Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-03-27

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After introductions and lamentations about the various hardships that can come from involvement in web3, Dotta says:

"I don't know what you guys are talking about. I'm just racking up the dollar dollar bills, y'all."

Bearsnake says there is nothing better than bullish Dotta. Dotta says that most of his bull posting has been in the Magic Machine Discord, but says when the chat logs are released after the SEC comes for them, the community is going to see some real bangers.

Cult Questions

Forgotten Runes NFT NYC Party, 2022
Forgotten Runes NFT NYC Party, 2022

Then Elf moves on to answer a few Cult Questions. The first question sparks a discussion over sweet vs savory scones, with the consensus that sweet scones are preferable.


Then, Elf fields a question to Bearsnake regarding potential plans for Forgotten Runes at NFT NYC. Bear says that NFT NYC is a bit of a touchy subject, but ultimately it was decided that a large celebration wasn't a wise financial decision. He says, "we're going too throw a party when we have something to celebrate, so stay tuned."


Elf answers a question from community member Jason, who asks if the team likes him: "yes or no." They all agree that they like Jason, but Elf says that "sometimes [he] has to mute people if [he] gets stressed out." He says he thinks Dotta kicked him out of the Shadows channel. Dotta says he hasn't banned Elf from the Shadows channel, but he has banned a lot of other people. He says he feels that it's gotten pretty peaceful in there.

Jitcy Talks Base & Games

Jitcy Delivering Alpha
Jitcy Delivering Alpha

Jitcy approaches the stage and Dotta notes our neighborhood kobold has had all the on-chain alpha recently. Dotta asks Jitcy to speak about what he's watching. Jitcy says his eyes are on Base right now, but all of the things he bet on already kind of hit. He notes a hand drawn Pepe collection that Wizards have allocations for. He also mentions a project called White Rabbit. Jitcy says the real alpha is to look into chains that no one seems to be paying attention to.

Dotta asks if there are any games the community should be playing this week. He says not this week, and speaks to the difficulty for developers to hold attention of users. Jitcy says he believes that most people just want to play the crypto game and he doesn't think the incentives for games have found their footing yet. Bear says that's been around, because people don't want to read anything—they just want a quick dopamine hit.

Nifty Island Airdrop

Entropy joins briefly to speak about the newest round of airdrops from Nifty Island. Jitcy says Nifty Island is one of the front runners who is doing the incentive structure right. Dotta says there is an uncanny valley in crypto gaming between yield grinding and fun. Dotta says he doesn't know if web3 games will get memecoiners to "waste their time" playing it, but the hope is that gamers can wade into crypto. Jitcy says that with any web3 game it has to be fun, first and foremost.

Cult Questions, Cont.

Zombie King CEO
Zombie King CEO

Death Pledge

Then, MeepleDad asks a question about the origin of the word "mortgage" as "death pledge" and the perception of buyers and sellers in the Runiverse. Elf notes most of the banking is done in the Red Capital and that buyers and sellers have similar reputations as they do on Earth.

Elf refers to the mention of the Zombie King CEO in MeepleDad's question about death pledges and urges the community to read the Character's Lore. He says he isn't sure who wrote it, but says it's weird, funny, unique, and exactly the kind of thing AI wouldn't make. Dotta says that the team has sketched out ideas of what different tokenomics might mean to different hatted Wizards. He says that's a mechanic he would like to further explore in the future.

Chronomancers' Energy

Elf answers a Chronomancer question from SnoopDoug about the amount of energy it takes for a Chronomancer to time travel. He says he won't give the answer of the amount of joules it takes, but says depending on how time manipulation actually works, it could take a lot of energy.

Runiverse Trails

Runiverse Trail UI Draft
Runiverse Trail UI Draft

Then, Magewild, Magus Kingsley, and Bill Gains approach the stage to speak about a project proposal currently up to DAO vote for funding—Runiverse Trail. The Oregon Trail-inspired game will be powered through ConsciousNFT's LLM that is tailored for storytelling. Bill notes that there is a separate ConsciousNFT proposal up for vote, but if Runiverse Trail's proposal passes the standalone ConsciousNFT proposal won't need to pass, as the Runiverse Trail proposal includes funding for payment to ConsciousNFT.

Bill says the ConsciousNFT model should be ready within the next two months with testing to follow in the third month. He notes most of the storytelling will take place immediately following the opening of the Gate to the Seventh Realm.

Bill says the Runiverse Trail intends to be a large collaborative storytelling mechanism. He says that within the Runiverse Trail game are two factions, and there are different endings based on how well the factions do against one another, so player choices matter.

Dotta notes that since the Runiverse Trail game is AI-powered, most of the work goes into the first one where subsequent quests would take less lead time for creation. Bill confirms, adding this is true for cost as well. He also notes most of the team also works on BlackSand.

Dotta & Niski Building Forgotten Runes GitBook

Elf asks Bill if they plan to use the Loracle in any way for Runiverse Trail. Bill points to LLM hallucinations as a reason for use of ConsciousNFT's AI model, which saves user input. He says he would love access to the Pinecone the Loracle was trained on, however. Dotta says that he and Niski have been working to put together a GitBook for Forgotten Runes that unifies all of its documentation to make building on top of the IP easier. Bill says he thinks a GitBook is greatly needed.

Dead Internet Theory

After the proposal conversation, Elf transitions into conversation about AI and "Dead Internet Theory," explaining that this is the theory that there will become a point where everything on the internet is AI generated. He expresses that he wants to avoid "Dead Runiverse Theory." Elf says that he isn't telling the Cult not to use AI tools, but he says that inundation of AI content can degrade the integrity of AI models that draw sources from that content.

Dotta disagrees "from top to bottom" arguing that it results in a Cambrian explosion of content. Dotta says that the "Dead Internet Theory" is dramatic positioning and notes that there always has to be a human in the middle. He also gives historical examples of content authentication, saying that technological solutions to prevent a "Dead Internet" are trivial. Dotta and Elf discuss the value of creators and curators and how the two intersect until Dotta has to leave.

Cult Content

To end the show, our hosts review the 62nd Week of the Cult Content Chronicle—art from within the Forgotten Runes community aggregated weekly by Tania del Rio.

House of Wizards DAO Updates

After the Cult Content Chronicle Review, Acideater steps up for brief updates from the DAO.

  • The Notion Page updated with Councilor Bios
  • Charter Language Updates Considered
  • Magic Machine Reimbursement Approved
  • 5 Proposals Up for Vote Now
  • Past Proposal Grants Received