Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-09-15

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This Wizard Wednesday graphic, created by Ozzz, was first used was first used by the Forgotten Runes team on September 15 2021.

Roadmap Update

The Roadmap has fallen into Chronomancer’s Riviera. Certain items that appear on the roadmap may happen sooner than later and vice-versa. 3D turnarounds pushed back; the team apologized and said it will be out “soon”. Some things we’re announced prematurely, and there are other things that have taken priority as of right now.

TV Show Update

Dealing with legacy media is a slow moving machine. The team will get an update [on the TV show project] and will have to reprioritize it all of a sudden. It's currently taking up priority over other projects because it’s such a huge play, and they’d like to make it happen as soon as possible. They have an affordable bid on a trailer for the animated short, and are still trying to decide on voice actors. Aiming for talent rather than some big name celebrity.

An example from the Book of Spells, which used an AI generative algorithm to visualize various spells from the Spells (for Wizards and Other Adventurers) derivative collection.

Game & Metaverse Update

There has been a lot of speculation around “Play to Earn”. One way that Forgotten Runes is approaching that is a “Play to Create” or “Create to Earn” in which they extend the mythos of the Book of Lore to the rest of Forgotten Runes and not just Wizards. The idea is you buy a piece of land, build a house on top of it, mint a bunch if items and paintings, create an aesthetic place, and be able to sell that within an in-game economy. The team is still in talks with a gaming studio, hashing out what it would look like if two businesses came together under a “legal lease” agreement. Once the contract is drawn up, they will name drop!

A glass wizard was gifted to HODLsteady by the Forgotten Runes team as a contest prize. (September 2021)

The Challenge: if you own a Wizard you can use it in game; however, as of today there are only 2.5K wallets holding these wizards. It is not feasible to make a full MMORPG game for only 2.5K people. How do we onboard new Wizards into the game if Wizards scale to the size of Axie Infinity? The original 10K Wizards collection should be elevated amongst the community, but we have to find a way to leverage it. If it becomes too imbalanced, it’ll disincentivize people from wanting to join, causing us all to suffer from a smaller economy to draw from. We want to have the ability for anyone to play, create items, and even potentially earn their way to a Wizard. Could one solution could be ERC-1155 tokens?

The Book of Lore is Now on Rinkby

We are on the Rinkeby testnet. Dotta let Elf take the book for a test run. Elf was super excited about the whole thing! Dotta gave Niski a shout-out for the load he’s been pulling with a lot of the coding. Dotta said that they have about four bugs to clear up. They are using TheGraph protocol and open API. The lore media will be stored on IPFS. There is a smart contract that will be able to support Wizards, Warriors, Souls, and other entities that end up in the Forgotten Runes universe. The Book of Lore will be an anchor point for the community!

Community Updates

  • Huge shoutout to Crucifore and Radagast for having the first wizard babies born! Radagast has chosen to name the baby “Dotta Elf RetiredYieldFarmer
  • Shoutout to the pixel team: Tad, Ozzz, YoungWizzie, and Cam! All of which have been putting in tremendous effort to make your wizards walk!
  • Another huge shoutout to Chuck K. for all the translations of the Forgotten Runes webpage to Japanese, and all the post translations! Dotta goes on to say he’s excited to see there’s activity in the Japanese language channel. FR should be multilingual as we are a global community. “I just wanna shout-out that community and we consider you guys as much of a Wizard as the English speaking community! I’m hoping technology will soon bridge that gap so we can communicate better soon."
  • HodlSteady received his glass wizard, another brilliant example of Forgotten Runes derivative art!
  • Ozzz has been on a rampage! Pumping out pixelated walk cycles, taking on commissions, and even creating our Wizard Wednesday sign!
  • Huge shoutout to TV, Aranair, and Ozzz for the spell book! (It goes to show the power of this community built project!) The contract is a Loot derivative and the images were computer generated with machine learning! As of right now it’s hosted on an AWS S3 domain, but Dotta will help with better security soon. (REMINDER: every wizard has a free spell to claim for each wizard they own. There are an extra 1,000 spells to mint or obtain secondary market!)
  • ChartCinema did an awesome Final Fantasy-style scene of his wizards! This was great because a lot of Forgotten Runes was inspired by Final Fantasy!
  • Shoutout to MindOnChain for making a shirt for their Key Master!