Penguin Capital

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Penguin Capital was created by Madotsuki as the home of Head-catgirl.pngFuyumi Champion of Penguins (15502) and the many Battle Penguins she protects. Many other Battle Penguin loving Warriors and Wizards also live within this location. It serves as a safe zone for Battle Penguins who are under constant threat in the wild. It was built with the help of Ice Wizards, and is surrounding by tall mountains to keep its residents safe from dangers such as Frost Gnomes, Abominable Snowmimics, and Yetis. Many exotic fish live in the icy waters within and near this town, and the Battle Penguins within are experts at fishing them to be sold as exports for expensive sushi served throughout the Runiverse. Many Snowbell Flowers grow in this area as well, which can be fortified for use in enhancing and enchanting items with ice properties.

Illustratoin of Penguin Capital drawn by Bread

In the Runiverse

Penguin Capital is a town in the Runiverse located near The Tundra. As a location conceptualized by Madotsuki for Head-catgirl.pngFuyumi Champion of Penguins (15502), it has no revealed location on the Runiverse map.

Forgotten Runiverse Game

This location is not currently in the Runiverse game. By utilizing land building functionality within the game, there are plans to build out Penguin Capital into a Village, Town, or even City.