Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2021-10-06

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Original artwork for the Infinity Veil contract, a collection for various magical objects of the Runiverse. Art by ElfJTrul, originally shared October 2021.

Magic Magic Ask Me Anything (AMA) - The Great Wizard Burning Event


A meme created by Magus Wazir (TheOneWhoRings) to commemorate the "glitched" wizard listings on OpenSea, circa October 2021.

Great Burning Details: 1112 Wizard-holders were sent Sacred Flames. These included the oldest holders, as well as the first one hundred lore writers in the Book of Lore. Flames are used to create Forgotten Souls on All Hallow’s Eve. Burn a Flame token + a Wizard token for a chance at a Forgotten Soul. You might receive a ghost wizard, something more powerful, or something undesirable. You’ll always get an NFT back, but can’t guarantee what you will get, there is a risk. For the wizards concerned with the rate of return, the risk of an “undesirable” result is roughly 1 in 10. • However, even though these would be “undesirable” they will actually be rarer with this probability - it will be interesting to see how the community reacts. There is no time limit on using the Flames, because the Forgotten Runes team wanted to avoid a gas war that might occur with a limited time window. They don’t want people to rush this decision.

Audience questions about the flames:

From chat: Does your wizard affect what soul you get?

Dotta: Yes, what you receive is the next phase of your wizard, for the most part. No guarantees though.

ZayLaSoul: Can the community build utility for the “undesirable” results?

Chaos Mage Miyo began her Great Wizard Burn Election campaign by kidnapping Artificer Fabio of the Sands.

Elf: Heck yeah you can! Of course, we love to see this. Dotta: Every wizard is able to be burned, and no results are assured.

Edward: Thank you for your wizardry this weekend. For the undesirables, we have these odds. But what are the odds for other non-ghost results?

Dotta: There are rares in the collection. So you could get a soul/ghost-type, an undesirable, and ultra-rares.

Madotsuki: Will there be new runes in the collection among the Forgotten Souls?

Elf: We’re still debating this. I have the character art, familiars, spells/items. Haven’t finalized the Runes. Dotta: These are continuations, so my thinking is to preserve the wizards’ runes. But we might change our minds.

On distribution Elf: We debated 5 distribution strategies. And we knew that in each one, someone would be upset. We tried to make as many people happy as possible. Dotta: I was satisfied with how it went off, but we didn’t want to have too many wizards burned, so not everyone was going to get one. We tried to reward older holders, but also gave another way to obtain one via the Book of Lore. But we did have a glitch in the contract, which affected 2 wizards. One was a long holder, and we gave them a flame. And we’ve seen at least one wizard (smolprotecc) voluntarily give away their flame.

On-chain souls? -Dotta: We will get them on-chain, but it won’t be immediate.

The Infinity Veil Contract

Elf: Distribution of flames happened through the “Infinity Veil Contract.” Dotta: This contract supports the distribution of future mystical items that could exist. Elf: I’m posting the artwork for the Infinity Veil contract on Twitter.

"Glitched" Wizards

Dotta mentioned that there have been some glitched wizard listings on the OpenSea floor. He tried to ask for help in the OpenSea discord, but there were 15K active ppl and 1 support person. The team was able to get 2 of the glitched listings removed today, but then another one popped up right after. If you see one of these listings, please use the “Report” function in OpenSea to alert their team.

Smolprotecc worked with the development of 3D voxel familiars in the Fall of 2021.

Bearsnake Updates

Bearsnake interfaces with people in other industries that work at a different pace than the Web3 space. He hopes people can stay patient with the team as they move through the process with each of these opportunities. Elf mentioned that he thinks the project has a lot of viability, and is not following a pump-and-dump project’s trajectory. Zaylasoul mentioned that if we can find a way to bridge to other projects, it could help. A few other wizards chimed in about their positive feelings toward the project, and their views on how FRWC is more organic and stable, while other projects mooned in the interim. Some also gave some suggestions for what could help. Bearsnake hinted that there will be some news in the next week or two that will put a spotlight on FRWC.

Book of Lore Enhancements

Elf mentioned that the team is coming up with more ways to share the Book of Lore. Keep in mind also that being a Book of Lore writer puts you on a whitelist for future wizardy drops. Dotta - Niski is deploying a Book of Lore bot, to drop new entries into the art-and-lore chat in the Discord (note: the bot would eventually put the entries into the main Secret Tower chat for greater visibility).

Henboyd's Wizard Tavern image often heralds the approach of another Wizard Wednesday.

Getting Affinity Data on OpenSea

The team is looking to put the affinities on OpenSea, but they want to check with the community first. They are going to upload the new metadata info into testnet OpenSea first. They will provide the link and let people explore. Then do a snapshot vote on snapshot.org. Elf: We also plan to correct a few trait names. Please vote in favor of the changes!

Lore Shoutouts

  • Magus Wazir with a game mockup and many memes.
  • Ozzz continues to make amazing artworks. One in progress.
  • Chaos Mage Miyo of the Wood (8711) is doing a burn election. Which wizard will be burned? Fabio of the Sands looks sad.
  • Smolprotecc doing cool 3D voxel work with the familiars.
  • Henboyd - wizard tavern scenes with Elf and dotta wizard portraits in them.
  • Dotta: I want to have a GM generator with wizards’ faces inside a frame. Anyone who wants to help with that, feel free to try it.
  • Elf: Henboyd’s been making some funny memes as well. Love the “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” references. I remember it, but Gen Z might not. My brother and I used to scare my sister with it.