Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-09-22

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TheOneWhoRings (Magus Wazir) posts "No Floor on Lore" in September 2021. This would evolve into the sayings, "Lore Not Floor" & "Lore AND Floor" later on.
TheOneWhoRings (Magus Wazir) shares a preview of a game in development, and says it is not official. This prompts a response from Dotta. (September 2021)

Book of Lore is Live!

Legendariums of the past are dusty tomes; meanwhile the Book of Lore is hot of the press. The Book of Lore contract + frontend went live today! Where it was once capped, you should be able to upload any size page. You can edit your Wizard's entry, but you’ll have to pay a gas fee. Once you transfer your Wizard, it becomes immutable.

Don’t look at the floor, look at the lore. The Forgotten Runes team will be looking at the Book of Lore not only for stories, but to distinguish who they give priority to for airdrops and minting. There’s something neat about the Book of Lore, in that it is an on-chain record of participation! Those who write lore is a good way to distinguish flippers from longer-term community members.

Ours Over Official

In response to his Twitter post this week, Dotta casts of this idea of things being “official” or not.

Dotta posts some of the core tenets of Forgotten Runes in response to TheOneWhoRings saying his game in development is "not official". Circa September 2021.

Dotta: You don’t need an official intermediary to label what is canon and what is not, preventing you from dwelling close to this universe. Legendariums of the past are nothing more than dusty tomes these days. LoTR is locked away and guarded under an estate, and the fellowship has left Middle Earth. JK Rowling’s quill has run dry. The marketing tactics are in place and in torchlit tunnels, an endless trove of goblins push revenue into her vault at Gringott’s, and any new writing could upset this flow of money, so her book is closed. Mickey Mouse has become Moloch. He is devouring, desiring, and destroying any book they can get their hands on. Disney has become a dragon that gathers every prince and princess, and hides them away in a tower. This dragon sits on a large pile of gold in front of the doors to a library of intellectual property rights, whose books are all closed. Today, a new book opens! It is owned by the living! It is a book that is open and cannot be shut! It is a book guarded by a smart contract that allows any person to scribe, so long as they hold a Wizard!

Tips on Writing Lore

Don't wait on Elf to build the world for you - if you see a location that appeals to you, write about it. Maybe it could be incorporated onto a piece of work in the future! Places like Xanadu and Avalon that are borrowed from other myths are in the collection because there’s lore already behind these ideas out there in the ether. They’ve already been so heavily drawn upon, you just need to find them and do some digging. These myths that recycle through the ages are archetypal in nature because they play on certain dimensions of psychology that ubiquitous to the human experience. For example, El Dorado, where you find a city of gold appeals to the sense of adventure, wonder, success, and treasure hunting. These things cross cultures because they appeal to our fundamental desires.

When constructing your own Wizard’s lore, what stories are gonna stand the rest of time? It’s certainly not overpowering them, rather, it's giving them a sense of humanity. Look into the literature of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth for further inspiration.

Forgotten Souls Update

Burning wizards is dark chaotic magic. Burning your Wizard does NOT guarantee you an upgrade. Some may receive Souls, some might receive something powerful, and some might revive something worse than before.

One of the panels from the storyboard, "Ouroboros," which released at this time. Fortune Teller Crackerjack of the Desert shuffles a deck of cards.

The burn mechanism will come in the form of an airdrop called “The Sacred Flame.” The main component of the plan is to airdrop in order of longest held wizards since the summoning. For example, if on the day of the mint, you summoned 50 Wizards, sold 30, and now hold 20, you would receive one “Sacred Flame”. If you minted one Wizard and held it this whole time, you would receive 1 “Sacred Flame” as well. The Forgotten Runes team believes this is fair in terms of longevity and wallet size. The core team's wallets will be excluded from receiving Sacred Flames. They are ready to be airdropped, the team is just waiting for gas to decrease (editor's note: During this period of time, the Ethereum network had consistently high gas fees that lasted for months). Should arrive sometime within the next two weeks.

The burn goes live no later than Halloween! To prevent a gas war, you can choose to burn any of your Wizards at any time, be it right away, or 5 years from now. In order to obtain extras you would have to buy them off of a secondary market.

Lachness Goes Fulltime

LachnessMonsta officially became a full time Wizard! If you haven’t noticed, she’s been active in the Discord and reorganized the categories and channels.

Lore Reading

Elf shared lore behind Head-ilu.pngHoly Arcanist Illuminus of the Heavens (0). Head-juniper.pngHedge Wizard Ursula of the Steppe (4564) shared her lore.