Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-04-13

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Bisonic announced that a private land sale round for it's upcoming Runiverse game had been completed.

Alexis Ohanian Visits Wizard Wednesday

Elf opened today’s Wizard Wednesday with an analogy of how life is an MMORPG - recommended listening. Then, Alexis Ohanian (Reddit founder and current Web3 VC) joined today’s Wizard Wednesday as a special guest! The FRWC team held an interview with Alexis that lasted for most of the hour. They talked about his childhood playing RPGs and reading/watching fantasy, his views on the opportunities and risks of Web3/Web3 gaming, his impressions of FRWC so far, and his advice for the Cult. Recommended listening, especially if you’re a gamer and/or fantasy fan who is new to Web3.

Alexis’ firm Seven Seven Six was one of the participants in a Runiverse land private sale round, along with other Web3 VC firms and Fiskantes, DeezeFi and sobylife. They paid the same prices that will be used in the public land sale, and have a vesting period. As Madotsuki said in Discord, the fact that they agreed to these terms is bullish for the Runiverse game. The public sale does not have a vesting period, and this gets funding to the studio now to assist with development.

On the development side, Bisonic continues to make progress. Today they showed off some more environments and up-rezzed characters.

Ultimately, seven beasts were released during the Season 1 auctions - Beast 0, the Quantum Ouroboros, would arrive later.

Beasts Season 1 Daily Auctions Have Begun...

The first Beast auction has concluded! Ryan Zurrer from Dialectic posted the winning bid of 45 ETH. The Chaos Chimera now lives in the same wallet as Sacred Key Master (777).

Ryan was happy to get this Beast, but assured the Cult that they wouldn’t “whale” all the Beasts, and look forward to the others going to other members of the community. There are 6 beasts left to auction in Season 1, including the Bugbear Chieftain.

...and the Beast Spawn Have Started to Appear!

Beast spawn have appeared! These are released when each Beast auction ends. There was a list of wallet addresses eligible to mint Beast spawn that refreshes every midnight (UTC time zone). The addresses are chosen based on a random selection of Wizard/Soul numbers, and whichever wallet holds those selected wizards can mint a beast spawn. Just be sure to check every day, after the list is refreshed; the addresses on the previous list lose their ability to mint!

Community News

Lorepunk sang her latest song about Beasts. How she performs a capella at that level, I'm not sure, but it was awesome!