Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2023-02-15

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The meeting kicks off with a tune by Eagletorium that is 1/2 tribute to the Hall of Cats, 1/2 Jitcy challenge. Jitcy says there will be an to answer once he finds a way to sound good rapping, even though music isn't his forte. Elf preeminently declares Eagle the winner.

Elf shouts out other musicians in the Cult who have also made Forgotten Runes-adjacent music. Murmurs of a potential Runiverse album make their way through the Space.

Cult of Cat

Purple Pixel Wizzy Puma
"Wizard Puma", a 1/1 created by Elf for the "Super Puma" NFT Collection

Nested Cults

Discussion of the Hall of Cats leads Elf to express fascination about cults within cults. He mentions the intersection of Cult and Culture, pointing to their shared etymological origins. He admits he was antagonistic toward the Hall of Cats initially, but Eagle's song has made him love it.

Elf then speaks briefly about the power of media as a recruitment tool as seen in cults of all kind throughout history.

Special Guest, Puma.eth

Then the conversation turns to a chat with special guest Ivan from the sportswear brand, Puma. Ivan speaks about Forgotten Runes as an inspiration of storytelling for the company's new Super Puma arc.

Elf reveals "Wizard Puma" — a 1/1 he made for an upcoming Puma NFT collection that serves as a revival of the "Super Puma" character and celebration of the brand's 75th anniversary.

Forgotten Runiverse Game

The team then talks about their recent trip to work in-person with Bisonic and Dotta explains that anyone will be able to play the game, regardless of crypto knowledge.

"We really see this as being one of the major games that can help cross the chasm...for normal gamers."

Dotta mentions the correlation to Reddit NFT avatars where some unsuspecting users stumbled upon digital collectibles worth thousands of dollars simply by using a platform that they already enjoyed. He speculates these kinds of gateways can help the concepts of NFTs "click." Dotta continues with information about boons players who own land in the Runiverse game can gain as well as unique tokenized items that can result from different crafting scenarios. Documentation to follow.

"It's going to be quite fun."

Additive Expansion

Pretty words on a Satoshi
Inscription 23872, Shadows In Ordinal by lorepunk
Renaissance Goat
Inscription 5356 by Elf J Trul

Elf also commends Lorepunk for the poem she inscribed about Forgotten Runes and also gives a nod to the Forgotten BTC Punks Ordinal collection as well, but, "We are not going to talk about Ordinals today."

This leads into a conversation about the additive nature of Forgotten Runes' expansion:

"Bitcoin blockchain, Dogecoin blockchain, Puma sneakers, TV show, video game — everywhere. We're going everywhere. I'm not shutting the door on anything."

Bearsnake appears to agree with this sentiment and says that it's important for everyone to be able to speak on topics they're interested in, because that reach may funnel back to Wizards. Bear also explains his Warrior losses in a Super Bowl bet with Slim.

Cult Questions

Physical Toys

Elf pivots to Cult Questions, and the team talks about exploring the process of making plushies/physical toys. Bear mentions the most difficult part is finding the design, while manufacturing afterward can be rather easy. Elf notes that he wasn't pleased with initial prototypes.

Television Series

The team talks about the TV Show. No new clips or trailers will be released this year. However, Bear opens up about the process and his continued work on finding a partner for the show. He expounds on the difficulty of working within the legacy media system.

The Shadow Hats

The team is asked about the future of The Shadow Hats. Dotta theorizes about the future of the medium as a whole, concludes:

"While we probably will sell some...I don't think we'll sell all of them. And I don't think we'll be particularly motivated to do it any time soon."

Elf's 1/1 Ordinals

Tania del Rio asks Elf about his 1/1 Ordinals. He explains the pieces were an homage to the Romantic period and draws comparisons between Romantic reaction to the Enlightenment movement and artistic nature of Ordinals on the Bitcoin. He isn't sure if he will inscribe more.

Transmutation of Souls

Elf also answers a question about Souls' status as Undead. He instead refers to the Burning process and specifies the "transmutation" of a Wizard, saying that a Wizard does not become dead, but a different entity entirely. The line between dead and undead is not clear.

Closing Thoughts

Read All About It!
Cult Chronicle Front Page

Cult Content

The team then talks about some of the Cult content from the past week, most of which Tania has highlighted in her Cult Content Chronicle!

Battle for Goblin Town, 3D Wizards, Event Impasse

  • Dotta also makes comments on the promising Battle for Goblin Town UI before Elf lets some Goblins up for a couple of questions.
  • Elf then shares a few thoughts on the 3D Wizards and the team share excitement about interoperability with Nifty Island.
  • Dotta says closing words on the timeline for the Goblin Town game and Runiverse land sale drops. The team is still making decisions, but will give details when possible.