Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-11-22

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After a few connection complications, Jitcy explains the GAM3S People's Choice Award, noting that the Forgotten Runes community showed up to give over 300 nominations for the Forgotten Runiverse MMO in less than 4 hours.

Plum Puns & Past Masters

Forgotten Runes Athenaeum Plum

Following a few plum puns in reference to community shenanigans, from Elf and Dotta, Bearsnake says he's trying to figure out how to use "plum" correctly. Dotta gives the example that if Forgotten Runes wins the GAM3S People's Choice Award, it would be "plum-believable."

Ozzz & O's Community Project, The Past Masters

Ozzz joins the conversation and speaks about a collaborative lore and art project called 'The Past Masters' that he has started with O. This Overture set is comprised of four Moments from the Runiverse, with a bonus fifth piece for those who mint the first four.

Cult Questions

Inspiration by Trippy Movies

Elf answers a few Cult questions, beginning with one about the team's influence by "trippy animation movies." They mention: The Pagemaster, Akira, Forbidden Planet, The Pink Elephants on Parade scene from Dumbo, The Adventures of Mark Twain, Rock & Rule, The Brave Little Toaster

Thanks For Playing Runiverse
Thanks For Playing Runiverse

Dotta Says No To Ecosystem Token

Then, Dotta speaks to a question about whether or not they will release an ecosystem token.

"No. Not right now. I don't want to. We have a good thing going here, and I think that when you launch a token, everybody sees everything in the price of that token...Not right now."

Bear says that when Dotta first talked to him about the project, he said they were never doing a token.

Dotta says:

"Show me the NFT project that has done a token successfully...The reality of the situation is like if you release a token, it goes down and then everyone's sad."

Dotta continues that the Forgotten Runiverse game will have lots of tokens — resources, items, and the game economy. On the $WIZARD token topic, he says:

"Never say never — I'm going to make sure it's the right time and I still don't think even now it's the right time."

The Team Gives Thanks

The team then talk about what they are thankful for this year. Jitcy says he's thankful for the team and community. Elf says his answer is basically the same — he's thankful for the Cult. Madotsuki joins to say he's thankful for the response to Forgotten Runiverse game event.

Dotta agrees and says the past week with the Eve of Memory event was a good reminder of the magic of the Cult. He says more broadly that he's thankful for his family, the team, and the Cult.

Bear says he's thankful for Plums (and his family — including the Cult)

The Sacred Flame

Warrior Burn

Next, the team is asked if there will be a Warrior burn, and Dotta responds, "Yes." He notes he always gets himself in trouble for saying things, but he would like to get something done by Q1 2024, but he won't commit to a specific date.

Quantum Gift Mounts Vs Ponies In the Runiverse MMO

Then, a question comes about the Ponies' differentiation in the Forgotten Runiverse game vs. the Mounts given as Quantum Gifts. Jitcy says he thinks the Ponies should be separate in speed, as MMO players tend to covet fast mounts. Elf says they have tons of ideas for Ponies.

Madotsuki notes that making marked differences in the Ponies' use in the Runiverse game vs. other mounts has been considered, but nothing has been set in stone as of now. Dotta says as far as Magic Machine Pony mechanics go, "Plum's the word."

Soul Ponies

Elf responds to a question about Soul Ponies, and notes that he believes community members Bill Gains and Acid have been working on Soul Ponies in relation to BlackSand Mounts.

Merlin's Singularity Comic
Merlin's Singularity Comic

Singularity Comic & Canon

Following that, Elf responds to a question regarding Merlin and Marcofine's Singularity comic that was given to all Level 15 Forgotten Runiverse Players. Elf notes that he believes the Singularity is a real, true event in our future that will be indistinguishable from Magic. Elf says he is writing his own take on the Singularity in the TV show script, but the details will differ between different media. On canon, he says, "I've seen [Batman's] origin story told in multiple different ways, but there's always a common thread throughout all of them."

Hazardous Magic

Elf receives another question about the "Wizard symbol for hazardous Magic." He says he doesn't know if there is a symbol for hazardous Magic, because all Magic is kind of hazardous — Magic is unpredictable, a little bit dangerous, and nobody can quite control it.

3D Warriors

SPZ then asks when 3D Warriors will be released. Dotta says, "After Goblin Town is shipped."

Athenaeum Item In the Runiverse Game

Candy Corn from the Forgotten Runes Athenaeum
Candy Corn

Madotsuki addresses a question about Athenaeum Items in the Runiverse game. He says it's similar to the Ponies in that it's still a bit too early to consider — he notes the Athenaeum Items were released after development of the game started, but the team is conscious of them. Dotta notes the Athenaeum Items are on ETH L1, but they will try to implement some kind of utility or exchange for them within the game. He says he thinks of the collection more on the lore and tokenomics side of things. Elf says that they originated as storytelling primitives.

Elf says he believes some of the Athenaeum Items will probably intersect with the Runiverse game. Then, he notes that Magic Machine is building an event for some Athenaeum Items. He says he probably wasn't supposed to say that. "There's always going to be surprise utilities."

Dotta notes that Elf spilled the beans on the Athenaeum Item event, and adds that the event is slated to begin on Dec. 1 He says it will be a straightforward event without much "Plum-p and circumstance." He says Niski and Elf have both been hard at work on the event.

ApeCoin DAO Proposal Update

The Battle for Goblintown
The Battle for Goblintown

Bearsnake speaks briefly about Battle for Goblin Town, and urges people to look at the Notion doc for more information. After mention of the proposal to ApeCoin DAO, Dotta says that though each individual they have interacted with has been wonderful, the DAO process is slow.

Watcher's Rings Benefits

Madotsuki then answers a question about the Watcher's Rings benefits and if they will stack in the future. He says the team is planning what the next event leading to the alpha build will look like, and notes that the Rings will have benefits, but they may not be the same. Madotsuki says the Watcher's Rings benefits in the Eve of Memory were specifically balanced for that event. He says that the team is always considering bonuses for early supporters, and notes that some bonuses may stack while others do not.

Cult Content

With that, the team reviews this week's Cult Content Chronicle gathered by Tania del Rio.