Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-06-01

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A tweet released by Bisonic that provided a hint about the upcoming Frog Hunt alpha event.

An Interview with Jeldor from Bisonic

Jeldor from Bisonic (developer for Runiverse game) attended today’s Wizard Wednesday. He reported that the team working on the Runiverse game now numbers over 30. A massive game world has been created, where multiple online players can roam and meet. The game world includes recognizable landmarks from the FRWC map. The initial trial release includes a substantial portion of the planned map, which is expansive. Some other areas won’t be joined to the world map yet, but you can “teleport” to set piece areas (for now). Bisonic wants to feature various different environments, with a day/night cycle. Elf also mentioned that he just delivered an expanded world map to the Bisonic team for further development. This bigger map will also be in the comic book + on the floor at the NFT NYC event!

Jeldor hinted that “the frogs are croaking in the Runiverse”, which is a hint about something that will be happening very soon. When the alpha version of the game releases, you can authenticate and appear with your wizard’s head and robe color in the Runiverse world! If you don’t own a wizard, you can still enter the game as a generic hooded and robed figure. Release date to be announced.

Bisonic's Runiverse Community Land Sale was postponed until later in 2022 (specific date TBA). Source: runiverse.world

Runiverse work in progress: 4 vs. 4 real-time turn based battler system, gathering and crafting systems, armor/weapons objects and animations, and up-rezzing the NFT wizards. Wizard heads are completed; wizard bodies are in the works too, getting individual animations. There will be PvP battling & ranked matchmaking + competitive tournaments in the game. Jeldor talked about some of the forms of game progression - both individual (levels, crafting, land parcel development) & collective (development of cities and player-run services). Overall, Jeldor confirmed that the systems in the game are inspired by MMORPGs like Everquest, Ultima Online and World of Warcraft. Different systems take ideas from different previous titles. The overworld map is not instanced, but the dungeons are instanced to a party. What this means is that in the world map, is that you will be able to see and interact with other players. In the combat areas ("dungeons") you will have a private "instance" or copy, of the dungeon (so there aren't things like kill-stealing happening.

Land Sale Delayed

Sharon let Litho the Frog have a voice on Twitter as well (circa June 2022)

The Runiverse game land sale was confirmed as delayed. The Runiverse game will be free-to-play, and the land sale was originally scheduled for June, but will not happen at this time anymore. However, the game development will continue as planned, and we’ll all be able to play an alpha/beta version of the game before the land sale opens.

1st Round of House of Wizards Proposals are Under Discussion

There were live discussions for many of the House of Wizard proposals with the person in charge of each one. Note that there wasn't enough time for all the proposal leaders to speak, so there will be more time given to this topic in the new Magic Machine Twitter spaces, which is called Coffee with Magic Machine, which takes place on Tuesdays at 11AM EST/8AM PST.

Community News

Elf was noticeably sick, but wanted to come on and do shout-outs for the Cult Content that’s been coming out. Finally, the poster contest for the NFT NYC event was concluded, but there were so many great entries that MM delayed announcing a winner until next week.

Lore Reading

Lore readings this week were NotherDimens reading about Chaos Mage Marceline of the Atheneum (660), and Sharon read another one of Litho’s Bedtime Stories, which featured the familiars of a few other wizards.