Wizard Wednesday Recap, 2024-02-14

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After a brief introduction from Elf, Dotta, Tad Major, and Jitcy, Elf kicks off the show with Cult questions.

Cult Questions

How, When, Why, Runiverse?

Runiverse Build Screenshot Feb 2024
Runiverse Build Screenshot Feb 2024

Again, the team is asked, "When Runiverse, Why Runiverse, How Runiverse?"

Elf responds. When Runiverse: Upcoming playable event for the Forgotten Runiverse MMO in the next couple of months. Why Runiverse: Because it's fun and an important component to a proper franchise. How Runiverse: Connect your favorite Web3 Wallet.

Free Shadow Hugs

Then, Dotta is asked if there will ever be "free hugs" for the Shadows to claim, to which he says, "No."

Comic Book Issue #1 Sales

Spiderman Holds Forgotten Runes Comic
Spiderman Holds Forgotten Runes Comic Issue #0

After that, Bearsnake is asked how the retail comic sales are doing. He says he doesn't have exact numbers, but he knows it's in the tens of thousands and the publisher feels that it's been very respectable launch. He doesn't want to report "numbers that aren't real."

Elf then answers another question about the comic's progress, noting that the whole series has been written. However, he says that one issue might be re-written with "something special," though he does not elaborate further.

Athenaeum Items In 2024 Warrior Event

Another question arises about the upcoming Warrior / Athenaeum event. Elf doesn't want to reveal too much, but says that, "The more items you have, the better," Bear says, "More items give you more options." They leave it at that.

3D Warriors

Elf receives a question about news on 3D Warriors. He says 3D Warriors is a massive undertaking, and they're thinking about commissioning a third party to make them — noting they might have a lead. He asks how the Cult would feel about Warriors in a low-poly PlayStation One style.

Quantum Gifts

Quantum Gifts
Quantum Gifts

The team then answers a question about the utility of the Runiverse game Quantum Gifts. Dotta says they are cosmetic items, but he doesn't want to reveal what's in them.

"You'll just have to wait and see."

Lore Featuring Chronomancers

Elf is then asked when we will see a larger media expression featuring a Chronomancer. Elf says the comic actually prominently features a Chronomancer, but he isn't sure if they have been revealed yet.

Listing the Wizards Featured In the Comic

The team is asked if there will be a list of all of the Wizards that are featured in the Forgotten Runes comic. Magic Machine believes that's a good idea, and Dotta says that information could be posted on Wizzypedia, but they don't want to reveal them ahead of time.

Lore Readings On Wizard Wednesday & Tad Major's First Week With Magic Machine

Elf answers a question concerning Lore readings on Wizard Wednesday. He says that he believes Sharon has Lore and a song to share at the end of the day's show. He also mentions that Tad Major may be able to begin arranging Lore readings. Dotta says that he also believes the Cult is due for some Lore incentives. He says he knows there are some people who have been drafting or brainstorming Lore, but he knows incentives may be the extra push people need to make time for it.

The team then catches up with Tad about his first week on the Magic Machine team. Bearsnake speaks about Tad's role in the community and notes that community builders may be receiving some messages or documentation in the near future for organizational purposes.

Ordinal Lights
Ordinal Lights by 0xCos

The Lights

After that, Elf is asked about The Lights Ordinals collection and what the Shadows' derivative collection implies about the Lore. Elf says he isn't so sure that The Lights are good and The Shadows are evil, noting that the collection is not a Magic Machine creation.

Elf says The Lights collections reminded him of the theory that all particles have antiparticles which cancel one another out when they collide. Elf lightly says he thinks you will lose both the Light and the Shadow if you mint Lights while holding a Shadow.

Forgotten Runes Theme Song

Elf also responds to an interesting question about what the Forgotten Runes theme song would sound like. He says he doesn't really know, and it's easy to lean into Fantasy tropes, but he thinks it might be in an 80s synth style. He invites Cult musicians to take a stab at it.

Jitcy Collaborates With Nifty Island

Jitcy mentions that he has been working with Nifty Island and Vipe to make two Forgotten Runes maps for Wizards to play in. He says he doesn't want to put a date on it, but it will probably happen in about a week. One will be a jump course—the other will be Capture the Flag.

Acideater Joins For DAO Notes

House of Wizards DAO Logo

Acideater then joins the conversation and speaks on news about the DAO.

She starts with the minutes:

  • Waiting on signatures for Magic Machine reimbursement of legal and setup fees
  • Council Survey in HOWDAO Discord Channel or @FRWCCouncil
  • Proposal discussion (3 New)
  • Discussions about Tad's status as member of both Magic Machine and the DAO — decided it's fine since there is not a majority of Magic Machine employees.
  • Increasing efficiency and efficacy — formation of multiple committees.

Dotta speaks about the purpose of the DAO, which is to fund projects in the Cult that push the brand of Forgotten Runes forward. He says these projects might sit somewhere between a large project, like the Runiverse and a small art commission.

Dotta thanks all of the members of the DAO for their work and urges community members who are interested in these kind of funding endeavors to think about ways for the DAO to receive funding. He says the end goal is for the DAO to work as a partner with Magic Machine.

Dotta Talks Farcaster

Dotta then switches gears to speak about the new Web3 social media platform, Farcaster. He says it has reached a critical mass, and there are signs of life there. He speaks about Frames as an in-line minting experience and how it almost reminds him of the Tezos ecosystem. Dotta says he thinks Farcaster is interesting and he sees potential over there, even though it isn't perfect—noting that the reach isn't as far as something like Twitter yet. He says there is a Forgotten Runes channel for Wizards content.

Cult Content

After a brief reminder from Tad to check out Feckless' and the Heroes of Cucumberland's Cumberdome, the team reviews content from Week 56 of the Cult Content Chronicle—art from within the Forgotten Runes community aggregated weekly by the illustrious Tania del Rio.

To close out the show, Sharon joins and shares one of her famous Bedtime stories.