Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2022-03-02

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An artist's depiction of the original Forgotten Council (represented by their primary or most well-known wizards at the time). Illustration by @rare_labs.

The House of Wizards is Created

The House of Wizards DAO has been founded. This represents a big step in the evolution for the FRWC community, which is designed for Web3. It is funded by projects like Forgotten Babies Wizard Orphanage and the Forgotten Market. There is a group of 9 prominent wizards that holds the keys to a multi-sig wallet - this group is called the Forgotten Council. The inaugural members are Dotta, Retired Yield Farmer (RYF), Slickchick, Bambam, Madotsuki, Jitcy, TheOneWhoRings, Mephistopheles, and TV. 5 signatures from the Council are needed to spend funds in the treasury.

Also, a sub-group called the Ministry of Art has been created (there will be more Ministries in the future). Ministry of Art participants are Dotta, RYF, Madotsuki, and Chuck K. How can you (as a token-holder) participate in the House of Wizards? There is a dedicated channel in the FRWC discord for holders (#house-of-wizards) where you can propose initiatives, discuss them, and ask questions. You will also be able to vote on the proposals through snapshot votes! Dotta said, "I recommend that all of you vote" with a special tone in his voice. There are already two initiatives, proposed by the Forgotten Council, that will be voted on once the snapshot mechanics have finished being set up. One is to allocate 20 ETH for art commissions, and another to allocate up to 10 ETH for a Lore Scribe. For more info on all things related to the House of Wizards, please see their Notion site.

Thumbnail for a Youtube video uploaded by Magic Machine, circa March 2022. The video was created by Isac Urbina (visuals) and Ghost Beatz (music).

Beasts are Confirmed!

This week there was also confirmation that there will be Forgotten Beasts!!! These are Beasts of the Runiverse created by Elf. Funds will be split between the House of Wizards and Magic Machine (exact split TBD). The Beasts will be released 1 by 1, probably in auction format. They will be limited, 100s of tokens total supply, and only dozens in the near term. Lore-wise, the Beasts are connected to the Gate to the 7th Realm in some way ("The Gate to the 7th Realm, will be opened").

TV Trailer is Nearing Completion

The animated trailer is effectively done (sound is 95% done) and has already been shown privately to people in the media industry. It really helps prove to them that FRWC is the real deal; reactions have been positive. The trailer's public release, however, needs to be timed with the Forgotten Warriors release, because that is what will actually pay for TV show production, so the trailer will serve as a promotional keystone for the Warriors drop.

More Magic Machine Announcements

There are Wizard Wednesday videos - now with visuals! "B33F" is helping with this going forward to make for a more enjoyable experience. See last week's video here.

A "calendar update" was posted in the # announcements channel on the Discord, summarizing all the major Magic Machine initiatives and high-level delivery times. Great for those who aren't able to keep up on a daily or weekly basis.

Another new Youtube vide from Magic Machine - a vibe sesh with Archmagus Aleister of the Palms (161). Created by art student Isac Urbina, with music from Ghost Beatz.

Community News and Lore Reading

Many shoutouts were given for all the lore and artwork produced over the last two weeks. The new Youtube recaps will be great for showing these off. The WW was concluded with an awesome lore reading from