Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-06-15

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Portrayal of Oliver Tree as Gigas Chad. This image appeared on the RSVP page for the 2022 Runiverse party at NFT NYC.

What to Expect at the Runiverse Party (NFT NYC)

The Runiverse NFT NYC party is next Monday, June 20th. 1400 people have RSVP'd (double the capacity). Although it's unlikely that everyone person that RSVP'd will show up, Magic Machine (MM) recommends getting there early if possible (doors open at 7 PM EST). More details about the party emerged today. It's confirmed to be 21+ to enter, and you get a wristband upon entry, but you don't need to verify FRWC ownership at the door as long as you RSVP’d (since it's open to non-holders also). Food and beverages at the party will be themed (find out what kobold koolaid tastes like!) and complimentary, and other free giveaways were hinted at (see section about merch later). Other highlights include a live pony (matching one from the collection!), the toadstool forest, interactive elements, armory & potion bars. There will be a ritual at 10:10 PM, when donuts will be passed out. But don’t eat them before you are given the all-clear to do so! After the ritual, Oliver Tree (appearing as Gigas Chad) will perform! A DJ will also be on-premises to keep the party going all night.

Merch Update

OK, the scoop about merch - there is a signup page available to pick up free merch at the event (only for holders) - a ticketing system will be used. For those who can’t go, there is a digital merch pass available too. This is first come, first served, while supplies last. Both the in-person and digital passes were obtainable at a specialized website (nftaccess).

Runiverse Game Update

There will be a playable demo of the Runiverse game at the event. Some of the MM team got early access to the demo, and they confirmed that much of the game world has been created, and it’s large, varied, and rich in detail. The demo will be available online as well, so that Cult members not visiting NYC can also partake. There is a “frog hunt” event that will be dropped on June 20. And Bisonic released a new version of their Runiverse website recently, which includes a lot of information about what is in development (recommended viewing).

Poster promoting the Teshimi yacht party that occurred during NFT NYC 2022.

Elf mentioned that Magic Machine is in talks for other games beyond just the Runiverse MMO. They include small, medium, and large-scale games with various time frames.

Extended Activities at NFT NYC

Besides the main Runiverse party, there were other FRWC happenings in New York that week. A Google maps link was released with suggested events. There are “Trickster heads” located at some of them that may lead to boxes hidden in the City. A web page created by Magic Machine contains a comprehensive breakdown of everything that's happening (including the yacht party that happened in collaboration with a few other NFT projects).

Comic Book Update

The main shipment of physical comic books has been received by the Magic Machine team. You can grab them at the Runiverse party, as well as from street teams stationed throughout the city. There will be live-tweets giving out the locations of these teams. For holders who can’t be in NYC next week, there will be an opportunity to get a copy mailed to you later. And it was confirmed that the comics will be available for free in a variety of specialty comic book stores as well as larger outlets (even Amazon).

Community News

This Wednesday opened with a music debut - a track by MJ Noble about the Head-whitelady.pngWhite Lady (6283) (ultrarare Forgotten Soul)! The song was commissioned by Bambam. Recommended listening.

Ryan Zurrer came up to talk about MAPS. This is the organization that is the beneficiary of a Christie’s auction involving Beast 0, the Quantum Ouroboros. Ryan talked about how he believes that mental health is the biggest problem humanity faces today, and how MDMA therapeutic use (being researched by MAPS) can help with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and even anorexia. Ryan predicts that these therapies will be more widely available soon, and organizations like MAPS will help advance them even further. Info about the auction, which also includes several other prominent artists, was hosted on a dedicated website.

Lore Reading

Lore readings were by Ghost FX reading about Head-scarlet.pngDruid Celeste of El Dorado (4410), the Headmaster of the Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage, also Enchanter Orbus/Sharkchild read about Head-femhelm-red.pngBernadette Slasher of Wizards (2967) and an ensemble of other wizards and warriors.