Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-03-09

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Hints About the Forgotten Beasts

An excerpt from the Wizard 3D models V1 preview.

Elf had more details on the Forgotten Beasts! They are much larger sprites, a 175 x 175 pixel box (vs. 50 x 50 for wizards). All Beasts are 1/1s, no generation, and they look hand-crafted and unique, with a richer color palette. Narratively, they pull from a lot of global lore, ancient to contemporary, to match the core lore of Forgotten Runes. Beast lore will be very rich. Minting details and date still TBA.

3D Models Animation Preview Emerges

3D Wizards were previewed on Twitter, and they are looking awesome! Each 3D model will come with an “impy shake” animation. Elf claims many models coming from other projects are not actually metaverse capable. There are technical specifications that must be met. The goal with the wizard models, is for them to be usable in metaverses immediately after they are dropped.

A Forgotten Runes NFT World is Revealed

An excerpt from the Forgotten Worlds preview video, which showed a number of indoor and outdoor environments at different times of day.

Merlin is leading a project, which recently released a trailer for some NFT Worlds games featuring Forgotten Runes locations. NFT Worlds is built on top of Minecraft, essentially 10K Minecraft worlds with tokens and tools on top. A parkour course, a flight school, and other experiences are available on the FRWC Worlds. There will be plots created for each Wizard and Souls holder, to create what you want. There will also be a create-to-earn marketplace where you can build and sell things. Definitely an exciting development in the wider Forgotten Runes community.

FloorDAO Chooses Forgotten Runes

FloorDAO is a new DeFi project has decided to include FRWC in its activities. It uses the NFTX vault (listen to recording for Dotta’s full explanation on how this works), and provides liquidity. People can buy into FloorDAO bonds to reap rewards from this activity. FloorDAO is based on the Olympus protocol (eg. a fork). As a result of this activity, the floor price of Wizards (and NFTX token price) jumped today (although some of the other previews/announcements probably helped).

1st House of Wizards Vote Begins

Bearsnake in the search for a show writer.

There are two House of Wizards Snapshot votes that are live! Wizards, Souls, and Ponies holders have until late on Thursday to vote! Dotta emphasized that this organization should not detract from anything that is already happening among the community with regards to commissions, derivatives, and side projects. It is more of an additional tool to help generate cult content. There is a balancing act between full decentralization and full centralization. The answer is somewhere in between, but it will take time and effort to discover the appropriate balance. The Forgotten Council encourages everyone to contribute their questions and opinions, and to get involved if you have skills/background that might contribute. Dotta and bambam discussed some of the concepts and motivations that led to the creation of the House of Wizards.

Bearcave Update

Bearsnake continues to engage with traditional Hollywood from the LA-based FRWC office. Bearsnake is looking for a meeting with Cameron Squires, a writer, although getting past the gatekeeping has been tough, so Bearsnake has tweeted at him. Hollywood moves a lot slower than Web3, but the FRWC project is looking to disrupt that.

The Keys of the 7th Realm have inspired a lot of MM and community lore.

Elfs Thoughts on Lore

Elf sometimes feels like the Runiverse lore is almost being created by a hive mind. Of course there are outliers, but a majority of it seems to have a lot of continuity with the rest. For example, the idea that the Keys to the 7th Realm are actually copies of the same Key. The FRWC Book of Lore is continuing a tradition of anthologies, but is the first document of its kind. Listen to the recording to enjoy Elf’s full breakdown and discussion with dotta.

Lore Reading

The lore reading this week was for Head-empress.pngCeleste of the Atheneum (1881), read by dragonfetus.