Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-03-01

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The Hall of Cats anthem by Eagletorium once again fanfares the beginning of Wizard Wednesday. However, this time, it is as an homage to the enigmatic feline channel that was deleted earlier today (though it appears to have already resurfaced).

Elf Wins Baby Dotta Wizard

BlackSand's Fundraising Graphic Featuring the Baby Dotta Wizard
BlackSand's Fundraising Graphic Featuring the Baby Dotta Wizard

Elf reveals that he had the winning bid for the Baby Dotta Wizard in the BlackSand fundraising auction. (As a sidenote: The funds raised in the 3-day auction helped a fellow Wizard access emergency medical care. They have since undergone operation and are in recovery.)

Dotta briefly speculates about potential Lore of a Baby Dotta raised by Elf before the team pivots to Cult Questions.

Cult Questions

The Hall of Cats and Wolf Dungeon On the Runiverse Map
The Hall of Cats and Wolf Dungeon On the Runiverse Map

The Hall of Cats and The Wolf Dungeon

Elf is asked if he is glad that the Hall of Cats channel was "nuked" and if it will be removed from the Runiverse Map. He says that while he's happy that channel was nuked, the location will not be removed from the Map. He (correctly) assumed the Cats would have more than one life and return.

Similarly, the team is asked: "Wen Hall of Dogs?" Elf replies that there is no "Hall of Dogs" on the Runiverse Map, but there is a Wolf Dungeon, and turns the question back to the community. "Wen Wolf Dungeon?"

A Balance of Power

Next, Elf answers a Lore question about the balancing of magical forces in the Runiverse. He says that they are not balanced, and there is a power hierarchy in the Runiverse, just like the real world, and urges to seize the imbalance by channeling individual, unique strengths.

Upcoming Illuminatus Lore and The Quantum Shadow

A Wizard Entering the Quantum Shadow
A Wizard Entering the Quantum Shadow From the Forgotten Runes TV Show Trailer

A question concerning Lore of the different Wizard heads arises, to which Elf replies he will give lore on the Illuminatus in next week's meeting. But for this week, he wants to speak on the Quantum Shadow as a response to a question about its correlation to the Underworld. Elf states that the Quantum Shadow is not the Runiverse's Underworld, but rather a placeholder for the Unknown.

"We all think we have a handle on the world...and no matter how much understanding we gain, there's always a remaining Shadow."

Changes to the Book of Lore

Then, Elf fields another question concerning the readability of the Book of Lore. He says he knows the Book isn't great right now, but it will continue to improve along with the official website's new overhaul. Dotta also alludes to more comprehensive, easily readable pages. Dotta says these changes will make the Book more cohesive around characters, make room for certain upcoming aspects (like Questing), and make the Book more natural to read.

The team also notes that filters will be added in the future to sort the Book by character trait.

Second Runes TCG Tournament

Second Runes TCG Tournament Graphic
Second Runes TCG Tournament Graphic

Giveahoot joins to briefly speak about the second upcoming Runes tournament. This time, Runes has teamed up with the Forgotten Runiverse game to award a plot of Runiverse land to the tournament's champion. Everyone who enters and plays their first game gets a free pack of cards.

Wizard Cameo in Raoul Pal Video

Still Image From Dan Sickle's "I'm New Here" Documentary
Still Image From Dan Sickle's "I'm New Here" Documentary

Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision, has included a sneak-peek snippet of Forgotten Runes footage from Dan Sickles' "I'm New Here" NFT documentary in a recently released video. The team discusses their delight with the portrayal of the Wizards.

Nifty League

NARD joins the Space to remind the Community about the ongoing Nifty League + Forgotten Runes tournament. Contestants have 72 hours to schedule and complete matches. NARD says he will continue streaming some games in the Forgotten Runes Discord for those interested to watch.

Special Guest: Comic Artist Reilly Brown

Modern-Day Folklore

Reilly Brown's Sketch of the Chimera and Cockatrice
Reilly Brown's Sketch of the Chimera and Cockatrice Beasts

Artist Reilly Brown fights through Quantum Shadow interference to speak as the show's Special Guest. Reilly discusses some of his background and inspirations from his youth as he shares his story of how he got involved in the medium of comic books. Elf speaks to the power of the comic as a realized proof-of-concept for the Collaborative Legendarium as a piece of legacy media that is tied into Web3. Elf also expresses excitement for bringing a superhero comic book artist to work on the Wizards. Reilly agrees that superhero stories are the modern-day equivalent of folktales ⁠— a response that Elf says aligns with the concept of Forgotten Runes.

Words Vs. Illustrations

Elf then asks about the importance of words versus images within the context of the comic medium. Reilly says they are equally important to the medium, as without words, comics are just illustrations. Without illustrations, comics are just prose. He points to the fact that subtraction of one attribute changes the format entirely, rather than diminishing it as a comic. Reilly explains there are certain aspects of the writing and imagery that can affect each other, however, like having a finite space in a word balloon to fit all of the necessary information. This can change how the information or dialogue is written.

Transmutation of Creative Primitives

The discussion circles back to the idea of the Collaborative Legendarium. Reilly says that he enjoys looking to the Book of Lore for creative inspiration. He mentions that every Wizard he has drawn in the comic has come directly from the Book of Lore. Elf talks about the pixelated Wizards as "creative primitives" that can be extrapolated creatively into infinite directions. Reilly notes that the translation of pixel Wizards into his own style is one of his favorite aspects of working with Forgotten Runes.

From Pixel to Page

Reilly also expresses a small amount of nervousness when transmuting the Wizards from pixel form, as he doesn't want to offend any Wizard owners with his interpretation. Elf and Dotta reassure him the chances of true disappointment from holders in that regard are likely low. Elf and Dotta share about the importance of allowing artists creative control, and Elf asks Reilly about the difference between working with large comic studios in comparison to Forgotten Runes. Reilly says the experiences of working with Forgotten Runes versus larger publishing houses are actually similar but recounts a couple of instances where he has been asked by other publishers to make changes due to company policies.  

The Hypothetical Island

Before stepping down, Reilly shares details about his podcast, the Hypothetical Island, where he interviews animators, comics creators, and toy designers.

Sharon's Story and Closing Comments of Cult Content

Kathleen Protector of the Woodlands by Ozzz
Kathleen Protector of the Woodlands by Ozzz

Sharon then regales a chilling campfire tale about Warrior Kathleen and the Nightmare Imp.

After Sharon's tale, Elf wraps up with reviews of more Cult Content from this week's issue of Tania Del Rio's Cult Content Chronicle.