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Magic Machine is a Los Angeles and Austin-based creative studio and holding company for the Forgotten Runes project. Originally founded by Elf J Trul and Dotta in 2021, the team has added various additional employees since that time.

The name "Magic Machine" embodies the essence of their work, which is infusing sophisticated next-generation technology with magic. The dynamic between Magic (the creative, sublime, awe-inspiring aspects) and Machine (the precision, reliability, technical perfection) is central to their philosophy. There's an interplay between these two elements in the projects they undertake, including the Forgotten Runes world. Magic Machine aims to disrupt traditional media by creating decentralized ownership of IP and characters. They build worlds with characters and themes that are impactful, personal, and well-crafted while challenging legacy media's approach by way of decentralized intellectual property.

Magic Machine has managed to create an environment where the community is deeply engaged in storytelling, fan-art, and future-facing opportunities like TV, film, and games linked to various Wizards, Warriors, Souls, and other characters. In addition to creating decentralized ownership, Magic Machine also supports the creative initiatives of the community. For instance, they have started a project codenamed Binary Star to support token-holders in their creation, allowing them to bring their designs or ideas to life through a tool with Web3 authentication.

Current Magic Machine Employees