Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-06-22

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Runiverse 2022 party happenings - a pony appeared to cheer those waiting in line (along with some comic book handouts)!

Live from New York: It's Wizard Wednesday!

Elf and Dotta hosted this Wizard Wednesday live from New York! Several cult members were heard in the background! The founders recounted their experiences so far at NFT NYC. Bearsnake was worried that people wouldn’t show up. When the line to enter materialized, Magic Machine realized that wasn’t going to be a problem. A pony resembling “Goblin the Handsome” (HighTac's pony) showed up to cheer wizards waiting outside.

Inside, Elf mentioned that he loved the mushroom forest, and a replica of The Secret Tower greeted visitors. A wall of Forgotten Beast portraits illuminated one wall. Other highlights mentioned by Cult members (giveahoot, Two Crows, Tad, Dr. Slurp, LachnessMonsta, Jitcy, Meat Prisoner) who attended: the performance by Oliver Tree, meeting other wizards in person, meeting members of Magic Machine, the ritual featuring The One Who Rings, Lachness, and other hooded figures with slime jelly donuts (featuring music by Grayling), and people dressing up as their wizards. Dotta shouted out Henry Boyd for helping guard against randos trying to pillage the merch station late in the night.

Elf recounted the Oliver Tree performance, which started immediately after the ritual. At one point Oliver Tree dealt physically with a rando who jumped on stage - very in-character for Gigas Chad! Logan Paul was also in attendance. Bearsnake told anecdotes of the planning process for the “Gigas Chad” performance - the prosthetics took a few hours to prepare! He shouted out Lachness for preparing a PPT to educate Oliver Tree on the "Chad" meme.

MeepleDad talked about some interviews he has recorded so far. The first interview was with Chips (the pony) and his caretaker Chris. The pony was treated well, and didn’t go inside the loud venue! He got many gentle pets and pats on the head.

Lessons confirmed: Dotta mentioned that a loose VIP area is nice. Also, having founders on the floor is key to making personal connections. Elf then brought his mother, “Queen Elf” up to speak briefly.

The Quantum Ouroboros (Beast 0) was part of the Christie's auction on behalf of MAPS, and appeared on a Times Square billboard during NFT NYC 2022. (Photo courtesy of Meph)

The Runiverse Frog Hunt is Live

The Runiverse Frog Hunt was launched on the same day as the party. So far, the first 25 people have found all 100 frogs. Warder was the first person to do it, finding all the frogs in about 4 hours. Warder spoke and complimented both the art & music. The Runiverse Frog Hunt preview was available for a few days after this on the Runiverse website.

Forgotten Runes Gets to Times Square

Beast 0 appeared in Times Square as part of the Christie’s benefit auction for MAPS. The Ouroboros appeared at minute 50 each hour, on a billboard above the Dos Caminos restaurant.

(Note: This Wed. was shorter than normal because the group ran out of time in the conference room they were using.)