week. Henboyd also notes that the DAO is going to start distributing funds for proposals that have passed. Elf and Dotta note the slow news day. Dotta says it's only slow because everything they're working on is backlogged on announcements.

Kiki, Bouba, and the Bitcoin Halving

Dotta's Kiki and Bouba Poll

After a short discussion about Dotta's kiki and bouba test, he asks Elf what he thinks will happen after the Bitcoin halving. Elf says he thinks there will be a short term dump, "and then it's moon time." Dotta says he agrees. Henboyd says he doesn't think the BTC top will go higher than $79k, and then will dip to $25k for a few years until the "true bull run." Elf says he doesn't see how it doesn't go over $100k.

Dotta says he doesn't know if there will be rate cuts this year and that inflations is still "quite bad." He thinks that BTC will still track with macroeconomic liquidity. He notes that BTC is "hard to know" and the counterpoint is that it is hard money during financial stress. Dotta says regulatory agencies are trying to make banks have more liquidity, which the banks dislike because the way they make money is by earning on the margins of money loaned out. He speaks to the fact that the dollar is at odds with the banking system.

Elf says he thinks that Bitcoin goes well over $79k and that he thinks that is a pretty bearish prediction. Dotta agrees that if there are no rate cuts, then it likely stays under $100k, but if there are cuts, that it might top out around $120k.

AI & Worldbuilding

Dotta and Elf speak about AI and determining its best usage when Dotta mentions that he would like to make an AI worldbuilding suite for Forgotten Runes.

Elf reiterates that the stories and Lore written by the community is one of the most valuable things that sets Wizards apart.

Giveahoot and MeepleDad then join to speak about integrating Lore into other Lore written by other community members in order to make the worldbuilding more collaborative.

MeepleDad mentions the Loracle as a tool as well as the recently passed proposal for Runiverse Trail.

Cult Content Chronicle

After that, the team reviews Week 63 of the Cult Content Chronicle—art from within the Forgotten Runes Community aggregated weekly by the illustrious Tania del Rio.