Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-08-25

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A 3D-rendered model of Magus Devon of the Quantum Downs (#6001) commissioned by Madotsuki, and created by Trevor Jones in August 2021. Presented along with the first ever Wizard Wednesday lore reading.

The Beginning of Lore Sharing on Wizard Wednesday

Every week, 1-2 Wizard holders can share their wizard’s lore during the Twitter Spaces. This week it was Magus Devon of the Quantum Downs (6001) (Madotsuki). Check out the recording for the wonderful lore for Magus Devon! (towards the end). Also includes discussion of how Mado came up with the lore, and a bit on how the wizard generator helped formed many cohesive wizards to spark lore ideas.

One of the early wizard murals created in Austin TX circa August 2021.

LachnessMonsta Joins the Forgotten Runes Team

LachnessMonsta was hired to run the Tiktok account. Lachness plans to help publicize wizard content, including memes, comedic content, and any other lore. She will be active on multiple social media platforms, but special emphasis on Tiktok. She wants to increase the amount of light-hearted wizard-related content will reach out to a broad audience, and makes it less intimidating to enter the NFT space. Feel free to reach out to Lachness on Discord if you have ideas.

Wizard Murals

1st mural is now live in Austin, TX. Exact address currently unknown. Will update once they know. There is a page that shows where are the murals are, and where they are planned. Will also include instructions on how to commission murals in your own city (using thumbtack.com). It costs 1-5K, depending on your city and the size. Some artists might do it for the cost of the paint if you find the right wall/artist.

Overworld Lore Drop (Wizard Factions)

Demand from the community has been so strong, that Elf has decided to drop more Lore on Wizard Wednesdays. Everything Elf is writing is already in the collection and the map.

Magic Machine put up a blog post in August 2021, highlighting some of the primary artist contributors of that era.


Magic can drive some wizards crazy. Magic is an unpredictable force - just because you can have access to magic, does not mean you can master it. Some wizards are masterful, but in other cases magic controls them.

Political factions: Magic is a force in the world, but politics is also a huge force. 7 colors: Yellow, red, blue, green, purple, white, brown. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, different relationships and intrigue. Red Wizard Capital, Yellow Wizard Haven, Blue Wizard Bastion are included in the initial map. Map will be expanded to show the other factions later.

Yellow Wizard Haven

Near the Riviera, it’s like Ibiza Island or a Mexican resort town. A center for Chronomancers. They manipulate time so they can party all night and stay young. This is the closest region to the Quantum Shadow. The Quantum Shadow is the perceived threat in this world. A mysterious place. Elf has the full story, but doesn’t want to reveal that yet. All factions are focused on how to deal with the Quantum Shadow, but they don’t agree how to deal with it. The Battle Mage Mountains separate the haven from the QS and keep it at bay (for now).

Yellow wizards strengths: carefree, joyful, energetic. Weaknesses: unwise, debauchery, immature.

Red Wizard Capital

An NFT "project vs. project" tournament in 2021 included Forgotten Runes. They gained a Round 1 victory vs. On1Force, another prominent project of that era.

On the shores of the Salt. They are cosmopolitan elitists. Wealthy bankers, they like money. Lots of commerce, deal-making. A cultural center.

Strengths: Cunning, powerful, wealthy. Get a lot of things done. Weaknesses: Elitist, snobby, wealth-obsessed, materialistic. Oligarchs.

Blue Wizard Bastion

They love learning, they are philosophers, scientists, this is where the learning happens. These are the most comfortable with technology. In the Forgotten Runes world, tech is generally considered inferior to magic.

Strengths: Intelligent, well-learned, good tech skills. Weaknesses: Ivory tower, overly intellectual, rarely apply knowledge to real world.

Book of Lore Update

Dotta gave a shoutout to the coding guild folks tv and niski. Looking to get the alpha version out soon.

An image from the storyboard, "Passions of a Pyromancer," featuring Pyromancer Tegu of the Wold and Spellsinger Rumplskin of Avalon. Released August 2021.

Elf - you can connect your wallet, then browse to your owned wizards page(s) and then add the lore you want. Dotta - The wizard’s cult is a collective legendarium. Elf - Will encourage the main media properties to look at the Book of Lore and check out what is in the wizards’ pages to inform their story. Dotta - It will cost gas to publish to the BoL, but it won’t be high. Should be slightly cheaper than minting an NFT. (Based on suggestions of a soft publish before committing lore on-chain) Yes it’s a good idea, we will talk about implementing this, although it will delay the release. Have to consider whether that would become the de-facto usage. Perhaps a preview URL could work.

Additional Team Updates

  • Website updates: There is now a page for art commissions. It features many of the known artists in the community, but others can apply to be added.
  • Twitter contest: FRWC defeated ON1 Force in a Twitter contest, 51/49%
  • Storyboards: A new one was released this past week on the FRWC Twitter account. These may be released biweekly. This is another way to teach the community about the metaverse.
  • Animated show/game: Still progressing, no specific updates this week.
  • Voxelized wizard heads: If you know any voxel artists, Elf and dotta are interested in talking with them. Also looking for a pixel artists to help with the animated walk-cycles.
  • Forgotten Souls: Planned for sometime in the next several weeks. Up to 1000 wizards may be sacrificed, some of them will result in Forgotten Souls. Turnarounds/walkcycles have been prioritized over FS to allow wizard-holders to enter metaverses. Ex. treeverse, atlas. After that is completed, all hand on Souls.
  • Magus Tumbaj (aka ZayLaSoul) commissioned a wizard painting from Brenda, a friend, circa August 2021.
    Expansion punks poll: Elf - The cult really stepped up to win against a project with a larger social following. This shows how this project is one of the most organic, real projects. This gives me extraordinary amounts of hope for the longevity of this project. There is no limit to how far we can go, thank you.
  • Q&A - featured appearances by Jitcy, mindio (see recording for specifics)

Cult Content Shoutouts:

  • Ozzz: Two amazing pieces (ghost kitchen scene, Sorcerer Quaid scene)
  • Madotsuki: Commissioned a Trevor Jones 3-D model .gif
  • Magus Tumbaj: Friend Brenda did a physical painting of a wizard.
  • Tad: More gifs and animations (including OBJ gif). One was featured in the first official TikTok post!
  • Wise Sam: Wizard (Summoner Isaac of the Marsh) summoning rain animation.
  • T-Dog: Featured a wizard in their Treeverse property.
  • Bard Pezo of the Canyon: Goblin King Labyrinth meme.
  • Belden D (member of the Kobold Horde): One of us .gif on Twitter.
  • TV3636/Proseproducer: .Gif of wizard and moon staff going through full phases of the moon.