Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-10-26

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The first of a series of images for the 1st Trick or Treat thread released by Magic Machine. (October 2022)

Forgotten Runes Spends a Little Time with the DeeZe Crew

The 2nd in a series of storyboard Twitter threads released by Magic Machine prior to the beginning of the Halloween Trick or Treat event. (October 2022)

This week, Magic Machine came into the Spaces right after finishing another Spaces session with DeeZe, where they talked about the upcoming Halloween event. Meanwhile, Jitcy has even been attending the Spaces while at a wedding destination (not his own).

Halloween Trick or Treat Event - The Final Recap

The team talked at length about the Halloween event during the DeeZe Spaces, but they generously recapped it again for the regulars.

The event will begin on October 28th, at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific US time. And it closes at midnight (Pacific time), October 31st. Some people have requested an extended window for special circumstances, but it is TBD whether those will be honored. So if at all possible, try to trick or treat with all your eligible tokens by Halloween evening (US time-ish) if at all possible.

If any treats are not minted, MM will decide later what to do with them. Dotta said that they may make choices during the event to reallocate treats from one community to another, if engagement levels are vastly different between them. Nothing set in stone though.

The big update from what was already known, is that Souls will now get 3 guaranteed treats (up from 2). And Beasts now get 10 guaranteed treats each. Total supply of treats is 23,100. Wizards have an 80% chance of a treat (otherwise a trick is received) and Warriors have a 50% chance of a treat (otherwise, trick). Partner collections have a 50% chance at a treat as well, BUT there are only 1000 treats per partner collection.

Magic Machine released a series of animations featuring the various partner collections included in their Halloween Trick or Treat event. (October 2022)

You can use delegate.cash to delegate a new wallet to use for the event, which is credited as if it owns the NFTs of your cold vault wallet. MM has audited their service and decided to support it, but you should do your due diligence before trying it, of course.

The treats come in boxes, which are ERC-721s. There is no time limit for opening the boxes. The actual items are ERC-1155s. There are 200 items in the treats collection, with varying rarities. You can buy/sell/trade the treat boxes, as well as the treats themselves. Some of them are standard-type candies, but others are more rare, and have story implications. They are intended to facilitate lore creation and world-building. Many media franchises have magic items. The treats don’t have any immediate utility beyond storytelling, but they may in the future. However, you will need to wait for a while for that to be built. The tricks are also tokens - they are non-destructive, and more about them will be revealed after the drop.

Magic Machine Updates / Q&A

  • Bearsnake talked about a previous business that he helped build along with Elf. It was a media business helping many Youtube creators. The creators that collaborated, benefited. In a similar way, those members of the community who collaborate will benefit.
  • DeeZe hosted a Spaces with Magic Machine leading up to their Halloween Trick or Treat event, which allows 10 prominent NFT communities to participate also. (October 2022)
    Dotta mentioned that P2E game details were revealed in DeeZe Spaces: The game will be board game-style, like a mix of Wolf Game & Settlers of Catan. FRWC holders will be automatically included, but the partners who “knock” for treats will also get airdropped game tokens.
  • Will you know immediately whether you get a trick or treat? Dotta: Yes, when you knock on the door, you will submit a txn, and get a treat box or a trick (tricks don't come in boxes).
  • Can you knock multiple times in one txn? Answer: Yes, you can claim 20 tricks/treats at once.
  • Are all the celestial sash wizards evil? Elf: No, in the Runiverse good and evil is a relative concept, not an absolute concept. It is up to each celestial sash owner to decide what their wizard’s alignment is. The MM team proceeded to have a discussion around how good and evil have been depicted in various forms of media. Elf generally prefers “shades of gray” characters, which are more complex, realistic and interesting to him. Even Elf's own Wizard has the title "Evil Arcanist Black Goat of the Wood (1)", but that was a title given by others. Elf's character is literally a "scapegoat" in the lore.
  • Later, MM talked about the importance of building events that use the capabilities of the blockchain. Dotta feels there is so much opportunity & open space to explore & invent. He feels grateful to be here at this moment, & loves to create these on-chain activities.

OpenSea has Entered the Chat

Elf and Bearsnake appeared on The D.A.M. Youtube show. This represented the first time that Bearsnake "doxxed his face" in a public media outlet, and a couple Discord memes/emojis were created from his appearance on the show.

And then, we had a surprise guest - the official OpenSea account! Will, a partnership manager from OS, said that he’d been following FRWC for a while on his personal account, but realized the official account wasn’t, and decided to remediate that. Bearsnake and Dotta thanked Will for his efforts helping with any question or challenges that they've had with the marketplace in the past.

When asked whether he had any announcements to make, Will said that OpenSea has been focused on shipping new features for collectors and creators. They want to build the tools and functionality to support the NFT space. One feature that was mentioned was the new ability to purchase NFTs with a credit card - this could facilitate first-time entrants trying to buy their first NFT.

Will asked the MM team about what they are thinking about in terms of attracting and preparing for mass adoption of NFTs. Dotta reiterated that the Wizards will always be the high-end OG collection on L1 Ethereum. Warriors is the secondary collection, with higher supply and lower price, but still allows you to character build. From there, the Halloween event will increase the group of holders even more (albeit still within the core crypto/NFT community). When it comes to mainstream users, they are usually shocked at the sticker prices and gas fees involved. So Dotta thinks that offerings on L2s will get greater traction there. MM will use Arbitrum for their P2E game, which should make it more accessible. And the Runiverse game will also be running on an L2, and the majority of players would ideally be joining from the gaming world, and setting up their first wallet to play the game. Elf added that releasing media creations in the mainstream world will move this even further. The idea with the comic books and TV show is to create fans that can enjoy FRWC as a fantasy entertainment franchise, without needing any interaction with the crypto side. It was an opportunity for MM to deliver the core value proposition to people new to FRWC that may have joined the Spaces when they saw the OpenSea official account (which has almost 2 million followers) was in there.

Blue Wizard Deep Dive

Next, Elf wanted to take a deeper dive into the Blue Hat Wizards’ lore. They are concentrated in and around the Blue Wizard Bastion. They are academically focused, and have some of the biggest libraries, and the most teachers and scholars. Science is held in high regard among blue hats, despite it having some differing principles from magic. The Blue Hats though, are skilled at merging science and magic, with the result being a fascination with technology and machines. A good machine is often the fruit of rigorous scientific inquiry. The Blue Hats have created “magic machines” which leverage the strength of science AND magic. (I hope you caught the reference there). They feel this power is more substantive than the financial power sought by the Red Hat Wizards. Knowledge is power. And there are both virtuous and relatively evil examples of this mindset.

Good: Bruce Banner, Tony Stark (Ironman), Hermione.

Bad: All the evil geniuses (Dr. Doom, Lex Luther, The Riddler (although Mr. Freeze fits too)).

The quality, consistency and output of Tania del Rio's Inktober 2022 works, was a notable Cult Content contribution during October 2022.

Cult Content Shout-outs