Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-11-03

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Ozzz created this portrait of Dotta, depicting the moment just before he passed through the Sacred Flame. (October 2021)

The Great Wizard Burning Begins...and Dotta is a Casualty!

Elf began the Wizard Wednesday from The Quantum Shadow. The reason is that Dotta had stepped through the flame just that morning. But moments later, Angelic Dotta appeared! Dialectic, the VC firm who owned the Dotta token, decided to use a Sacred Flame on him, and a unique result came out. Dialectic hosted the burn live in Discord chat, with lore developed by O and artwork created by Ozzz to accompany it. Tom had a vocal role among the live reactions, and was given the title "Tom the Baptist" by the Magic Machine (MM) team.

Beyond that, the overall burn event has been very exciting for MM and the wider community, and over 400 burns have already happened. Dotta shouted out Niski for helping get the development done on time, and Chuck for creating the burn bot that published burn results to Discord and Twitter. Also spz for the "memorial bot." And Dr. Slurp did the music, plus more people contributed in various ways.

TheOneWhoRings commissioned a rap song about his Wizard, Magus Wazir, featuring this "album cover" art. (October 2021)

TV performed the very first public burn...and he got an undesirable (tulip in the grave)! He used it as his profile picture for some time afterward.

Forgotten Souls Lore Drop

Elf went through the different types of Souls that result from uses of the Sacred Flame. The information provided is also available on a Forgotten Runes blog post. There was also a discussion about some of the results seen so far (standard Souls, ultrarares, and "undesirables") and which is actually the most desired.

It will be possible to write Souls lore entries in the Book of Lore soon, but not quite yet. Same goes with "goodies" (download the layers of your character in various sizes). Later, Dotta also talked about the new backgrounds used for Souls. They are subtle, but all Souls have faint shapes behind them.

Cult Content Shout-outs

  • Bambam made a Halloween costume of her Wizard.
  • TheOneWhoRings made a rap song about his Wizard, Magus Wazir, to widespread acclaim.
  • ZayLaSoul made a Fortnite skin of his wizard. It was a photoshopped version of an actual skin.
  • HighTac made a Miro white board to help coordinate stories among multiple Wizards.

NFTs vs. Fungible Tokens

Elf spoke about the difference between NFTs and fungible cryptocurrencies. He said that a lot of people trade NFTs similar to any fungible coins, but NFTs have some special properties that make this inappropriate. However, many projects don't fully make use of these. ERC-20 tokens are indistinguishable from each other - no one cares about the path of an individual token. But with NFTs, each token is unique, and accumulates history over time. That immutable history may become valuable over time.

ZayLaSoul gave another example of how one might even be able to lend NFTs to others for special events or competitions, and that token's performance will also become part of its history.

Dotta said that one of the goals of the Forgotten Runes project is to explore the limits of storytelling on the blockchains, and wants to develop more tools to facilitate this. He mentioned a few ongoing side projects by community members in this area.

Elf mentioned that they want to make videos for every lore entry in the Book of Lore, and use a synthetic voice for the readings.

Other Magic Machine Updates

  • Merch box is still in development. Bearsnake stressed that they want it to be high-quality, which takes time. Dotta mentioned that when they put out the survey for interest on the merch pox, they discovered that some of their assumptions were wrong. People may not like surprises, and that they might expect "20-sided tungsten dice or ponies" inside. So they will give some information about what will be inside later on.